Thursday, April 6, 2017

How Chicago Police Protected Lawndale Gang-Rape Victim, Possibly Made Errors Regarding Suspect identification

On April 5th, 2017, Chicago-1 was analyzing public statements made by the Chicago Police Department in regards to the Lawndale Gang-Rape case to make sure Chicago-1 was following the case correctly, and giving correct reportage to the public. In otherwords, Chicago-1 was triple-checking its own work.

In this process, Chicago-1 went to Google Maps to see the area where CPD said they found the victim, to know the beat assigned to that area, what's in that area, conditions in the area, etc. Chicago-1 entered 16th & Independence, no hit. Next entered was 16th St. & Independence Blvd, no hit. Finally, Chicago-1then threw in Chicago as the city hit.

Now there's curiosity, so a search is done for Independence Blvd. Chicago-1 followed it from its starting point to its ending point where it becomes W. Douglas Blvd. Suspicion arises, so now 16th st. is searched. The map goes to 16th st. zoom - out to see where this is in relation to Independence & discover this is south of Independence where Independence becomes W. Douglas Blvd.

We now know that the victim wasn't found where CPD says she was found. A review of this aspect of the case reveals that CPD found a clever move they could use to protect the victim by obscuring that location. This tactic is completely legal, and in the interest of the victim. 

Possible CPD Errors in This Case - Offender Identification

Chicago-1 turns its attention to the offender identification statement made in Mitch Dudek's Suntimes article dated April 4th, 2017 in which CPD admits they used still photos from the video recorded attack to show the victim, calling into question whether or not the offenders were identified properly. Then CPD says they obtained a search warrant to obtain one offender's Facebook data in which the offender purportedly confesses to some aspect of the attack.

There's this CPD policy: Special Order S06-02 Live Lineups, Photo Lineups, and Showups

Issue Date: 06 February 2015

Effective Date: 06 February 2015

Rescinds: 12 January 2015 version

Index Category: Processing Persons

Quick quote from the policy citing Illinois State Law on the matter:

Illinois statute 725 ILCS 5/107A-2 regulates lineup procedures. Failure to follow the below procedures for live lineups and photo lineups will result in a challenge to the admissibility of the lineup and the likely exclusion of the identification at court.

Here's the 7 page policy in it's entirety. There's an 8th page, but it's left blank. There are important U.S. Supreme Court rulings cited within.

If any of this becomes an issue resulting from CPD's public statements quoted in the Sun-Times, the lawyers will argue it out and the court will have to make a ruling one way or another.

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