Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Mercy Hospital Mass Shooting Analysis, Incident Timeline, and Public Records Reference

The mass attack at Chicago's Mercy Hospital was the first mass attack on a major hospital and its staff within the city of Chicago since July 13, 1966, when Richard Speck broke into 2319 E. 100th St, and committed mass murder, killing eight nurses. This mass attack has extra significance due to the background of the attacker, now identified as Juan Lopez. Lopez killed three victims, identified as his ex-fiance, Dr. Tamara O'Neal, M.D., an Emergency Medicine Doctor employed at Mercy; Pharmacist Dayna Less, Pharm.d.; and Chicago Police Officer Samuel Jimenez.

The following analysis, report, and public records reference is created for the public at large, which would also include news media, researchers, historians, psychiatric and psychological professionals, and others who may find access to this information critical to answering questions in the decades to come.

Incident Summary 

Address: 2525 S. Michigan, original response to 2520 S. Prairie

Time:3:15PM, recorded in city records as 4:04PM

UCR: 5000 (Original) changed to 0110 at 4:04PM per city records

RD#: JB-522024

Event #: 09527

Cook County Medical Examiner Record Information

ME2018-05488 Chicago Police Officer Samuel Jimenez

ME2018-05490 Offender Juan Lopez

ME2018-05491 Dr. Dayna Less, Pharm.d

ME2018-05492 Dr. Tamara O'Neal

Chicago Police Response Information

25/Michigan: CPD notified by victim via 911l of a person w/ a gun. she didn't see the gun, however, male offender threatened to shoot her and himself.

3 19PM: 10-1 called
3:20PM - shots fired
3:21PM - female victim down in hospital parking lot, CPD orders a CTA bus stopped.
3:22PM - Police call for more cars, confirm shooter is inside the hospital
3:23PM - CPD SWAT assigned. Police say offender has an assault rifle.
3:24PM - Police report more shots fired and describe offender as a male white with an assault rifle
3:25PM - Second 10-1 called
3:26PM - Report that the offender is armed with a rifle
3:27PM - report of a female shot in hospital lobby, officer confirmed shot
3:29PM - Third 10-1 called for an officer shot
3 30PM - Police confirm offender down shot in the head, weapon recovered
3:31PM - police locate another gunshot victim
3:32PM - Police set-up perimeter
3:35PM - Mercy Hospital on full-diversion
3:36PM - Officers ordered to pair in teams of 4
3:40PM - Police say the shooter still needs treatment
3:44PM - EMS said to be standing down until police say hospital is secure
3:46PM - Illinois State Police on-scene
3:49PM - Police say they're doing a methodical search of the hospital
3:51PM - Lieutenant Ben on-scene with her team
3:53PM - SWAT clearing 2nd floor of Mercy, call for more traffic control units
4:01PM - Police shut down King Drive from Mercy to 51st St., and the ambulance with the wounded police officer is in Motion

4 06PM - Family members of Mercy patients arrive at the scene, family members sent to 27th and King Drive one minute later

4:09PM - CFD Ambulance with wounded officer approaching 45th st.
4::12PM - Ambulance with wounded officer arrives at University of Chicago
4:14PM - 911 call from victims hiding in hospital basement
4:18PM - CPIC (Federal fusion center) wants offender information
4:20PM - 911 call from victims hiding in hospital tells police of a security password to use so they know it's the police, police call for more warning buses.

4:22PM - Police order witnesses to gather at E.R. waiting room
4:23PM - More 911 calls from victims hiding in the hospital
4:25PM - Police rescue 911 callers from hospital basement using code word
4:26PM - More warming buses ordered
4:30PM - Decision made by CPD that Mercy employees CANNOT leave with personal vehicles
4:33PM - Chicago OEMC (Office of Emergency Management and Communications) activates the Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

4,:37PM - SWAT still sweeping hospital, officers posted on each floor
4:39PM - SWAT Commander on the air
4:43PM - 911 calls from victims hiding in cardiology dept.
4:53PM - 911 call from employee stuck in "stress room"
4:57PM - CPD calls for videographer (Evidence Tech - Forensic Unit)
5:05PM - CPD calls for plate reader unit
5:06PM - CPD SWAT rescues 30 hospital employees
5:54PM - CPD requests an RD# for Homicide

OEMC issues the following:
UCR: 5000 issued at the beginning of the incident changed to 0110
RD: JB-522024 (stays the same as with UCR 5000)
Event #: 09527 (event number doesn't change)

6:04PM - CPD calls Forensic Services for an Evidence Tech for the wounded officer, and a call for flood lights one minute later

6:07PM - Mercy goes on full-bypass...no patients to be sent there
6:27PM - Mercy Director asks police to let 3 doctors enter building
6:53PM - Female Doctor (1st victim) identity released

Chicago Fire Department Response Information

3:24PM - Ambulance 41 and Engine 8 dispatched for the person Shot at 2520 S Prairie in the parking lot of Mercy Hospital

EMS Plan 1 - 3:26PM
EMS Plan 2 - 3:42PM
EMS Plan 3 - 3:58PM
Plan 3 secured at 4:05PM by orders of CFD 2-1-5
Still and Box Alarm for active shooter at Mercy Hospital struck by orders of CFD 2-1-5 at 4:45PM

Offender Background

The offender in this case possessed a valid Illinois FOID and a valid Illinois CCW License, and had purchased  was a Chicago Fire Department Firefighter/EMT Candidate in March of 2014. Chicago-One has obtained a FOIA copy of Lopez's Personnel Record, and Lopez's CFD Internal Affairs Investigation Record, which speaks of erratic, and abusive behavior/ Those records are provided here for full context. Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford said after the department launched disciplinary proceedings, Lopez went absent without leave. Officials tried to contact him, but he never responded, so he was fired in May 2014 for going AWOL

