Saturday, February 23, 2019

Robert Kelly Arrested on 10 Counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse of a Minor

One of Chicago's most famous accused child sexual predators has been arrested at the Chicago Police Department's 001st District at 18th and State st. by members of the district tactical unit there on Friday evening, February 22nd, 2019.  

Robert Kelly in custody at 001, photo by Captured News
Robert Kelly on his way to lockup at 001, photo by Captured News

Case Details taken from public records in the case:

RD# HJ-190842 and JC-120146

Assigned: Detective Maureen Hanrahan - Star# 20565, Fiona Eichten - Star# 20570, Area Central Sex Crimes, Unit 620

Olympia Fields Police Report# 17OF07473

Assigned: Investigator Rich Sperando, Star# 551

Violation of 720 ILCS 5/12-16(d)

Charge Code: 0999700

FBI# 377900XA9

ISB# 34620040

Cook County Court Docket# 19CR2759

Kelly was taken into custody and the arrest warrant served in the front lobby of the Chicago Police Department 001st District station at around 8:15PM on 22 February 2019. Arresting officers and a CPD Supervisor were waiting for him when he walked through the revolving door in the front of the station, and Kelly was immediately taken into custody, and taken to an interrogation room where arresting officers processed paperwork, and he was then escorted to the lock-up area. Case Detectives from CPD and one Olympia Fields Investigator were notified by arresting officers of the arrest, and given an opportunity to speak with Kelly.

Attorney Steve Greenberg was present on behalf of the defendant. Defendant chose to exercise his right to remain silent and to have his counsel present. There are a total of four complaining witnesses in this case.

See the Cook County Circuit Court Indictment here:

This is not Kelly's first sex crime arrest. The Chicago Sun-Times provides this timeline of Kelly's first arrest on Child Pornography charges:

• Dec. 21, 2000: R. Kelly accused of sex with teenage girls

• Dec. 22, 2000: Sun-Times’ R. Kelly report sparks anger

• Feb. 8, 2002: Chicago Police investigate R. Kelly in sex tape

• Feb. 9, 2002: R. Kelly denies underage sex charge

• Feb. 10, 2002: ‘I’m innocent,’ R. Kelly insists, calls sex video a fraud

• April 12, 2002: Calls for radio boycott amid CPD probe of R. Kelly sex tape

• June 6, 2002: R. Kelly hit with 21 counts of child porn; Fans chant ‘We love you’

• June 9, 2002: Discovered at a barbecue, he hit it big; but some saw dark cloud over R. Kelly

• Feb. 2, 2004: 20 months since R. Kelly charged in child porn case — no trial date yet

• May 20, 2008: Let the arguments begin in R. Kelly’s trial — Meet the case’s judge and lawyers

• May 21, 2008: R. Kelly’s lawyers say girl in video not who prosecution says she is

• May 25, 2008: R. Kelly child pornography case opens with drama and sordid sex tape

• May 31, 2008: Sun-Times reporter ordered to take stand in R. Kelly trial

• June 3, 2008: Shocking testimony from former lover at R. Kelly trial

• June 4, 2008: Sun-Times reporter must testify — Defense wants to ask him about sex tape

• June 5, 2008: ‘He likes them when they are ripe . . .’ -Aunt of girl in sex video speaks out

• June 5, 2008: Sun-Times reporter takes the 5th — Won’t have to answer questions on sex tape

• June 10, 2008: R. Kelly defense team rests case — Star, alleged victim won’t take the stand

• June 13, 2008: Jury watches video again as lawyers wrap up closing arguments in child porn case

• June 14, 2008: R. Kelly found not guilty on all 14 counts against him

Chicago Police Spokesperson, Anthony J. Guglielmi, sent out two tweets after Kelly's arrest, one announcing the arrest and the other to briefly clarify the arrest process

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