Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Liveblog - Chicago Weather, Traffic, and Transit - March 21st, 2017 (Mid-day/Noon report)

Good Morning, Chicago! Here's your mid-day / afternoon weather, traffic, and transit report for Tuesday. March 21st, 2017. Weather is brought to you by Accuweather, in partnership with ABC 7 Chicago.

Tracy Butler at ABC 7 Chicago says temps are in the 50s as this report is generated. Those temps will start to fall by 4PM today. No major weather issues today, winds blowing south from the north about 14 miles per hour. The low will be 35 this evening, and as low as 27. As of 11:05AM, here's the live weather maps for the area from Doppler 7 Max.

Tracy Butler's forecast is here

Current Chicago Traffic as of 11:30AM

The first image is the overall traffic congestion outlook. Green means clear, no problems. Yellow is mild congestion. 

This traffic congestion map shows current congestion not really a big problem, except in isolated instances, which should clear up shortly.  

Here's your Loop and near inner-city inset traffic map showing a mix of traffic conditions ranging from no problems (green), to moderate congestion (orange), and isolated instances of heavy congestion (red)

Chicago Transit Conditions for Tuesday Mid-Day / Noon

All CTA train lines running with normal service at this time. There are several bus alerts. There are several CTA train system alerts at certain stations involving station access. There are several upcoming CTA train system alerts involving the Red, Blue, Brown, Green, and Pink Lines.

That concludes today's mid-day and afternoon Chicago weather, traffic, and transit news.