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025th District Tact Officer Shot Serving Search Warrant, Offender in-Custody, Chief of Detectives Falls Asleep at Press Conference

The Chicago Police Officer shot this evening is a member of the 025th District Tactical Unit, and also a former U.S. Marine. The officer has been with the Chicago Police for 4 years.The offender who shot him is a 19 year-old female whose mother is saying there was recently a burglary at the residence wherein a shotgun was held to her head (making this burglary a home invasion and hostage situation). The mother is defending the daughter, saying she has a right to defend herself and holds a valid Illinois FOID card.Police said however, that the woman involved in this shooting has a history of contact with CPD, and is known to the department.

The 25th District Tact Officer was shot once in the shoulder, according to CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson at a press conference held at Stroger hospital tonight. Johnson said the officer is in critical, but stable condition and in good spirits, though he is in pain. Johnson also said that there is video footage of the incident, but he isn't sure if the officer had his bodycam activated. According to Johnson, the 19 year-old female was the only person at home when the warrant was being served, but the officer was in uniform and wearing CPD identification, and had also identified himself while serving the warrant tonight.

The 025th District Tact unit involved was 2561. The address of warrant service was 2738 W. Potomac. Recorded police audio from Eric Tendian who owns CrimeisDown, reveals that only a matter of seconds went by after 2561 radioed Zone 3 to inform them of the warrant execution and the address before the 19 year-old suspect fired at the officer through the door. The recording reveals that an officer assigned to 2561 called Zone 3 over the air for a SWAT unit, followed by chaotic radio traffic between officers on-scene and the zone dispatcher making arrangements for a safe route for the ambulance to get to the injured officer. The next radio traffic reveals that the ambulance was stationed at California and Potomac waiting for word of a safe route to the officer.

Shortly after CFD ambulance 44 was said to be on-scene, the zone dispatcher asked for a description of the offender, which is when a unit informed the zone that the offender was in-custody.

After the officer was loaded into the ambulance, and the ambulance was en-route to the hospital, 5112 (Area Central Violent Crimes) was heard saying he was on his way to the scene with a shield after a unit requested an extra shield.

Zone 12 audio can be heard here

1433 was the unit who had the offender in custody, and was located at Potomac and California, per radio traffic. This makes 1433 the in-custody / offender transport unit.

At the 17 minute and 25 second mark of the Zone 3 recording, 14th district units were instructed to turn their cameras off. 1420 assigned 1412 as the paper car at the 20 minute and 10 second mark of the zone 3 recording. 

The zone 12 recording reveals that at around 45 seconds, beat 2565 (also a 25th district Tact unit), calls for a 10-1. The officer says they were on the 2nd floor of the address. At 57 seconds, the zone dispatcher gets the address wrong. The dispatcher gets the address wrong again at the 1:24 mark, giving an address of 3738 W. Potomac. The officer comes over the air and corrects the zone dispatcher at the 1:30 mark. The 1:36 mark is where the dispatcher gets it right.

The 2:26 mark is where the dispatcher calls for SWAT and tells the units responding to watch the windows. The 7:15 mark is where a unit comes over the air and tells whoever has an offender in-custody to say something because all the units on-scene had their weapons drawn. At the 8:30 a unit says they need intel on the 1st floor. 8:47 is when unit 6736 says they're forcing entry to the 1st floor. The 9:20 mark is when it is determined that the only suspect is confirmed in-custody.

A tweet thread was sent out by Chicago police Spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi:

This incident was assigned Chicago Police RD# JC-179638 with 041A (Agg Batt - Firearm) as the UCR code. The beat of occurrence is 1423, but the beat of assignment, per 1420, is 1412.

After the officer was transported to Dtroger hospital by CFD ambulance 44, Chicago police held a press conference to update the public about the officer's condition. During that press conference, the CPD Chief of Detectives, Melissa Staples was observed to have been unable to stay awake.

Chicago Police Chief of Detectives Melissa Staples appearing to be asleep momentarily at the March 09th press conference at Stroger Hospital after a 25th district tact officer was shot serving a search warrant
During the press conference, Staples appeared to be over-exhausted, and somewhat unable to keep from shifting her weight from one foot to the other in an attempt to stay awake. Over the last several press conferences held by Chicago Police, Staples has been present as per department protocol, however, Staples has not made any comments at any of those events, and appeared to be stoic, if not inattentive. At tonight's press conference, Staples appeared on two occasions to look as if she were suffering a panic attack as her eyes became very wide and her facial expression was as if she had seen a ghost.

On two occasions, Staples and Dep. Superintendent Riccio were seen whispering to each other while Eddie Johnson was speaking.

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