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Mercy Hospital Mass Shooting Analysis, Incident Timeline, and Public Records Reference

The mass attack at Chicago's Mercy Hospital was the first mass attack on a major hospital and its staff within the city of Chicago since July 13, 1966, when Richard Speck broke into 2319 E. 100th St, and committed mass murder, killing eight nurses. This mass attack has extra significance due to the background of the attacker, now identified as Juan Lopez. Lopez killed three victims, identified as his ex-fiance, Dr. Tamara O'Neal, M.D., an Emergency Medicine Doctor employed at Mercy; Pharmacist Dayna Less, Pharm.d.; and Chicago Police Officer Samuel Jimenez.

The following analysis, report, and public records reference is created for the public at large, which would also include news media, researchers, historians, psychiatric and psychological professionals, and others who may find access to this information critical to answering questions in the decades to come.

Incident Summary 

Address: 2525 S. Michigan, original response to 2520 S. Prairie

Time:3:15PM, recorded in city records as 4:04PM

UCR: 5000 (Original) changed to 0110 at 4:04PM per city records

RD#: JB-522024

Event #: 09527

Cook County Medical Examiner Record Information

ME2018-05488 Chicago Police Officer Samuel Jimenez

ME2018-05490 Offender Juan Lopez

ME2018-05491 Dr. Dayna Less, Pharm.d

ME2018-05492 Dr. Tamara O'Neal

Chicago Police Response Information

25/Michigan: CPD notified by victim via 911l of a person w/ a gun. she didn't see the gun, however, male offender threatened to shoot her and himself.

3 19PM: 10-1 called
3:20PM - shots fired
3:21PM - female victim down in hospital parking lot, CPD orders a CTA bus stopped.
3:22PM - Police call for more cars, confirm shooter is inside the hospital
3:23PM - CPD SWAT assigned. Police say offender has an assault rifle.
3:24PM - Police report more shots fired and describe offender as a male white with an assault rifle
3:25PM - Second 10-1 called
3:26PM - Report that the offender is armed with a rifle
3:27PM - report of a female shot in hospital lobby, officer confirmed shot
3:29PM - Third 10-1 called for an officer shot
3 30PM - Police confirm offender down shot in the head, weapon recovered
3:31PM - police locate another gunshot victim
3:32PM - Police set-up perimeter
3:35PM - Mercy Hospital on full-diversion
3:36PM - Officers ordered to pair in teams of 4
3:40PM - Police say the shooter still needs treatment
3:44PM - EMS said to be standing down until police say hospital is secure
3:46PM - Illinois State Police on-scene
3:49PM - Police say they're doing a methodical search of the hospital
3:51PM - Lieutenant Ben on-scene with her team
3:53PM - SWAT clearing 2nd floor of Mercy, call for more traffic control units
4:01PM - Police shut down King Drive from Mercy to 51st St., and the ambulance with the wounded police officer is in Motion

4 06PM - Family members of Mercy patients arrive at the scene, family members sent to 27th and King Drive one minute later

4:09PM - CFD Ambulance with wounded officer approaching 45th st.
4::12PM - Ambulance with wounded officer arrives at University of Chicago
4:14PM - 911 call from victims hiding in hospital basement
4:18PM - CPIC (Federal fusion center) wants offender information
4:20PM - 911 call from victims hiding in hospital tells police of a security password to use so they know it's the police, police call for more warning buses.

4:22PM - Police order witnesses to gather at E.R. waiting room
4:23PM - More 911 calls from victims hiding in the hospital
4:25PM - Police rescue 911 callers from hospital basement using code word
4:26PM - More warming buses ordered
4:30PM - Decision made by CPD that Mercy employees CANNOT leave with personal vehicles
4:33PM - Chicago OEMC (Office of Emergency Management and Communications) activates the Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

4,:37PM - SWAT still sweeping hospital, officers posted on each floor
4:39PM - SWAT Commander on the air
4:43PM - 911 calls from victims hiding in cardiology dept.
4:53PM - 911 call from employee stuck in "stress room"
4:57PM - CPD calls for videographer (Evidence Tech - Forensic Unit)
5:05PM - CPD calls for plate reader unit
5:06PM - CPD SWAT rescues 30 hospital employees
5:54PM - CPD requests an RD# for Homicide

OEMC issues the following:
UCR: 5000 issued at the beginning of the incident changed to 0110
RD: JB-522024 (stays the same as with UCR 5000)
Event #: 09527 (event number doesn't change)

6:04PM - CPD calls Forensic Services for an Evidence Tech for the wounded officer, and a call for flood lights one minute later

6:07PM - Mercy goes on full-bypass...no patients to be sent there
6:27PM - Mercy Director asks police to let 3 doctors enter building
6:53PM - Female Doctor (1st victim) identity released

Chicago Fire Department Response Information

3:24PM - Ambulance 41 and Engine 8 dispatched for the person Shot at 2520 S Prairie in the parking lot of Mercy Hospital

EMS Plan 1 - 3:26PM
EMS Plan 2 - 3:42PM
EMS Plan 3 - 3:58PM
Plan 3 secured at 4:05PM by orders of CFD 2-1-5
Still and Box Alarm for active shooter at Mercy Hospital struck by orders of CFD 2-1-5 at 4:45PM

Offender Background

The offender in this case possessed a valid Illinois FOID and a valid Illinois CCW License, and had purchased  was a Chicago Fire Department Firefighter/EMT Candidate in March of 2014. Chicago-One has obtained a FOIA copy of Lopez's Personnel Record, and Lopez's CFD Internal Affairs Investigation Record, which speaks of erratic, and abusive behavior/ Those records are provided here for full context. Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford said after the department launched disciplinary proceedings, Lopez went absent without leave. Officials tried to contact him, but he never responded, so he was fired in May 2014 for going AWOL

