Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Illinois Attorney General's Office to Chicago Public Schools: We Want The Records From April Active Shooter Drill at Whitney Young

May 30th, 2018

Chicago, IL

Chicago - One News discovered during an investigation of an unusual shooting incident on a CTA bus that ended in the accidental death of Okpari Branch - Ibura, that the CTA and the City of Chicago had absolutely no active shooter plan in place, and absolutely no policy or procedure in place for such incidents.

This discovery led to the city's first - ever active - shooter drill at Whitney Young High - School. The Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Police Department, and Chicago Fire Department all participated in this drill on 26 April, 2018.

Chicago - One performed an investigative mission to determine the outcome of that drill, and attempted an analysis of the performance of each agency involved, starting with Chicago Public Schools. In an effort to verify facts, and to make fair discovery of credible information, Chicago - One performed a Freedom of Information Act Request with Chicago Public Schools (CPS):. This reporter requested the following records:

"Chicago Public Schools Active Shooter Plans & Policies, Security and Administrative policies for active shooter incidents to include incident reporting /communications with emergency response agencies /parent notification and communications.

CPS active shooter policies and procedures involving safety and care of disabled students, disabled staff / teachers, and disabled visitors. Incident reports and planning documents from active shooter drill on 4/26/2018 at Whitney Young.

This should include documents involving coordination for this drill between CPS, CPS Security, Whitney Young administration, Chicago Police, and Chicago Fire Dept."

This request was met with a swift blanket denial, and this reporter then filed a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General, Public Access Coordinator.

Yesterday, May 29th, 2018, State of Illinois Assisstant Attorney General Christopher Boggs, of the Public Access Bureau, sent a letter to the Law Department of Chicago Public Schools ordering CPS to turn over an UNREDACTED COPY of requested records to their office no later than seven days from May 29th, 2018, and the Attorney General's Office also demanded a legal justification for the blanket denial under applicable state laws claimed by CPS.

The review of unredacted CPS records in this case by the Illinois Attorney General is confidential. The Attorney General will decide which Freedom of Information exemptions apply, if any.

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