Thursday, October 11, 2018

Songs to Save a Life - New York Presbyterian Spotify CPR Playlist "Songs to do CPR to"

When a heart isn't beating, it may just be quivering or totally stopped. When a heart quivers, doctors, nurses, and medics know this as "fibrillation" because the heart is literally seizing and oxygen-rich blood is not making it to the rest of the body.

When the heart stops, it's time for CPR, and now New York Presbyterian Hospital has a NEW way to train the public to perform the life-saving procedure!

The hospital has created a SPOTIFY PLAYLIST of songs that are 100 beats per minute, the rate at which the heart needs to pump in order to sustain life. The Spotify playlist is called "Songs to do CPR to" and the account notes that all songs on the list are exactly 100BPM

The list contains 46 songs as of the time of this report, and includes the popular songs of the ages such as Lady Gaga's "Dance", and "Stayin Alive" by the Bee-Gees.

New York Presbyterian Hospital was contacted by Chicago-One News for comment via e-mail, and Lauren Browdy, a NYPH spokesperson, responded with this statement:

"Yes, the playlist is ours." 

Browdy further stated, "Our journey to the CPR Playlist and our Hands Only CPR campaign started a couple of years ago with Michael Kiernan, a patient who went into cardiac arrest on the A train and was revived by two NewYork-Presbyterian employees who were in the same car. They performed compressions for 23 minutes until the train reached 59th street. The immediate action by our employees saved Michael’s life and had us begin to think about the importance of bystander intervention. More on Michael’s story can be found here"

"Only about 46 percent of cardiac arrest victims receive bystander intervention before EMS arrives and women are even less likely to receive intervention. But for every minute without CPR, the survival rate decreases by 10 percent.

NewYork-Presbyterian set out to try and change these harrowing statistics.

One of our first steps was partnering with Spotify to create the CPR playlist", said Browdy.

Giving further details, Browdy said, "Everyone knows about Staying Alive, but there are so many songs at a rate of 100-120 beats per minute. One of my personal favorites is Hanson’s MMMBop (because who doesn’t love a good 90’s throwback).

From there, Dr. Holly Andersen, cardiologist at NewYork-Presbyterian and Director of Education and Outreach for the Ronald O. Perlman Heart Institute stepped in to take the mission further. She has been advocating for everyone to learn Hands Only CPR with three easy steps: Check, Call, Compress. Her goal is to teach everyone to not be afraid to jump in and save a life. More on the Hands Only CPR campaign can be found here: including an instructional video by the cast of the Broadway hit Chicago." See that Broadway in Chicago video here:

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