Juan Lopez Illinois State Identification Card, courtesy of ABC7Chicago

Chicago Fire Department Separation Letter from Juan Lopez CFD Employment File

Chicago Fire Department Internal Affairs Investigation SC#14-0071 Summary, via FOIA Request to CFD

The Chicago Fire Department Internal Affairs Investigation file notes on page six that an instructor noticed behavior on part of Lopez that was concerning

Was Lopez a sociopath, and a master manipulator as part of undiagnosed sociopathy, or was he just a person who knowingly made bad decisions and then tried to walk them back by making it appear as if he were sorry for his actions? This next piece of the CFD Internal Affairs Investigation is key

Next, this snippet gives even more insight into Lopez, and how his mind worked

Juan Lopez CFD Internal Affairs Investigation File

Juan Lopez CFD Personnel File

Four years ago, a woman complained that the Mercy Hospital mass shooting offender was texting her "incessantly" and she sought an order of protection against him, though it is unknown if that order had been granted.
At the end of 2014, Lopez’s wife at the time, applied for, and was granted an order of protection against him, claiming she feared for her safety, because he had started sleeping with a gun, and leaving it accessible to their child. She also accused him of pulling a gun on a realtor during an apartment appraisal, and going after a neighbor with a gun.
His wife at the time filed for divorce months later.

A portion of the order of protection against Lopez sought by his wife, courtesy of the ABC 7 _I-Team

The ABC 7 I-Team is quoted as follows:

"Why was Lopez allowed to have state permits, and that gun, when he was involved in several red flag events that apparently should have called his authorization into question?

On Wednesday, November 21st, 2018, state police spokesman Matt Boerwinkle told the I-Team that Illinois investigators were reviewing the chain of communication in recent years following abusive behavior that Lopez was involved in. State police are trying to determine who knew what and when, and was that information about Lopez transmitted to the licensing and regulatory staffers who needed to know it?

While the order of Protection was valid, the court checked a box stating, "should be ordered to surrender any and all firearms to the local law enforcement agency."

While state police investigators attempt to piece together the circumstances surrounding Lopez' licensing, it may be that he escaped disqualification because no criminal charges were filed in connection with the incidents. It is not clear whether state officials knew about any of the threatening behavior until Lopez's burst of violence at Mercy Hospital 

Investigators from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives provided Chicago police with the gun trace information. CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said that Lopez bought the pistol used at Mercy Hospital and at least three other guns in the past five years.."

Lopez worked for the Chicago Housing Authority since February of 2018 as an associate program specialist for the customer care center at CHA headquarters., and was attending graduate school at DePaul University, majoring in policy.

CHA officials said he passed a background check, and had no history of complaints while he worked for the agency.

U.S. Federal Agency Involvement and Records Creation

ATF - Record Responsive to FOIA, but not available due to ongoing investigation

Records responsive: Request records for Juan Lopez Mercy Hospital Mass Attack on November 19th, 2018 within ATF-003 Criminal Investigation Report System, ATF-008 Regulatory Enforcement Record System, and ATF-009 Technical and Scientific Services Record System

FBI - Records Responsive to FOIA, but not available due to ongoing investigation

Records responsive: Chicago Field Office (response and investigation), HQ File(s) (forensics and behavioral), NCAVC file. Tell FBI to search the FBI NET Central Records System

U.S. Secret Service - Records Responsive to FOIA, but not available due to ongoing investigation
Records responsive: Chicago Field Office (response, investigation), NTAC file.  

These agencies may share records with, obtain records from, or even create new records within other federal agencies as part of the investigations and communications processes. Other federal agencies who have interest in mass attacks may create their own files. Records may be available from DHS, U.S. State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research, CIA Directorate of Operations, and ODNI (NCPC). 

Mercy Hospital Mass Attack Victims

 Visitation for O’Neal was held Friday, November 30, at Haverstock Funeral Home, 602 Maple Ave., LaPorte, Indiana.and her funeral was Saturday, December 1st at First Church of God, 2020 E. Lincolnway, LaPorte. where there was a second visitation at 10 a.m. prior to the funeral. O’Neal was buried at Pine Lake Cemetery, 1367 Pine Lake Rd., LaPorte.

Pharmacist Dayna Less

Less's services were held at St. Archangel Michael Church, 1500-186th St., Lansing, Illinois. She was buried at St. Sava Monastery, 32377 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville, Illinois, immediately after the service.

                                  Chicago Police Officer Samuel Jimenez

The visitation for Officer Jimenez was held at Oehler Funeral Home, and his funeral at the Chapel of Saint Joseph at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe,1170 N. River Rd., Des Plaines. Burial was at Ridgewood Memorial Park.

All three victims of the November 19th, 2018, mass attack at Mercy Hospital are remembered as caring, loving, beautiful, kind, intelligent and valuable members of their communities who gave much, and whose lives held meaning beyond words.CPD Officer Samuel Jimenez was a new officer who had just completed his new officer probation, and did what he always dreamed of doing. Officer Jimenez gave his life in pursuit of the safety of the lives of Dr's O'Neal and Less, Less was a Doctor of Pharmacy. Dr O'Neal was an emergency medicine doctor.  