Juan Lopez Illinois State Identification Card, courtesy of ABC7Chicago

Chicago Fire Department Separation Letter from Juan Lopez CFD Employment File

Chicago Fire Department Internal Affairs Investigation SC#14-0071 Summary, via FOIA Request to CFD

The Chicago Fire Department Internal Affairs Investigation file notes on page six that an instructor noticed behavior on part of Lopez that was concerning

Was Lopez a sociopath, and a master manipulator as part of undiagnosed sociopathy, or was he just a person who knowingly made bad decisions and then tried to walk them back by making it appear as if he were sorry for his actions? This next piece of the CFD Internal Affairs Investigation is key

Next, this snippet gives even more insight into Lopez, and how his mind worked

Juan Lopez CFD Internal Affairs Investigation File

Juan Lopez CFD Personnel File

Four years ago, a woman complained that the Mercy Hospital mass shooting offender was texting her "incessantly" and she sought an order of protection against him, though it is unknown if that order had been granted.
At the end of 2014, Lopez’s wife at the time, applied for, and was granted an order of protection against him, claiming she feared for her safety, because he had started sleeping with a gun, and leaving it accessible to their child. She also accused him of pulling a gun on a realtor during an apartment appraisal, and going after a neighbor with a gun.
His wife at the time filed for divorce months later.

A portion of the order of protection against Lopez sought by his wife, courtesy of the ABC 7 _I-Team

The ABC 7 I-Team is quoted as follows:

"Why was Lopez allowed to have state permits, and that gun, when he was involved in several red flag events that apparently should have called his authorization into question?

On Wednesday, November 21st, 2018, state police spokesman Matt Boerwinkle told the I-Team that Illinois investigators were reviewing the chain of communication in recent years following abusive behavior that Lopez was involved in. State police are trying to determine who knew what and when, and was that information about Lopez transmitted to the licensing and regulatory staffers who needed to know it?

While the order of Protection was valid, the court checked a box stating, "should be ordered to surrender any and all firearms to the local law enforcement agency."

While state police investigators attempt to piece together the circumstances surrounding Lopez' licensing, it may be that he escaped disqualification because no criminal charges were filed in connection with the incidents. It is not clear whether state officials knew about any of the threatening behavior until Lopez's burst of violence at Mercy Hospital 

Investigators from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives provided Chicago police with the gun trace information. CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said that Lopez bought the pistol used at Mercy Hospital and at least three other guns in the past five years.."

Lopez worked for the Chicago Housing Authority since February of 2018 as an associate program specialist for the customer care center at CHA headquarters., and was attending graduate school at DePaul University, majoring in policy.

CHA officials said he passed a background check, and had no history of complaints while he worked for the agency.

U.S. Federal Agency Involvement and Records Creation

ATF - Record Responsive to FOIA, but not available due to ongoing investigation

Records responsive: Request records for Juan Lopez Mercy Hospital Mass Attack on November 19th, 2018 within ATF-003 Criminal Investigation Report System, ATF-008 Regulatory Enforcement Record System, and ATF-009 Technical and Scientific Services Record System

FBI - Records Responsive to FOIA, but not available due to ongoing investigation

Records responsive: Chicago Field Office (response and investigation), HQ File(s) (forensics and behavioral), NCAVC file. Tell FBI to search the FBI NET Central Records System

U.S. Secret Service - Records Responsive to FOIA, but not available due to ongoing investigation
Records responsive: Chicago Field Office (response, investigation), NTAC file.  

These agencies may share records with, obtain records from, or even create new records within other federal agencies as part of the investigations and communications processes. Other federal agencies who have interest in mass attacks may create their own files. Records may be available from DHS, U.S. State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research, CIA Directorate of Operations, and ODNI (NCPC). 

Mercy Hospital Mass Attack Victims

 Visitation for O’Neal was held Friday, November 30, at Haverstock Funeral Home, 602 Maple Ave., LaPorte, Indiana.and her funeral was Saturday, December 1st at First Church of God, 2020 E. Lincolnway, LaPorte. where there was a second visitation at 10 a.m. prior to the funeral. O’Neal was buried at Pine Lake Cemetery, 1367 Pine Lake Rd., LaPorte.

Pharmacist Dayna Less

Less's services were held at St. Archangel Michael Church, 1500-186th St., Lansing, Illinois. She was buried at St. Sava Monastery, 32377 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville, Illinois, immediately after the service.

                                  Chicago Police Officer Samuel Jimenez

The visitation for Officer Jimenez was held at Oehler Funeral Home, and his funeral at the Chapel of Saint Joseph at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe,1170 N. River Rd., Des Plaines. Burial was at Ridgewood Memorial Park.

All three victims of the November 19th, 2018, mass attack at Mercy Hospital are remembered as caring, loving, beautiful, kind, intelligent and valuable members of their communities who gave much, and whose lives held meaning beyond words.CPD Officer Samuel Jimenez was a new officer who had just completed his new officer probation, and did what he always dreamed of doing. Officer Jimenez gave his life in pursuit of the safety of the lives of Dr's O'Neal and Less, Less was a Doctor of Pharmacy. Dr O'Neal was an emergency medicine doctor.  

The Chicago Police Department General Offense Case Report

Illinois State Police Supplemental Field Reports# F03-18-04219 TraCS Report# 18-38350001502 CAD Number: 031800115329