Saturday, November 24, 2018

Chicago-One Status Statement and Re-Statement of Vision and Purpose

Chicago-One has been inactive for several months while much-needed equipment was restored and updated. The system here was Linux Mint, and is now Windows 7, with an update to Windows 8 coming in time, and eventually Windows 10.

Chicago-One will eventually expand to three more computer systems to handle to handle audio, video, and data processing. Those systems will be Windows 10 with capability to upgrade to future versions of Windows. With the Windows 7 system up and running, Chicago-One will resume daily operations.

Chicago-One has several news stories pending. Those who read Chicago-One may want to remember that the focus here is long-form reporting, as opposed to the quick blurbs you see in major news media. Chicago-One does not conduct on-scene interviews or report on witness statements, nor does Chicago-One give emotional heart-string type of reports because such things are unreliable and take away from important details about the offense carried-out, offender behavior, and details of public record.

Chicago-One reports are driven by documented, proven facts held in public record. Any other information not found in public records comes from reliable statements that give substantial facts for which evidence has proven to be true, or more likely to be true than not true.

Chicago-One is based on quality, not quantity. The rush to pump out news stories, to be the first to break a story, and to build extensive archives of information in a hurry is a big mistake made by corporate news agencies. While Chicago-One may pick-up on some items published by corporate media, the focus here is to give extensive, comprehensive, exhaustive details.

Contrary to popular political rhetoric, Chicago-One is not a "parody" or "Satire" operation, and nothing here is misleading or fake. Chicago-One has no political leanings or alliances as proven by the content presented, and the publishing history here.


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