Monday, December 30, 2019

Coach USA Service to & From O'Hare to Cease Tomorrow, Coach Owned Chicago Trolley to Cease Jan 1st 2020

Coach Bus file photo courtesy of LaPorte County Herald-Argus

Airline passengers into and out of Chicago O'Hare International Airport have depended on Coach Bus Service Since 1970 to NW Indiana and back to O'Hare. The service has been known over the last four decades as Tri State Coach, Cardinal, Travel Ways and most recently Coach USA.

The company will be ceasing operations in Indiana. The statement issued by the company reads:

“It is with great sadness that Coach USA Chicago announced [Tuesday] the plan to cease operations for our Chicago Trolley and Indiana Airport Supersaver businesses,” Coach USA spokesman Sean Hughes said in an email. “We will continue to operate sightseeing, charter and airport services until Dec. 31, 2019.”

Mr. Hughes is the Director fir Corporate Affairs with the company, and he confirmed the service discontinuation but never said why.

See the official Chicago O'Hare Airport bus/shuttle center resource page.

The company sent out a letter to employees that gave the reason.

“Both of these businesses [Chicago Trolley and Indiana Airport Supersaver] have been challenged in the last few years, and despite out best efforts to turn them around, we are now in a position that the optimal solution for Coach USA is to cease operations,” CEO and president Linda Burtwistle stated in the letter.

The Coach USA Supersaver website is currently redirecting to Megabus.

The Chicago Trolley website currently has this graphic displayed

Chicago will miss our beloved trolley, and air travel passengers will miss the Chicago/NW Indiana Coach USA bus service!

Chicago Police Unveil New Years Eve Safety Plan

CPD Chief of Patrol Fred Waller flanked to his right by OEMC Executive Director Rich Guidice and to his left by Illinois State Police Officials

Chicago Police and the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications have unveiled the city's public safety plans today. Chief of CPD's Bureau of Patrol, Fred Waller, stated the department will deploy 1,300 officers on New Years Eve.


Starting at 4 p.m., sidewalks on one side of each of the following bridges will be closed: Franklin/Orleans Street Bridge (west sidewalk), LaSalle Street Bridge (east sidewalk), Clark Street Bridge (east sidewalk), Dearborn Street Bridge (east sidewalk), and State Street Bridge (east sidewalk). The bridges will close completely beginning at 11 p.m., and eastbound Upper Wacker Drive will close to vehicular traffic to allow for viewing of the fireworks. Streets are expected to reopen approximately 10 minutes after the fireworks display. The Chicago Riverwalk will close at 10 p.m. Tuesday and no viewing will be allowed on the Riverwalk.

See the full CPD Press Conference from today here.

Command Posts and Lost / Separated Persons

The Chicago Police Department maintains command posts at large-scale events such as the yearly New Years Eve celebration. Police know that adults and people of all ages become separated or lost at these events. Police have a special place to take these separated or lost persons, especially if they are persons with medical concerns, or are underage. 

The two main operations command centers are at OEMC and Chicago Public Safety Headquarters. Those places, however, are not where separated or lost persons would go. CPD maintains command posts in the field staffed by officers who can ensure lost or separated, even sick persons can obtain emergency help. 

The Chicago Fire Department also maintains their own, joint command ops with CPD. The Chicago Fire Department has small, emergency mobile medic units, and bike medics who can assess a person and call for either the mobile medic unit or an ambulance. 

Public Records Tracking For CPD / OEMC / CFD Operations

 if you should become a victim of a crime, a medical incident, or an incident involving both a crime and a medical incident, you have a right to obtain all city and other government records pertaining to that incident.

Journalists of both the corporate and independent type should know specifics about how to pull records for investigation of city government emergency response activities.

The New Years Eve event will be recorded under one Event Number and one RD Number for CPD. OEMC records will use the same Event Number for CPD AND CFD responses. Event Numbers roll over to zero at midnight every night, and are formatted as follows:

First two digits are the last two numbers of the current year. The next three numbers are the day of the year. The last five digits are the chronological order the incident occurred.

