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Murder of a Blind Man - In-Depth Analysis of The Johnny Shanklin Murder

Johnny Shanklin was a blind man, a valuable resident of Chicago who had family members that loved him. On April 24th, 2018, Mr. Shanklin was going about his life when shots rang out, and his life was taken.

Chicago - One presents a multi - part series delving into each individual alleged offender in this case, giving details up until that final tragic moment Mr. Shanklin's life came to an abrupt end.

First, the basic case details and list of those arrested in this case. This case has been filed under two incident parts: the shooting (Homicide) and vehicle chase resulting in two arrests.

Homicide Response

RD#: JB-236716

UCR: 0110 (Murder, 1st Degree)

Event# 1811415278 (Short - form: 15178)

Address of Occurrence: 3835 W. Roosevelt

Beat of Occurrence: 1011

Date of Occurrence: 24 April 2018

Responding CPD Units:

1011, 1063A, 1063B, 1022, 1055

Responding CFD Units:

Engine 38, Ambulance 67

Detective Area Assigned / Unit#: Area Central, Unit 610

Detective Notified:

Barrientos - Violent Crimes, Star# 20921

Detective Assigned:

Beat 5142 (Violent Crimes) Ranzonni, Star# 20162

Sandoval, Star# 21302

Incident Notifications:

Beat 1090 - LT. Gentile, Star# 372

Beat 1002 - District Desk, Sgt. Escalante, Star# 2403

Evidence Tech / Forensic Svcs

Medical Examiner's Office - Rodish #77

Crimelab - Sarlo, Star# 13131

News Affairs: Gaines, Star# 4898

CPIC:  Liboon, Star# 17644

Crimescene Cars: 1022 and 1055

Vehicle Pursuit & Collision

RD#: JB-236767

Address of Occurrence: 3500 W. Cermak

Date of Occurrence: 24 April 2018

Time of Occurrence: unk

Beat of Occurrence: 1024

Arresting Unit: 1063A

Arresting Officer Star#: 7647

Offender Information & Background

Name: Damarcus Washington

CB# 19634430

Chicago - One News is learning more about DeMarcus Washington, accused of murder in the shooting death of Johnny Shanklin. Chicago - One has obtained Chicago Police documents  today.

In a statement released to Chicago - One, Chicago Police state that Washington has a juvenile history, but could not disclose that history due to new Illinois laws prohibiting public release and wide sharing of those records.

Documents obtained by Chicago - One show that Washington has a history as a gang member of two different gangs. The arrest report filed under RD#JB-187242 and Event# 1807412550 says Washington is a member of the Traveling Vicelords per CPD's GIPP system.

That report was dated March 15th, 2018. A later CPD report filed under RD# HZ-310214 and Event# 1616809797 shows Washington was arrested for UCR 143A - Unlawful Possession, Handgun. In that report, Washington freely spoke with Detectives who documented him as saying this:

"Washington stated he hangs with the travelers street gang, but he isn't in the gang". This arrest and statement occurred on June 16th, 2016. During that interview, Washington stated that the travelers were experiencing tensions with a gang called "16" (Millard & 16th crew)

In the Chicago Police Arrest Report charging Washington with 1st Degree Murder on 24 April, 2018, filed under RD#JB-236716 and Event#1811415178, the arresting officers note that Washington is an active member of the "Danny Mob" street gang

"The Danny Mob" was mentioned briefly in a piece by Al - Jazeera as a "clique" in their piece called "Chicago's Internet Gangsters"

An internet search for Danny Mob revealed no significant finds. The "Chicago Gangs" website, which documents the histories and neighborhoods where Chicago gangs operate, has a listing for the Traveling Vicelords tracing them back to the early 1970s

Mr. Washington also has other violent arrests in his background from his time as an adult 18 year - old student at Hirsch High School. An arrest report dated for 05 November 2013, filed under RD#HW-521690 and Event#1330908434, charges him with Domestic Battery

In that report, Washington was alleged to have struck his girlfriend in the face while she was 9 months pregnant. That case was given an initial court date of 06 November 2013 in Branch 61-2 at 555 W. Harrison St in room 40

In a second Arrest Report from another battery charge he was named in at Hirsch High School, Washington was accused of punching a fellow student in the eye because the victim merely spoke to Washington's girlfriend. Reference RD#HW-425890 / Event# 1322908038 dated for 27 Aug 2013

Mr. Washington has a juvenile background, but Chicago Police cited the Juvenile Court Act of 1987, 705 ILCS 405/1 et seq. (“JCA”).

5 ILCS 140/7(1)(a) of the FOIA statute exempts from disclosure, "[i]nformation specifically prohibited from disclosure by federal or State law or rules and regulations implementing federal or State law."

The Illinois Juvenile Court Act of 1987 strictly restricts the disclosure of law enforcement records that pertain to a juvenile's arrest, charge, or investigation. Such information must be withheld in full pursuant to 705 ILCS 405/5-905(5); 705 ILCS 405/1-7(c).

Specifically, pursuant to Sec. 1-7: “[t]he records of law enforcement officers, or of an independent agency created by ordinance and charged by a unit of local government with the duty of investigating the conduct of law enforcement officers, concerning all minors under 18 years of age must be maintained separate from the records of arrests and may not be open to public inspection or their contents disclosed to the public.” 705 ILCS 405/1-7(C).

In addition, as of January 1, 2018, an amendment took effect which provides "(A) All juvenile records which have not been expunged are sealed and may never be disclosed to the general public or  otherwise made widely available. Sealed records may be obtained only under this Section and Section 1-8 and 5-915 of this Act, when their use is needed for good cause and with an order from the juvenile court, as required by those not authorized to retain them.

Confidentiality of law enforcement and municipal ordinance violation records. (705 ILCS 405/1-7) (from Ch. 37, par. 801-7) Sec. 1-7. Therefore, this information is exempt from disclosure under 5 ILCS 140/7 (1)(a) of the Freedom of Information Act, which exempts from production “information specifically prohibited from disclosure by a federal or State law or rules and regulation adopted under federal or state law .

Accordingly, records involving juveniles are exempt from production and have been withheld in their entirety.

Chicago Police records were inconsistent in listing TRAPP / GIPP listings in their records for Washington, and even though the quoted Chicago Police reports named Washington as a gang member of the two gangs listed, other CPD reports featuring Washington as an offender specifically said Washington IS NOT a known or admitted gang member.

Pro-Publica Illinois has obtained the entirety of the Chicago Police Department Gang Database (GIPP) and they have proven beyond a preponderance of evidence that an unknown number of people have been wrongfully included in that database with no legal recourse or any way to appeal.

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