Monday, May 20, 2019

CPD and CCSAO Shake-Ups Mark Start of Lightfoot Administration

CPD graphic courtesy of City of Chicago - Department of Police, News Affairs
Chicago-One has gathered some open-source news from Second City Cop that is worth being passed-on to the general public. This news is lengthy, so grab a cuppa, because it's good reading! 

Chicago Police Department Units Disbanded / Court Section and VRI Have New Marching Orders

CPD Court Section:

If you've been playing games with court attendance / court time, your days are numbered. You should expect to be indicted, if not the subject of a serious CR investigation resulting in termination. No more hanging-out in court all day everyday.

Oh, and the court section is being completely re-staffed. The new court unit has strict orders to report any bullshit or con games immediately.
Units being disbanded:

CPD is losing an entire specialized citywide unit. Narcotics is being disbanded.

The CPD school unit also being disbanded. No more police in Chicago Public Schools.

Mayoral Protection Detail Changes:

The Mayoral Protection Detail is being disbanded. The new mayor is hiring private security made-up of retired former U.S. Marshals and Retired FBI Agents. The days of a Sgt. getting a Commander's paycheck are over, and officers getting Sgt's pay are also done.

Violence Reduction Initiative:

The VRI teams are being sent into the inner-city and placed on radio-alert to answer as rapid response units for any youth wilding nonsense downtown utilizing the CTA Red Line as an escape route.

This will likely mean the CTA Rapid Transit Unit will be placed on high-alert. They're not gonna fuck around. Anybody with bright ideas is advised not to even attempt it. 

311 Callback Unit:

If you're a cop who was stripped of police powers and sent to callback....pack-up your shit, because COPA and the Police Board are preparing your department separation papers, you're fired. The City Corporation Counsel says they're prepared to fight resulting lawsuits based on wrongful termination. If you sue, the city is going to drag it out in hopes of making you go away.

Abuse of Power at Chicago Police Training and Education Unit - Captain Disobeys Orders from Chief West

SCC (Second City Cop) reports the following:

Chief Barbara West found herself issuing discipline to a Lieutenant identified as Saadia Carter, who mistreated a group of CPD Recruits at the CPD Training and Education facility. The allegations go a little bit like this: Carter decided to flex her authority as a Lieutenant and ordered a group of recruits to open an alarmed door at the Training and Education building. "The recruits explained they could NOT by order of the Deputy Chief." - SCC Quote

"Carter was attempting to gain entry through the fire door because she was late for class. She was only in a hurry because she was given a heads up that a federal monitor was sitting in a class all day and was told to report immediately." - SCC Quote. Lt. Carter comes along and opens her jacket to show the recruits her star and says “I’m a mother fucking lieutenant of police open this goddam door”

The recruits open the door, sending CPD Training and Education instructors running. 

LT. Carter was ordered by a Captain named Murphy to apologize to avoid catching hell from Barb West. However, this was not the direct order given by West. The order was to SPAR Carter, not to counsel her with a demand for apology.

Lt. Carter may very well find herself under BIA investigation for ordering a P.O. under her command to call-up Area South Violent Crimes to illegally obtain CONFIDENTIAL information about a sensitive case. This wasn't the first time Carter has forced a P.O. to do something unethical or possibly illegal.

Word around the department is nobody will be taking orders from her, or at least taking her orders seriously.Apparently, Carter is up for a Captain spot.

Shake-up at The Cook County State's Attorney's Office

The Drug Unit of the Cook County State's Attorney's Office is no more.
The following units are being integrated as part of the Felony Trial Bureau: Preliminary Hearings, Bond Court and Grand Jury Unit.

The Special Prosecutions Unit is disbanded. Courtroom 102 is going to one of the Felony Trial Wings. The Complex Unit is going to Special Prosecutions, which is disbanded. Din't ask...nothing at the CCSAO or the Leighton Criminal Court makes any sense. It's a whole universe to itself.

Word has it that CPD units attempting to get search warrants have seen 29 or more warrants denied recently when the only thing being searched for were drugs.

Nobody knows what the hell Kim Foxx is doing.

Chicago-One would link to the exact posts from SCC, however, there is no way to do so. Apparently, SCC has turned-off individual post URL's.

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