The Chicago Police Department General Offense Case Report

Illinois State Police Supplemental Field Reports# F03-18-04219 TraCS Report# 18-38350001502 CAD Number: 031800115329


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Chicago-One Status Statement and Re-Statement of Vision and Purpose

Chicago-One has been inactive for several months while much-needed equipment was restored and updated. The system here was Linux Mint, and is now Windows 7, with an update to Windows 8 coming in time, and eventually Windows 10.

Chicago-One will eventually expand to three more computer systems to handle to handle audio, video, and data processing. Those systems will be Windows 10 with capability to upgrade to future versions of Windows. With the Windows 7 system up and running, Chicago-One will resume daily operations.

Chicago-One has several news stories pending. Those who read Chicago-One may want to remember that the focus here is long-form reporting, as opposed to the quick blurbs you see in major news media. Chicago-One does not conduct on-scene interviews or report on witness statements, nor does Chicago-One give emotional heart-string type of reports because such things are unreliable and take away from important details about the offense carried-out, offender behavior, and details of public record.

Chicago-One reports are driven by documented, proven facts held in public record. Any other information not found in public records comes from reliable statements that give substantial facts for which evidence has proven to be true, or more likely to be true than not true.

Chicago-One is based on quality, not quantity. The rush to pump out news stories, to be the first to break a story, and to build extensive archives of information in a hurry is a big mistake made by corporate news agencies. While Chicago-One may pick-up on some items published by corporate media, the focus here is to give extensive, comprehensive, exhaustive details.

Contrary to popular political rhetoric, Chicago-One is not a "parody" or "Satire" operation, and nothing here is misleading or fake. Chicago-One has no political leanings or alliances as proven by the content presented, and the publishing history here.


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Songs to Save a Life - New York Presbyterian Spotify CPR Playlist "Songs to do CPR to"

When a heart isn't beating, it may just be quivering or totally stopped. When a heart quivers, doctors, nurses, and medics know this as "fibrillation" because the heart is literally seizing and oxygen-rich blood is not making it to the rest of the body.

When the heart stops, it's time for CPR, and now New York Presbyterian Hospital has a NEW way to train the public to perform the life-saving procedure!

The hospital has created a SPOTIFY PLAYLIST of songs that are 100 beats per minute, the rate at which the heart needs to pump in order to sustain life. The Spotify playlist is called "Songs to do CPR to" and the account notes that all songs on the list are exactly 100BPM

The list contains 46 songs as of the time of this report, and includes the popular songs of the ages such as Lady Gaga's "Dance", and "Stayin Alive" by the Bee-Gees.

New York Presbyterian Hospital was contacted by Chicago-One News for comment via e-mail, and Lauren Browdy, a NYPH spokesperson, responded with this statement:

"Yes, the playlist is ours." 

Browdy further stated, "Our journey to the CPR Playlist and our Hands Only CPR campaign started a couple of years ago with Michael Kiernan, a patient who went into cardiac arrest on the A train and was revived by two NewYork-Presbyterian employees who were in the same car. They performed compressions for 23 minutes until the train reached 59th street. The immediate action by our employees saved Michael’s life and had us begin to think about the importance of bystander intervention. More on Michael’s story can be found here"

"Only about 46 percent of cardiac arrest victims receive bystander intervention before EMS arrives and women are even less likely to receive intervention. But for every minute without CPR, the survival rate decreases by 10 percent.

NewYork-Presbyterian set out to try and change these harrowing statistics.

One of our first steps was partnering with Spotify to create the CPR playlist", said Browdy.

Giving further details, Browdy said, "Everyone knows about Staying Alive, but there are so many songs at a rate of 100-120 beats per minute. One of my personal favorites is Hanson’s MMMBop (because who doesn’t love a good 90’s throwback).

From there, Dr. Holly Andersen, cardiologist at NewYork-Presbyterian and Director of Education and Outreach for the Ronald O. Perlman Heart Institute stepped in to take the mission further. She has been advocating for everyone to learn Hands Only CPR with three easy steps: Check, Call, Compress. Her goal is to teach everyone to not be afraid to jump in and save a life. More on the Hands Only CPR campaign can be found here: including an instructional video by the cast of the Broadway hit Chicago." See that Broadway in Chicago video here:

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Chicago Police Documents Detail August 2nd 'Shut Down The Drive' Protest Operations

Chicago's violence problem is no secret to anyone. If there is anything Chicago is known for other than legendary Chicago pizza, hotdogs, and championship major league sports teams, it is a long-running problem with violence.

Chicago also has a vibrant, active, activist community made-up of people from every area of the city, every walk of life, and every level of income. Chicago is known for historic protest movements. Public pushback on a litany of issues that have occurred over the span of decades have made protests a Chicago tradition and a culture to itself wherein a diverse population comes together to defend their rights when they perceive those rights have been threatened or violated.

On July 23rd, 2018, ABC 7 Chicago reported that organizers and protesters planned to shut-down Lake Shore Drive, and march to Wrigley Field on August 2nd, 2018.

The Chicago Tribune ran their own news pieces:

Planned protest, shutdown of North Lake Shore Drive aims to 'redistribute the pain in Chicago' (July 24th, 2018)


Ways to get around during the Lake Shore Drive protest (August 2nd, 2018)

Prior to this August 2nd protest, the same organizers working with Chicago south side priest, Father Michael Pfleger, held a protest in which they shut down the Dan Ryan Expressway. (Chicago Tribune report, July 7th, 2018)

Chicago-One News asked the Chicago Police Department to produce documents detailing how they handled both protests. Chicago Police told Chicago-One News in a phone call on August 16th, that they continue to gather documents related to the July 7th Dan Ryan protest. The Chicago Police Department sent Chicago-One documents responsive to the August 2nd "Shut Down The Drive" protest that ended at Wrigley Field.