Example for upcoming year 2020: 20 (last two of current year)-001(chronological day of year)-00000 (last five are chronological order the incident occurred in)

CPD RD Numbers reset to zero on January 1st of every year at 12AM. The first two digits of the RD number indicate the year the report was filed in. Example: RD# JC-000001 (JC = year 2019) and the six numbers after that are the chronological order the report was made in. 000001 would be the first report of the year, no matter what kind of incident it was.

CFD responses use only an Event Number or Run Number in CFD run logs. CFD routinely contends that Ambulance run logs are HIPAA protected.

Victims and journalists alike are urged to perform FOIA requests of significant incidents to help make sure the city is handling incidents correctly. Journalists should cross-reference responsive material from this New Years Eve event against established CPD and CFD policies before publishing anything.

 CPD New Years Eve Practices in Inner-City Districts

Established CPD pattern of practice on New Years Eve in the Inner-City police districts over many years is to answer only the top priority calls. If a person isn't critically injured and dying, there will very likely be no response. 

Calls about shots fired, fireworks calls, noise disturbances, etc, will automatically be coded-out by the Sgt, Lt, or Watch Commander to keep resources free for more serious calls. Strong arm robberies, battery incidents, and all other low-level violence calls where there is no injury will be referred to 311 or the victims will be told to go to the nearest police station. 

Street stops of vehicles and people on foot will be made strategically and with careful discretion so as to keep units free for serious responses.

Those people going out and about on New Years Eve should use a heightened level of caution. Your personal safety is at higher risk during major holidays, as you may not get a police or CFD response in a timely manner if you become a victim. Individuals are urged to perform their own best intelligence survey of their communities, their planned routes, and their destination areas BEFORE heading out and back home. 

Chicago-One will be live reporting here on the official Chicago-One News site, and at the Chicago-One Mastodon account (Twitter alternative) as events start to kick off, and well after midnight on Jan 1st, 2020!

CTA Red Line Robbery Involving 6 to 10 Offenders and Two Victims

Date: 29 Dec 2019

Address: 188 N. State St, State and Lake CTA Red Line Station

Beat of Occurrence: 111

Beat Assigned: 111


R/O's were assigned a robbery investigation at 11:43PM by the OEMC Zone-4 dispatcher. Information stated that northbound train 917, CTA Car 5247 was the scene of a male attacked by several offenders and bleeding from the mouth with CFD Ambulance enroute.

111A, 166E, 121R also responding. 121R was on-scene at 11:46PM

111A sent a flash message over Zone-4 at 11:48PM stating two victims, and offenders appeared to be a bunch of kids numbering approximately 7 to 8. Both victims were visibly shaken, and only able to give partial description of the offenders as African American, 17 to 18 years of age, one wearing black pants and some wearing jackets. Victims stated the group of offenders were mixed sexes (males and females)

The offender who took one victim's phone was described as a black male, with a grey jacket. The phone taken was an I-Phone 11.

Investigation by 166D revealed the group had come down to the platform at 11:53PM

One unit went to Jackson, and 166E went to Roosevelt. 121R went to the Grand stop.

Investigation by 111R revealed the train was at Chicago at 12:01AM

CFD Ambulance 42 transported one victim to Northwestern Memorial, 111R followed.

At 12:05PM, the zone alerted units to a call at 200 N. State wherein the caller stated he was on the train at State & Lake when a fight broke out between two groups of people.The zone stated their information came from the callback unit from a person saying they wanted to report it.

121R spoke to the train conductor at Chicago Ave who stated the teens fled from the platform to street level in an unknown direction around 12:02AM. 

121R made contact with 111R at 12:14AM via Zone-4 mobile.

