Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Main to ANY Available Ambulance

This morning, a twitter account that follows Chicago Fire Department activity tweeted the following, "Main to ANY available ambulance" the timestamp on the tweet reads 9:23AM.

The tweet is clear in it's allegation. The Chicago Fire Department is alleged in the tweet to have run out of ambulances.

Chicago - One is investigating the veracity of this tweet, and is awaiting a statement from Chicago Fire Department Media Affairs. This story is developing.

Update: 12:22PM January 2nd, 2018

Chicago - One News spoke by telephone with Chicago Fire Department Spokesman Larry Langford. Langford said the following: 

"The radio transmission occurred prior to the dispatcher being informed that we were freeing up more ambulances. We have a computer system that allows us to track ambulance demand, and we saw that we were a bit in the red, so we put more ambulances into service." 

"We are dealing with some very unusual weather today, and on a day like this when we have a call volume of 3,000 with only 75 front - line ambulances, we always have ten extra fully stocked ambulances we can put into service, but they require paramedics, which we pull from within, so it's just a matter of a little overtime" 

When asked if the city plans to put more ambulances on the street, Langford replied, "We're talking about that now. The Commissioner and Director of EMS need to sit down and talk about putting more of our reserve ambulances out on the street, which might happen today" 

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  1. More lies from the Fire Commissioner. Those Extra Ambulances that he failed to use on New Years Eve despite massive run volume 754 calls from midnight until 0630 take hours to get out on the street. This Commissioner is an embarrassment . So yesterday at 0928 if you needed an Ambulance you were screwed


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