Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Chicago Police Arrest Suspect in South Side Quadruple Homicide

Chicago Police have arrested a 19 year old male named Maurice Harris. Harris was arrested late Tuesday night, said a statement from Chicago Police.

Maurice Harris, Chicago Police Photo

Area Central Commander Brendan Deenihan provided the public with the picture of a gruesome, angry scene in which Harris acted in a purposeful, wanton, and cruel manner. Harris is the only suspect in this quadruple homicide. When asked what Harris may have been thinking and what his motive was, Deenihan stated that Harris invoked his rights and did not confess. Deenihan stated that Harris's father was killed and that the investigation into that murder is still open, and speculated that the father's murder may have been a motive for Harris to commit the quadruple homicide.

Deenihan further stated that they do not believe the Luella st. homicide is connected to this offender. "We obviously failed him as a juvenile. If someone were to do a deep analysis of him as a juvenile, it would come as no surprise that we're here talking today." said Deenihan, after acknowledging that Mr. Harris has a well-documented juvenile history with the Chicago Police Department. "Harris was no stranger to CPD" were the exact words used by Commander Deenihan.

Commander Deenihan stated that he could not publicly disclose the contents of Harris's juvenile record. In Illinois, only Law Enforcement Officers, Judges, and the Media have access to juvenile records with limited exceptions. Juvenile records cannot be used or disclosed in Illinois until and unless a person has been convicted of a felony, at which time, the pre-sentence investigation will result in the opening and inspection / investigation of those records, and they will be used to evaluate the risk the individual poses to public safety in concert with the new felony conviction and facts of that case.     

Deenihan stated that this is Harris's first arrest as an adult. As to the matter of gang involvement, Deenihan stated that "all the players in this have gang affiliations of some kind", further saying that the Black P-Stones gang and the Gangster Disciples are the two gangs involved in this violence.

The Cook County Sheriff's Department Inmate Locator had no information about Harris as of this time.

UPDATE - April 5th at 12:33PM

Harris's mother states he was at the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office identifying his father, and that she has cellphone texts with him that prove this. It appears as if CPD is aware of this contention by Harris's mother, and said they stand by the arrest.

UPDATE - April 5th at 3:20PM

Harris was in Bond Court today, and the Chicago Sun-Times reports this:   

Assistant State’s Attorney Jaime Santini said Wednesday that witnesses saw Harris follow Stokes and Davis into the restaurant with a semi-automatic handgun. After gunning down the two men inside the restaurant, Harris ran out of the restaurant. Witnesses then heard more gunshots from outside.
Defense lawyer Ian Barney said that there was no video and that he expected to present witnesses that could prove Harris was with them at the time of the murders.

“There is perhaps more to this story than has been told,” said Barney, who added that Jacobs’ funeral was scheduled for later this week.
Judge Adam Bourgeois ordered Harris held without bond, noting that the 19-year-old Harris had notched 29 juvenile arrests.

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