The document list is as follows:

1. LSD/Wrigley Assembly Sitrep #12 (mass inter-department e-mail)

2. CIFFICE OF THE FIRST ÞEPUTY SUPERINTENDENT Notice #40919, authored by Anthony J, RiccioFirst Deputy Superintendent

3. ICS-202 Incident Objectives

4. ICS-203 Organization Assignment List

5. ICS General Message (7 pages) detailing assignments, goals, and objectives for each involved operations section of the Chicago Police Department

6. ICS-204 Sector/Group Assignment List

7. ICS Attachment

8. Incident Action Plan Signature Page

All documents are labeled "LSD - Wrigley March, Notice# 40919"

Those documents show that the Chicago Police Department CPIC (Crime Prevention and Information Center), noted as a "fusion center" in the documents, sent out an e-mail to several Chicago Police Department e-mail accounts after the event, detailing the movements of the protest from the time the protesters left 69th & Lafayette, until the moment of dispersal.

The e-mail, titled, "LSD/WRIGLEY ASSEMBLY SITREP#12 - CPIC" was sent by SGT. Delon Freund, Chicago Police Department Crime Prevention and Information Center (CPIC) Fusion Center to a BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) list of high-ranking department brass as follows:

AlllncìdentsChiefs; News Affairs; #Exempt; Panepinto, Leo; Gentile, William F; DOCCounterTerrorismSection; OpenSourcePersonnel; Sherman, Todd J.; Captains

The documents further show that Chicago Police planned for a mass arrest scenario, assigning two district lock-ups ahead of time to be used. The two lock-ups were located at the 019th and 025th districts.

In planning for mass arrests, the department had police vans ready from their Central Detention unit, and they assigned a cadre' of Detectives from Area North and Area Central to the 025th district specifically to assist with mass arrests.

According to CPD documents, the following CPD Legal Officers were on-site to deal with any mass arrests that occurred:

Asst, General Counsel Dana O'Maliey, Beat 3C

Legal Olïìcer I I P.O. David Bryja, Beat 3CD,

Legal Officer II / Sgt. Joe Bird, Beat '3CE

Legal Officer II / Sgt. Jeff Fronczak Beat 3CG

The order given to Area North Deputy Chief Alfonse Magode was
"The Commanding Officer will assign 3 Prisoner Van equipped with Mass Arrest Kits to this event, Prisoner vans will report at 1400.hours. Specific locations àre determined by the lncident Commander as follows (redacted)"

On page six of the ICS General Message, there is a directive telling the Area North Deputy Chief to assign the helicopter unit to the event for the duration. During the event, Chicago-One and others who were listening to Chicago Police radio traffic, heard Area North Deputy Chief Alfonse Nagode (Car 43) ask CPD Helicopter-2 if the CPIC video-feed was streaming.

Chicago-One News performed a FOIA request for that footage, and was told in writing by the Chicago Police FOIA Unit that the Chicago Police Department is so-far unable to locate that footage.

The Chicago Police Department document listed in #2 in the document list above, was sent to

Eddie T, JohnsonSuperintendent of Police

Fred L, WallerChiefBureau of Patrol

Melissa A. Staples Chief, Bureau of Detectives

Noel Sanchez Chief, Bureau of Organized Crime

Barbara J, West Chíef, Bureau of Organizational Development

Jonathan H. Lewin Chief, Bureau of Technicaf Services

Eddie L. Wetch, llI Chief, Bureau of lnternal Affairs

The document names Area North Deputy Chief Alfred Nagode (Car43) as the overall Commander for the event (Incident Commander), and tells all CPD personnel incurring overtime to use event# 122-1298. That event number is then applied to all documents for this protest.

The documents obtained by Chicago-One show that district tactical units were used from 5 districts. The order specifically stated the following:

"The Distríct Commanders of {he following districts 016, 017, 019, 020, and 024 will assign Tactical Teams to report in uniform to Incident Commander Deputy Chief Alfred Nagode Car 43 at 1400 hours in the 019th district 850 W. Addison for roll-call and insoection. Ëach team will consist of One (1) Sergeant and Eight (8) Police 0fficers.

Teams: 1663, 1763, 1963, 2A63, 2463"

The public would be interested to know that other Chicago Police personnel working the protest of August 2nd, 2018, came from Area Saturation Teams, Gang teams, Gun teams, SWAT, K9, CPD Public Transit, Bomb & Arson, Mounted Unit, Bureau of Organized Crime, Area Central Bike Unit, etc.

"The Incident Action Plan Signature Page notes "The lncident Commander must submit a Special Events Evatuation Report (CPD 11,466¡ within 10 days of the conclusion of this event. This document is available through Resources and Forms on the Special Events and Liaison Unit Webpage"

Chicago-One attempted to FOIA this document, but was told in writing by Chicago Police that the document has not yet been sent to the CPD FOIA Unit by Nagode.

In addition, the department also told their supervisory personnel this on that same page:

"All supervisory personnel assigned to this detail, observing anoperation or assignment that will be beneficial to future events, rnaysubmit a Special Events Evaluation Report (CPD 1 1.466) with their recommendations."

At this time, it is unknown how many, if any, arrests were made during the protest.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Alleged Offender Walks Free After Accused of Criminal Sexual Abuse On-Board Inbound Flight to Midway Airport

Midway Airport - Chicago, IL

Chicago-One News has learned of a Criminal Sexual Abuse case that occurred on a flight to Chicago Midway Airport just days ago.

