Monday, March 27, 2017

Weather, Traffic, and Transit - Afternoon Edition

The above is NWS Radar as of 11:49AM today. Minutecast shows that by 1:14PM we might see some rain in the moderate to heavy range. This evening's low will be 38.

Below is your hourly weather forecast until 6PM this evening 


The traffic congestion outlook at the very moment is light to moderate

The above city traffic map shows mild to mostly moderate traffic congestion with isolated heavy congestion. The heavy congestion is at Cermak and Ashland to Cermak and Damen, then Fullerton & Cicero ON Cicero to Armitage, and Western from Armitage to North Ave.

The traffic inset shows the near north side to the near south side, including the Loop.  

Chicago Transit - Afternoon Edition

All CTA train lines running with normal service. Here are your CTA Train System Alerts for today: See UPCOMING CTA Train Alerts here 

See entire CTA system alert quicklink for summary 

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