Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Chicago Fire Department Spokesman Recovering Well After Collision in Department Vehicle

CFD Spokesman, Larry Langford - Chicago Tribune photo
On May 2nd, 2017, Chicago Tribune Reporter, Rosemary Regina Sobol, wrote about what is the 2nd vehicle collision in six months involving CFD Spokesman, Larry Langford. Both collisions involved his city - issued vehicle.

“I was just going to get more coffee and drive back to my house and start my day,’’ Langford said. “All of a sudden, wham!" - Tribune Article quote.

 Larry tells the story in his own words:

"I was stopped at a light at 59th Street and Union Ave. after six in the morning, closer to seven, when I heard the sound of tires on wet pavement. I thought, oh-oh, and looked up.’’ "I saw the car leave the scene, and stop close by. I get out of the car and ask if he's ok. He mumbles back to me, saying "yeah". "He didn’t apologize, or ask if I was all right, he wasn’t looking at me. He just kept looking at his car.’’ "So, I ask this guy for his drivers license and ask if he has insurance. He told me the car was stolen."

Langford: "You stole it?"

Driver: "yes"

At this point, Langford tells that the driver walked away. The driver then started to run, and left the car behind.

Chicago-One News spoke to Larry Langford this morning on his way into the office after buying his morning coffee. Anyone in the Chicago media business, and who eventually covers police & fire department incidents gets to know Larry very quickly. Larry stated to Chicago-One that he's a little sore, but is otherwise doing well.

Larry is typically all - go, no - stop, and carries with him a spirit of helpfulness, is generally very jovial and easy to get along with. Get well soon, Larry!

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