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South-Side Mass Murder Claims Four, Results in Police Anti-Violence Mission

Yesterday, a small community restaurant on Chicago's south side, called, "Nadia's Fish & Chicken", located at 75th & Coles, became the scene of a cold-blooded mass-murder. The victims were Dillon Jackson, 20, his brother, Raheem Jackson, 19, Emmanuel Stokes, 28, and Edwin Davis, 32. Each victims was shot to death by an offender who brandished a gun. What no one seems to have are physical descriptions of the offender / offenders. However, police detectives say they know, and cannot say anything because it would compromise their investigation.

One of Chicago's more popular twitter users, known only as "Chicago_Scanner", caught it all via the Chicago Police radio zone assigned to the district of occurrence as it happened. 

Shortly after the mass-shooting, Peter Nickeas, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, sent out a series of tweets live from the scene.

According to police, yesterday's shooting was in retaliation for the shooting of a 37-year-old man in the 7900 block of South Phillips Avenue about 11:15 p.m. Wednesday. Nickeas, who wrote extensively on yesterday's mass-shooting, along with reporter Deanese Williams-Harris at 75th & Coles, said "the scene extended half a block out from each direction of the restaurant." Nickeas also said, "Three ambulances arrived in minutes but left almost as quickly because the first three people they found were all pronounced dead at the scene."

Today, Mayor Rahm Emanuel reacted to the mass-shooting, according to DNA Info Chicago, saying, "Emanuel said he had been briefed Friday morning by the Chicago Police Department's command staff about progress made in the investigation into the crimes." The family of the two brothers killed said they did not know the other two victims, who were found inside the restaurant.

Georgia Jackson Mourns at the scene of 75th & Coles, photo by Chris Sweda

ABC 7 Chicago quoted Willamae Jackson, an aunt of the victim(s) as saying, "
"It's two people in the restaurant still in there dead. He went in there and shot them two. After he killed them two, he came out and shot my two nephews, and killed my two nephews." Although the Tribune's Peter Nickeas quoted a police source in regards to the motive of the shooting, ABC 7 reported that the motive was "unclear". WGN News Chicago said, "Several people who work closely with the South Shore community believe this afternoon shooting that left four dead was in retaliation for the woman’s death." That statement was in reference to the murder of Patrice Calvin in an apartment located at 75th & Luella.
Google Map of the general area of the city where yesterday's mass-shooting took place, sourced from WGN News

Kelly Bauer at DNA Info Chicago reports that there had been no fatal shootings in the neighborhood this March until Thursday, yet the burst of murders led South Shore to end the month with more fatal shootings than any other neighborhood. 

A Google Map of the 75th & Luella area where Ms. Calvin was found shot in the head shows a geographic tie to the mass shooting at 75th & Coles. 

Google Map of the general area of 75th & Luella, courtesy of WGN News
Ms. Calvin was found on the third floor of the apartment where police responded after neighbors called around 9PM after neighbors reported hearing gunshots. Calvin's father said he spoke with his daughter two days ago. He said his son went in on Thursday to check on her and found her dead. "Police got the call. Neighbors called them. They came and knocked on the door. Why didn't you open the door? My daughter could have been in there bleeding. She could have still been alive," - Aaron Calvin, Patrice Calvin's Father. Source: ABC 7 Chicago

Area South Detectives Investigate the murder scene at 75th & Luella, where Patrice Calvin was found dead from a gunshot to the head. Photo by Peter Nickeas, Chicago Tribune

Chicago Police Forensic Services attends to the scene at 75th & Luella. Photo by Peter Nickeas, Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Police press notification that told of Ms. Calvin's murder, courtesy of Peter Nickeas

Mass Shooting at 75th & Coles Becomes a Joint Local, State, and Federal Investigation

As the Chicago Tribune's Peter Nickeas surveyed the scene at 75th & Coles; capturing photos, videos, and talking to whomever would speak with him, the ATF arrived. An agency spokesman confirmed the ATF is assisting Chicago Police in the investigation.

ATF arrives at 75th & Coles. Peter Nickeas photo, Chicago Tribune
By later in the evening, the ATF may have brought a trained dog out to the scene at 75th & Coles, per a tweet by Peter Nickeas in which a video Nickeas took shows them with a dog. ATF is a law enforcement agency in the United States’ Department of Justice that protects our communities from violent criminals, criminal organizations, the illegal use and trafficking of firearms, the illegal use and storage of explosives, acts of arson and bombings, acts of terrorism, and the illegal diversion of alcohol and tobacco products.

By late last evening, Chicago Police Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tweeted this out to the public: 

A Chicago-One staff reporter & Photographer @_3NFORC3R_ arrived on-scene a little late into the investigation yesterday. The scene was described as both a "political and forensic mess".
Crime-Scene where victim #4 was found after yesterday's mass-shooting at 75th & Coles. Photo taken by Chicago-One staff reporter / photographer
Yesterday's tragedy was the city's first quadruple homicide of the year.

Chicago Police Anti-Violence Mission 

So Chicago-One went out to this press conference to see what the story was.
Chicago Police Command Van at March 31st, 2017 Press Conference Announcing Anti-Violence Mission. Photo by Chicago-One.

Chicago - One staff reporter & photographer @_3NFORC3R_ was at that press conference today, and observed some altercations. Noted Chicago activist, Lamon Reccord, was present on-scene today asking questions, and he received no answers. As the Chicago-One reporter and photographer look around the immediate area of today's CPD Press Conference, this truck was spotted with crosses in the rear bed. 

Chicago-One also spotted CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson meeting with a small contingent of people, including a Commander at the CPD Command Van.

"As a Chicagoan I'm angry and sickened, and you have my promise that CPD will utilize the full weight of our resources to go after the people responsible for yesterday's incidents," - CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson said at today's afternoon press conference (31 March 2017)
CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson meets with a Commander and others on March 31st, 2017 next to the CPD Command Van prior to the press conference

In the photos below are CPD Officers from various tactical and specialized citywide units preparing to conduct the planned Anti-Violence Mission. All photos by Chicago-One.

 What We Know About The Victims

Each victim in this multiple shooting had a criminal history with the Chicago Police Department. Dillon and Raheam Jackson appeared to have shared a Facebook page under Dillon's name.

On that page, which is public, are many photos, some of those photos show the presence of either brother holding a gun. Here's a few examples of the photos from that Facebook account.

Edwin Davis had a long arrest history with the Chicago Police Department that started on April 4th, 2014 at 8:58PM. His last arrest was on July 1st, 2016 at 4:54PM as the result of the issuance of a warrant. 

Emmanuel Stokes had a Facebook account, and a short arrest history with the Chicago Police Department as well. 

Police increased patrols tonight. Police Superintendent Johnson said "we know these were not random acts of violence" residents of the area say over the last two years, violence has slowly but steadily increased.  

UPDATE: April 02, 2017 4:20PM - The popular Chicago north side news organization, Crime in Wrigleyville & Boystown (CWB) has been informed as of yesterday that the SUV wanted in connection with two of the murders in this piece has been found & recovered by the Chicago Police Dept.


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