112R developed investigative information at 12:26AM that two offenders were seen walking west on Lake St. One offender wearing a green jacket, one with a black jacket on foot.

Units cleared from the investigation when Area Central Detectives arrived to take over investigation. See Area Central case progress reports for more detail.

Honorable Mentions For Lifesaving in 025 and 012 - Robbery and HBT at Dollar Tree

Chicago Police Officers from two districts have become good contenders for the city's Carter H Harrison / Lambert Tree Award today after acts of bravery in which human lives were saved as a result of their actions.

Officers in Chicago's 025th District answered a call on 29 December 2019 that was dispatched as a woman screaming for help.

This is Event# 1936310421

On Sunday evening, 29 December 2019, Beat 2535, backed-up by Beat 2534 and 2504D (part of the 025th District Bike Team), with Sgts. Assigned to Beat 2530 and 2510, received a call of a woman screaming for help on the 1400 block of N. Ridgeway

Upon arrival, Beats 2534 and 2535 conducted an officer safety sweep of the property, making entry for fear of the life of the victim. The investigation then revealed a female victim with a serious head injury who was bleeding profusely from her head. 

Beat 2535 immediately summoned Chicago Fire Department Paramedics via OEMC Zone-12. This response brought CFD Ambulance 3 to the scene.

Further investigation led to the arrest of the offender on-scene

The victim was transported to a local hospital by CFD Ambulance 3, resulting in the victim's life being saved by the careful, quick actions of officers on Beat 2535.

Later in the evening, 012th District tactical officers on Beat 1261 were flagged-down by a citizen who told them that a robbery was in-progress at the Dollar Tree store on Madison & Kedzie with an address of 3146 w. Madison. This occurred at 8:13PM.

RD# JC-564588

UCR Code: 031A

Event# 1936312937

Paper Car: 1224

Evidence watch: 1223

Upon initial investigation, 1261 found that the lights were on at that Dollar Tree store and had information that a woman was inside the store, identified as the girlfriend of the person who waved them down. 1261 further found nobody was coming to the door. 1261D called for more cars.

Units responding were 1261E, 1268B, 1268C, 1221, 1212, 1242, 1211, 1220, 1215,

1261D split-up with one officer in-front and one in back. 1212 joined 1261D's partner in the back of the location. This is followed by 1261E giving a slow-down, saying they had the building covered.

At 8:21PM, the rear door of the Dollar Tree opens, and officers can see someone in the security office, confirmed by 1268B upon request of 1220. An officer requests to bang on the window and 1220 approves. 1220 then tells the zone dispatcher to get in touch with a key holder. 1268B then sees a person open the security Office door partially but they won't come out.

1261B keeps seeing someone perk out after this, and 1220 tells the dispatcher that the boyfriend was able to ping his girlfriend's phone to the store location. 1220 further remarks that all employees have a procedure they follow for leaving the store each night. All units are them told to keep every entrance in the rear covered, and that the manager is enroute with keys. 1220 requests a unit with a shield. 1234 responds.

At this time, 1224 is in the rear of the store. 1221 confirms they are also there in the rear.

8:31PM - 1220 declares an HBT.

8:33PM - three people seen crawling out of the back per 1268A

8:33:41 - 1261E makes entry to the building

8:35:22 - Three offenders in-custody in the back per 1223

8:36PM - order given by 1220 to keep offenders separated and request for a wagon. 1272 is on-scene. 

8:36PM - 1220 states a unit is going to talk to the victims, says victims are tie-up and a search for a weapon is ongoing. Victims confirm 3 offenders and at least 1 pistol observed.

8:38PM - 1220 instructs OEMC to pull an RD number, notify Detectives, and get an E.T. rolling for "multiple photos" and confirms SWAT is on-scene

8:39:16 - OEMC issues the above listed RD and Event Number

8:39:52 - 1220 orders a search for the weapon where the offenders were hiding. Tells officers if they find the gun, DO NOT TOUCH IT! 1268 orders 3 cage cars, one for each offender

8:40PM - 1115 has one offender, 1272 has the last offender. 