The Chicago Police told Chicago-One via e-mail that on August 2, 2018 at approximately 10:30 am a criminal sexual abuse case report was generated by a 29-year-old female under RD# JB-375768.  The female victim stated to police that she awoke mid -flight on an inbound plane to a 23-year-old male offender touching her arm and breasts. No arrest made as victim declined to sign complaints. The victim also declined EMS and was advised of warrant procedures.

Because Chicago Police did not give any airline or flight information, on August 10th, 2018, Chicago-One News spoke with the two biggest carriers at Midway, Southwest and Delta. Chicago-One also spoke with the FAA on the same date.  Both airlines and the FAA said in e-mails to Chicago-One News that they have no reports on file regarding incidents on August 2nd, 2018. Chicago-One attempted contact with Porter and Volaris, but could not reach anyone.

According to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, in an April 2018 piece on the agency's website, "Sexual assault aboard aircraft—which usually takes the form of unwanted touching—is a felony that can land offenders in prison. Typically, men are the perpetrators, and women and unaccompanied minors are the victims."

In that same April 2018 piece, FBI Special Agent David Gates, who is based at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and regularly investigates these cases, said,  “We are seeing more reports of in-flight sexual assault than ever before,”

The FBI has airline travel safety precautions that airline passengers can take.

Among suggested precautions:

Trust your gut. Offenders will often test their victims, sometimes pretending to brush against them to see how they react or if they wake up. “Don’t give them the benefit of the doubt,” Gates said. If such behavior occurs, reprimand the person immediately, and consider asking to be moved to another seat.

Recognize that mixing alcohol with sleeping pills or other medication on an overnight flight increases your risk. “Don’t knock yourself out with alcohol or drugs,” Gates said.

If your seatmate is a stranger, no matter how polite he or she may seem, keep the armrest between you down.

If you are arranging for a child to fly unaccompanied, try to reserve an aisle seat so flight attendants can keep a closer watch on them. Highley has seen victims as young as 8 years old.

If an incident happens, report it immediately to the flight crew and ask that they record the attacker’s identity and report the incident. “Flight attendants and captains represent authority on the plane,” Gates said. “We don’t want them to be police officers, but they can alert law enforcement, and they can sometimes deal with the problem in the air.” The flight crew can also put the offender on notice, which might prevent further problems.

Chicago-One contacted the Chicago Department of Aviation for information and comment, and the department said they don't have information on anything that occurs aboard aircraft, even on the ground at Chicago airports, and said only individual airlines would have information or ability to comment.

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How to Make a School Disappear, Along With Student Records, Police Responses, and Staff Misconduct

Chicago, IL
Chicago-One News Staff
From roughly the 1970s through the 1980s, even to 1995 or beyond, students with diverse learning needs were shipped from Chicago Public Schools to non-public schools where former students allege abuse of various kinds took place.
Former students tell stories of these non-public schools allowing physical, verbal & emotional abuse, even sexual abuse by other students. Some who have spoken-up under condition of anonymity, say even the "teachers" and "staff" of these schools were the alleged offenders, and other adults who knew about these instances turned their heads due to fear of their own safety, and fear for loss of their jobs.
"Teachers" and "staff" in these non-public specialized schools are not, and never were in the Chicago Teacher's Union, although these non-public specialized schools were funded by taxpayer dollars.
ISBE was contacted, and it turns out that non-public schools who educate children with diverse learning needs, or otherwise provide services to children with diverse learning needs who are placed in non-public schools by way of the Chicago Public School District are not required to be state licensed, and any registration for what is termed by ISBE as "recognition" with ISBE is voluntary.
Although ISBE has standards for those non-public schools whom they allow to register with ISBE, it appears as if the non-public school would keep their own records. The Chicago Public Schools Office of Diverse Learner Services keeps student records which are protected by state and federal law as highly confidential, but that office has no legal state or federal mandate to keep records of these non-public diverse learner schools.
These non-public diverse learner schools are allowed to hire anyone they want to teach and perform other staff functions with no state or federal oversight, no requirement for their teachers and staff to obtain state or local school district licensing. They perform their own background checks, which are noted to be hit or miss.
There is no state or federal requirement for adults working with vulnerable children in non-public diverse learner schools to face any kind of rigourous screening.
This creates a loophole that create dangers here.
1. There is no requirement in Illinois that ISBE OR DCFS inspect these schools, or routinely check for child abuse or neglect
2. The point number 1 above creates is this: Chicago's and Illinois' most vulnerable children HAVE faced abuse and neglect in these non-public, non-regulated schools for decades and the abusers often just resign or are terminated, and hop from non-public school to non-public school where they hide rather easily from their past
3. It appears that these non-public, non-regulated schools and their personnel might not be subject to Illinois or federal mandatory reporter laws since they're not a public entity
4. There is no state law requiring ISBE to investigate abuse / neglect in non-public special education schools, and neither DCFS, or these non-public special education schools are required by law to make their abuse and neglect investigation records a public record identifying the accused person.
Number 4 above allows the alleged abuser to go undetected without any way for the victims to have recourse, or potential education employers to be aware of the past conduct of non-public special ed teachers or "staff members"
At this point, the surface appearance is that the system was designed to lose special ed kids in the system, having the effect of "dumping" them somewhere and doing so without any checks and balances to ensure the well-being of these kids. The State regulation website, "Innovation.ed.gov" shows the Illinois statutes involved that create the above mentioned safety risks.
Those people lnow have no voice to pursue justice for their victimization because there are literally no records of these teachers or staff members if / when these non-public special ed facilities shut down as many non-public schools have.
One such school allegedly had issues with student on student abuse of sorts, and staff on student abuse / violence on Chicago's near west side. One anonymous former student states that they had witnessed riots or near-riots, beatings, physical and sexual abuse by a particular adult school staff member, and says the school even experienced a shooting incident in 1994, just blocks from the school, allegedly not the school's first experience with nearly fatal results due to violence.
That shooting is said to have wounded one high school student who attended that school. The motive for the shooting was rumored to be the student's refusal to join a gang. Chicago Police were said to have taken one or more suspects into custody.
The school was mentioned in the Chicago-One News feature on the inability of DCFS to track hotline calls by address.
Chicago-One performed public records requests with the ISBE, Chicago Police, and Chicago OEMC (Office of Emergency Management and Communications) after verifying that acts of violence indeed occurred at the school, located at 1135 N. Cleaver st.
According to ISBE, there were issues with their ability to retain records on the school due to a conflict between the school's closing date, and the date ISBE started keeping electronic records. ISBE referred Chicago-One to the state's online teacher licensing search portal.
The Chicago Police responded with a statement that they had no calls for responses to the school between January 1st, 1986 and June 30th of 1997, which is in conflict to eyewitness accounts of events alleged to have occurred there. Chicago Police acknowledged a call history to that address over the last 18 years between the year 2000 and 2018.
The request for further emergency response data to that address filed with Chicago OEMC revealed that they only retain call data for four years, which will explain the FOIA response of the Chicago Police Department.
There are other sets of difficulties students face when these non-public schools shut down....the inability of colleges, universities, and / or possible employers to verify their high school background. Many of these non-public schools and the Chicago Public School District issue these children diplomas that identify them as being diverse learners who attended a specialized school, and that triggers problems finding employment in the public AND private sectors due to negative stereotyping / discrimination.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Crisis in Chicago - Mental Health Emergencies in Chicago, Part 1

