Monday, April 3, 2017

Illinois Supreme Court Approves "Rule 293" - Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities Code

This morning marks a new first in Illinois, especially for those with Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities. The Illinois Supreme Court sent out this tweet today alerting the press of their approval of Rule 293

Rule 293 MANDATES that if a person wants to challenge an order for Involuntary Admission by way of a jury trial, a jury trial MUST be convened, and there is also a MANDATORY time-frame in which the court system MUST act on that Jury Demand. The time frame for this is 30 days...WITHIN 30 days to be exact.

Rule 293 is ordered by the Illinois Supreme Court to be effective IMMEDIATELY.    

 See / Download ILL Supreme Court Rule 293 Press Release Here

What this means for public safety conditions in Chicago: Police & family members, the Cook County State's Attorney's Office For People With Disabilities will have a harder time involuntarily admitting people with mental health concerns and developmental disabilities who may be in danger or who may be a danger to others. The State Supreme Court release did not make clear whether or not a person demanding a jury trial must be released pending trial, or if the person may be held under discretion of the treating / admitting physician or at court discretion.   

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