Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Chicago Zone 10 Sees 3 False Calls in an Hour, 10th District Encounters Person On Terror Watch List

Chicago's OEMC (Office of Emergency Management and Communications) where everyone's 911 calls are sent to, is always a bustling and busy place. Police know that working some districts means answering a higher volume of calls. Dispatchers know working certain zones means they likely won't even get a lunch break.

Today, between the hour of 11AM and 12PM, OEMC / CPD Zone 10 received three calls of a person with a gun in the area of California & Roosevelt. Two different descriptions were given. Police responded and found no one matching either description.

Just prior to these calls, a unit in the 10th district encountered a person on the U.S. DHS Terrorism Watch List. The officer, working in concert with the zone dispatcher, was unable to determine the level assigned to the person of interest. There are three levels a person on the list can be assigned. The dispatcher discovered that DHS had an advisory in the system telling police not to inform he subject that they are on the list, along with a phone number for police to make contact with DHS at in regards to the subject on the list.

This discovery was made after police ran the person's license plate. No further information is available about this person, or why they were placed on the list.

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