July 12th, 2018
Chicago, Il

Since 2016, Chicago-One News has been investigating the bigger picture of Chicago's mental health. This morning, some numbers are showing what Chicago residents and visitors can't see with their own eyes.

A freedom of information act request to the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications has revealed that the number of calls to 911 for psychiatric emergencies from January 1st of 2016, through May 31st of 2018 totals 80,411

Just days ago, on-duty Chicago Police Officer Brandon Krueger, used his service weapon to commit suicide in his squad car at the 5th district station located at 727 E. 111th. Officer Krueger was a tactical officer assigned to CPD's Organized Crime Unit, and had only been with the department for five years. Officer Krueger was 36 years old, and left behind two children. Krueger's suicide is listed at the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office as case# ME2018-03194.

2017 was the city's worst year out of the requested dataset, with 34,581 calls for psychiatric emergencies. Though the first half of this year has 14,919 calls for psychiatric emergencies, and we are in July, there are 5 more months in the year before we know the total tally in this category for 2018.

It is important to note these stats are not inclusive of psychiatric emergencies discovered by police and EMS units in the field, and are also not inclusive of psychiatric emergencies where city emergency responders are not involved such as in the case of private transport of some kind, or self-transport to the hospital by some means (walking, biking, taxi, public transit)

When those stats are taken into account, we can reasonably assume that the number of psychiatric emergencies in each year are much higher. If we adjust for those psychiatric emergencies that end in suicide, the number jumps even higher. A cursory look at the Cook County Medical Examiner's public dataset using the option to view only suicide cases reveals a great deal of suicides when we look only at those that occur inside the boundaries of the City of Chicago.

The violence rates in Chicago are further reflective of the mental health crisis in Chicago. The Chicago Tribune has been tracking this year's murder statistics, and the number of people killed in Chicago from January 1st 2018, through July 8th, 2018, stands at 252.

Chicago-One News is only counting murders, not homicides. Homicide is a legal term, and not all homicides are murders. All murders ARE homicides, however. Homicide means death by the hands of another human being, some of which are counted as legally justified by way of self-defense. Some homicides are accidental and also don't always meet the criteria for murder or manslaughter.

This year alone, 1,485 people have been shot in Chicago. There have been 1,249 wounded out of those 1,485 people shot. (Source: Chicago Police Data)

In 2017, there were 357 murders in Chicago. During 2016, there were 762 murders, 3,550 shooting incidents, and out of those incidents, 4,331 people were shot.(Source: Chicago Police Data)

How can the number of shooting victims exceed the number of shooting incidents? Because bullets ricochet and hit unintended victims, and even when an intended victim is hit, the bullets don't always stop when they hit the victim.

The mental health crisis now expands beyond just the shooting victims regardless of whether the victim lives or dies, because we must account for witnesses to the shooting incidents and those who are close to the victims. There are no statictics regarding how many of these individuals experience psychological and / or psychiatric trauma and refuse to seek help.

Chicago-One has obtained the police and fire/EMS dispatch policies and protocol from the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications through a Freedom of Information Act Request. Chicago-One will have more for you in a later piece that will examine what a psychiatric response in Chicago looks like from the time a 911 call is made.

Chicago Police Apprehend Suspect in Police Chase on Roosevelt Road That Resulted in Traffic Collision

In the 500 Block of West Roosevelt Road on July 10, 2018 at approximately 1:35 p.m. Deward Shines  35 years old, was driving a 2005 Chrysler 300. 

Shines evaded police that were attempting to stop the vehicle. Shines was driving westbound on Roosevelt at a high rate of speed and disregarded a red light at the intersection of Roosevelt/Clinton, striking a 2017 Hyundai Sonata that was travelling south bound. 