8:42:07 - 1268C confirms they have recovered the weapon and nobody has touched it, says it's good to go for the E.T. Beat 1215 assigned to guard the weapon. 1220 then says 1223 is gonna sit on the weapon.

8:42:59 -1261E says 1211 is transporting one offender

8:44:25 - 1220 says he has no idea which units have the offenders. OEMC Zone-12 dispatcher says 1211, 1272, and 1115 have the offenders. 1234 ordered to take the offenders from 1272. 1220 wants to know where the Detectives assigned to 012 are. Dispatcher calls for 5112 but gets no answer. 1220 and the zone dispatcher now want to know if the Detectives are monitoring the zone.

8:46:27 - 1268A reports a pointing incident to the zone. 1268B, C, and E also part of the pointing incident.

8:51:23 - 1260 informs the zone he's at Madison & Kedzie

8:54PM - 1272 to Mt. Sinai with one offender

8:55PM - The zone puts a plan in

8:56:11 - 1260 orders all offenders not going to the hospital transported to 012 for the Detectives

8:59:28 - 1212 guard for S.E. door

9:02PM - 5112 calls for a mobile with 1224, tells 1224 to call the office if he has a Department phone

9:03PM - 1299 orders all offenders from the Dollar Tree robbery transported to the Detective Area

9:17:57 - 1260 asks if a Detectuve is coming to gather video evidence. 1299 says she just spoke with them and they just left the office to come to the scene

9:27:50 - 1220 advises 1212 is guarding one of the rear doors that the offenders attempted an escape from

10:18:31 - 1210R tells the zone he's at Madison & Kedzie

Chicago-One is now waiting on arrest and court details. Those will be posted here when that information is released.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Chicago Police Bring Christmas to CTA Clark & Lake Station

The Chicago Police Office of The Superintendent recently sent veteran CPD Officer Michelle Tannehill to surprise children and families traveling through the CTA Clark & Lake station.

Children and their adult family members traveling through the Clark & Lake CTA train station connecting the Blue, Green, Brown, Orange, and Purple lines had no idea that as they made their way through Clark & Lake, their Christmas would be made much happier by Chicago Police Officer Michelle Tannehill - Star# 7177, assigned to the Office of The Superintendent.

Tannehill's plan to do something special for our city's families was very simple and efficient: She would pack as many bags as she could with toys, stuffed animals, and other goodies to put a smile on the faces of as many children and families as possible.


The Chicago Police Office of Communications tagged along to capture the unexpected Christmas surprise and the happy reactions of those whose lives were touched by Tannehill. See the video here.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Mass Shooting at Englewood Memorial Gathering Wounds 13, City's Worst Mass Shooting Since 2013 Cornell Square Park Shooting Incident

Mass Casualty Gun Violence Incident with Injuries

Address: 5724 S. May St.

Beat of Occurrence: 0712

Beat of Assignment: 0742R

UCR Code: 041A

RD# JC-555971

Event# 00481

Summary from review of radio traffic, pending receipt of CPD records:

The incident started with a shotspotter notification to the Chicago Police Department 007th District over the OEMC zone and the citywide simulcast that shots were detected at 5724 S. May. Next came a radio transmission from 0742R, the officer saying he has one running, followed by a rush of radio traffic. One officer can be heard at the end of simultaneous radio key-ups on the frequency saying "RACINE!! White t-shirt, pants, white shoes!!!" The zone dispatcher reads back the description as "white t-shirt, white pants, bandanna, white shoes running from the scene by the car wash"

With the next radio transmission, an officer screams "RIGHT THERE, RIGHT THERE!!!" This is followed by brief multiple key-ups, and a unit is heard asking for more cars "gimme more cars there's a person shot, we got a lot of people in this park." The dispatcher now says they're getting calls of another person shot at 5724 S. May. All hell breaks loose at this point with more brief key-ups on the frequency and a Unit saying he's got a female victim shot in the leg. Sirens can be heard in the background.