Shines fled on foot but was apprehended a short distance later. He was placed into custody and taken to the University of Illinois at Chicago Hospital.

Chicago-One News was following this incident by way of Chicago Police radio traffic and Twitter reports of credible listeners, such as Chicago Tribune's Peter Nickeas, who tweeted that Shines was apprehended behind the uniform shop at Clinton and Roosevelt. The shop sells public safety and CTA / RTA / PACE uniforms.

The driver of the Hyundai, a 55 year old woman, was transported to the University of Illinois at Chicago Hospital with minor injuries.

Deward Shines was charged with Aggravated Fleeing Police/ 21 mph over/2nd, Poss Cannabis/500<2,000 Grams, Not Wearing Seat Belt/Driver, Limit On Overtaking On The Left, Disobey Red Circular Steady Signal Signal Stop, Leaving The Scene, Driving On Revoked License, Operate Motor Vehicle Without Insurance, and Flee/Attempt Elude Police. He appeared in court on July 11, 2018 at 2600 South California.

All information for this story was gathered from the Chicago Police Department Media Relations Section.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Illinois Attorney General's Office to Chicago Public Schools: We Want The Records From April Active Shooter Drill at Whitney Young

May 30th, 2018

Chicago, IL

Chicago - One News discovered during an investigation of an unusual shooting incident on a CTA bus that ended in the accidental death of Okpari Branch - Ibura, that the CTA and the City of Chicago had absolutely no active shooter plan in place, and absolutely no policy or procedure in place for such incidents.

This discovery led to the city's first - ever active - shooter drill at Whitney Young High - School. The Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Police Department, and Chicago Fire Department all participated in this drill on 26 April, 2018.

Chicago - One performed an investigative mission to determine the outcome of that drill, and attempted an analysis of the performance of each agency involved, starting with Chicago Public Schools. In an effort to verify facts, and to make fair discovery of credible information, Chicago - One performed a Freedom of Information Act Request with Chicago Public Schools (CPS):. This reporter requested the following records:

"Chicago Public Schools Active Shooter Plans & Policies, Security and Administrative policies for active shooter incidents to include incident reporting /communications with emergency response agencies /parent notification and communications.

CPS active shooter policies and procedures involving safety and care of disabled students, disabled staff / teachers, and disabled visitors. Incident reports and planning documents from active shooter drill on 4/26/2018 at Whitney Young.

This should include documents involving coordination for this drill between CPS, CPS Security, Whitney Young administration, Chicago Police, and Chicago Fire Dept."

This request was met with a swift blanket denial, and this reporter then filed a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General, Public Access Coordinator.

Yesterday, May 29th, 2018, State of Illinois Assisstant Attorney General Christopher Boggs, of the Public Access Bureau, sent a letter to the Law Department of Chicago Public Schools ordering CPS to turn over an UNREDACTED COPY of requested records to their office no later than seven days from May 29th, 2018, and the Attorney General's Office also demanded a legal justification for the blanket denial under applicable state laws claimed by CPS.

The review of unredacted CPS records in this case by the Illinois Attorney General is confidential. The Attorney General will decide which Freedom of Information exemptions apply, if any.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Murder of a Blind Man - In-Depth Analysis of The Johnny Shanklin Murder

Johnny Shanklin was a blind man, a valuable resident of Chicago who had family members that loved him. On April 24th, 2018, Mr. Shanklin was going about his life when shots rang out, and his life was taken.

Chicago - One presents a multi - part series delving into each individual alleged offender in this case, giving details up until that final tragic moment Mr. Shanklin's life came to an abrupt end.

First, the basic case details and list of those arrested in this case. This case has been filed under two incident parts: the shooting (Homicide) and vehicle chase resulting in two arrests.

Homicide Response

RD#: JB-236716

UCR: 0110 (Murder, 1st Degree)

Event# 1811415278 (Short - form: 15178)

Address of Occurrence: 3835 W. Roosevelt

Beat of Occurrence: 1011

Date of Occurrence: 24 April 2018

Responding CPD Units:

1011, 1063A, 1063B, 1022, 1055

Responding CFD Units:

Engine 38, Ambulance 67

Detective Area Assigned / Unit#: Area Central, Unit 610

Detective Notified:

Barrientos - Violent Crimes, Star# 20921

Detective Assigned:

Beat 5142 (Violent Crimes) Ranzonni, Star# 20162

Sandoval, Star# 21302

Incident Notifications:

Beat 1090 - LT. Gentile, Star# 372

Beat 1002 - District Desk, Sgt. Escalante, Star# 2403

Evidence Tech / Forensic Svcs

Medical Examiner's Office - Rodish #77

Crimelab - Sarlo, Star# 13131

News Affairs: Gaines, Star# 4898

CPIC:  Liboon, Star# 17644

Crimescene Cars: 1022 and 1055

Vehicle Pursuit & Collision

RD#: JB-236767

Address of Occurrence: 3500 W. Cermak

Date of Occurrence: 24 April 2018

Time of Occurrence: unk

Beat of Occurrence: 1024

Arresting Unit: 1063A

Arresting Officer Star#: 7647

Offender Information & Background

Name: Damarcus Washington

CB# 19634430

Chicago - One News is learning more about DeMarcus Washington, accused of murder in the shooting death of Johnny Shanklin. Chicago - One has obtained Chicago Police documents  today.

In a statement released to Chicago - One, Chicago Police state that Washington has a juvenile history, but could not disclose that history due to new Illinois laws prohibiting public release and wide sharing of those records.

Documents obtained by Chicago - One show that Washington has a history as a gang member of two different gangs. The arrest report filed under RD#JB-187242 and Event# 1807412550 says Washington is a member of the Traveling Vicelords per CPD's GIPP system.

That report was dated March 15th, 2018. A later CPD report filed under RD# HZ-310214 and Event# 1616809797 shows Washington was arrested for UCR 143A - Unlawful Possession, Handgun. In that report, Washington freely spoke with Detectives who documented him as saying this:

"Washington stated he hangs with the travelers street gang, but he isn't in the gang". This arrest and statement occurred on June 16th, 2016. During that interview, Washington stated that the travelers were experiencing tensions with a gang called "16" (Millard & 16th crew)

In the Chicago Police Arrest Report charging Washington with 1st Degree Murder on 24 April, 2018, filed under RD#JB-236716 and Event#1811415178, the arresting officers note that Washington is an active member of the "Danny Mob" street gang

"The Danny Mob" was mentioned briefly in a piece by Al - Jazeera as a "clique" in their piece called "Chicago's Internet Gangsters"

An internet search for Danny Mob revealed no significant finds. The "Chicago Gangs" website, which documents the histories and neighborhoods where Chicago gangs operate, has a listing for the Traveling Vicelords tracing them back to the early 1970s

Mr. Washington also has other violent arrests in his background from his time as an adult 18 year - old student at Hirsch High School. An arrest report dated for 05 November 2013, filed under RD#HW-521690 and Event#1330908434, charges him with Domestic Battery

In that report, Washington was alleged to have struck his girlfriend in the face while she was 9 months pregnant. That case was given an initial court date of 06 November 2013 in Branch 61-2 at 555 W. Harrison St in room 40

In a second Arrest Report from another battery charge he was named in at Hirsch High School, Washington was accused of punching a fellow student in the eye because the victim merely spoke to Washington's girlfriend. Reference RD#HW-425890 / Event# 1322908038 dated for 27 Aug 2013

Mr. Washington has a juvenile background, but Chicago Police cited the Juvenile Court Act of 1987, 705 ILCS 405/1 et seq. (“JCA”).

5 ILCS 140/7(1)(a) of the FOIA statute exempts from disclosure, "[i]nformation specifically prohibited from disclosure by federal or State law or rules and regulations implementing federal or State law."

The Illinois Juvenile Court Act of 1987 strictly restricts the disclosure of law enforcement records that pertain to a juvenile's arrest, charge, or investigation. Such information must be withheld in full pursuant to 705 ILCS 405/5-905(5); 705 ILCS 405/1-7(c).

Specifically, pursuant to Sec. 1-7: “[t]he records of law enforcement officers, or of an independent agency created by ordinance and charged by a unit of local government with the duty of investigating the conduct of law enforcement officers, concerning all minors under 18 years of age must be maintained separate from the records of arrests and may not be open to public inspection or their contents disclosed to the public.” 705 ILCS 405/1-7(C).

In addition, as of January 1, 2018, an amendment took effect which provides "(A) All juvenile records which have not been expunged are sealed and may never be disclosed to the general public or  otherwise made widely available. Sealed records may be obtained only under this Section and Section 1-8 and 5-915 of this Act, when their use is needed for good cause and with an order from the juvenile court, as required by those not authorized to retain them.

Confidentiality of law enforcement and municipal ordinance violation records. (705 ILCS 405/1-7) (from Ch. 37, par. 801-7) Sec. 1-7. Therefore, this information is exempt from disclosure under 5 ILCS 140/7 (1)(a) of the Freedom of Information Act, which exempts from production “information specifically prohibited from disclosure by a federal or State law or rules and regulation adopted under federal or state law .

Accordingly, records involving juveniles are exempt from production and have been withheld in their entirety.

Chicago Police records were inconsistent in listing TRAPP / GIPP listings in their records for Washington, and even though the quoted Chicago Police reports named Washington as a gang member of the two gangs listed, other CPD reports featuring Washington as an offender specifically said Washington IS NOT a known or admitted gang member.

Pro-Publica Illinois has obtained the entirety of the Chicago Police Department Gang Database (GIPP) and they have proven beyond a preponderance of evidence that an unknown number of people have been wrongfully included in that database with no legal recourse or any way to appeal.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Main to ANY Available Ambulance

This morning, a twitter account that follows Chicago Fire Department activity tweeted the following, "Main to ANY available ambulance" the timestamp on the tweet reads 9:23AM.

The tweet is clear in it's allegation. The Chicago Fire Department is alleged in the tweet to have run out of ambulances.

Chicago - One is investigating the veracity of this tweet, and is awaiting a statement from Chicago Fire Department Media Affairs. This story is developing.

Update: 12:22PM January 2nd, 2018

Chicago - One News spoke by telephone with Chicago Fire Department Spokesman Larry Langford. Langford said the following: 

"The radio transmission occurred prior to the dispatcher being informed that we were freeing up more ambulances. We have a computer system that allows us to track ambulance demand, and we saw that we were a bit in the red, so we put more ambulances into service." 

"We are dealing with some very unusual weather today, and on a day like this when we have a call volume of 3,000 with only 75 front - line ambulances, we always have ten extra fully stocked ambulances we can put into service, but they require paramedics, which we pull from within, so it's just a matter of a little overtime" 

When asked if the city plans to put more ambulances on the street, Langford replied, "We're talking about that now. The Commissioner and Director of EMS need to sit down and talk about putting more of our reserve ambulances out on the street, which might happen today"