702S (007th District SDSC) tells the zone there's more rounds heard by the shot spotter over there, the zone dispatcher acknowledges, and a unit chimes in saying there is a female who is on the ground by a car who he thinks was thrown from the vehicle but not sure if she's shot or not. Another unit then says there are now 3 more victims shot:

1 self transport to the hospiral

1 lady shot on the street

1 unresponsive inside the house

"714 Robert, we need a timestamp for a tourniquet" timestamp was 00:38, according to the zone dispatcher. Yet another unit says two more shot at 57 & May. ZZ91973 is read-out by a unit just after this. Multiple brief key-ups on the zone compete for the frequency, one transmission comes out readable: "White Ford Escape" followed by "Don't let anybody leave, weapon has been recovered!" The zone dispatcher timestamps this at 00:39.

More simultaneous keyups on the frequency....then suddenly, total chaos and an officer screams into the radio "10-1, 10-1!!!!" Dispatcher: "Alright...units on the citywide, getting a call of a 10'1, 5-7-2-4 south May, 5-7-2-4 south May, has units on-scene. Nothing further right now, Zone-6"

More simultaneous key-ups followed by the Zone-6 dispatcher saying "Guys JUST GO, JUST GO!!! 5-7-2-4 May....JUST GO!!!"

From that moment, radio transmissions are drowned-out by the chaos of the scene in the background, except for 767-Charlie (767C) requesting MORE CARS for May street. Another unit then tells the dispatcher "Squad, 5-7-2-4 south May, as many cars as we got"

767C declares the entire house a crime scene. "The whole house is going to be a crime scene, there's blood everywhere"

The next unit wants to know how they can best direct CFD to the scene, suggesting they come South on May.

742R calls-in on the zone and asks for the RD Number for a 041A (Agg Batt - Firearm, Intent to Injure or Kill) and the dispatcher gives the RD and Event Number at the 8:54 mark.

The 10:33 mark in the recording is when the dispatcher gives a slow-down for the 10-1 per 795.

767C wants to know if a slow-down was issued, and the dispatcher confirms.

"Did we send any cars to Saint B's?" Dispatcher says "not yet"

An unsuccessful call to 761A from OEMC Zone Dispatcher

Zone Dispatcher calls for 734R who tells the dispatcher they're inside the house, and the dispatcher send them to St. B's on tickets of walk-in gunshot victims. 742R answers, identifying themselves as the paper car. 742R says they're gonna go over there because they need information.

732R now transmits. Dispatcher acknowledges. 732R gives victim information.

790R calls in on the zone, gives victim information

Dispatcher inquires about the woman thrown from the car who was mentioned earlier, wants to know if she's shot or injured.

Disregard for the 10-1 given by the zone per authority of on-scene unit

706B mobile with partner: unintelligible

799 wants a total victim count. Dispatcher gives him a count of 5.

761C flash message with offender description: Male black,  5 foot 8, 140LBS, 20 to 30 years old, red shirt, blue jeans and black shoes.and a female with Long, blonde hair. Blue jumpsuit, sheer white shirt.

820R calls dispatcher with victim info, asks for a time stamp.

767 tells the zone dispatcher that they had to make forced entry to a portion of the residence in fear for the life of others after seeing bullet holes. 

790 calls the zone dispatcher with a description of an offender

 Ongoing Investigation - Public Details Shared by Police

Ongoing investigation has so far resulted in a count of 13 people shot, four in critical condition, and two persons of interest in police custody. Victims range in age from 16 to 48 years-old. This incident occurred at a memorial gathering for a homicide victim from earlier this year whose murder was the result of gun violence.

Chicago Police and Mayor Lori Lightfoot held separate press conferences today, although the Deputy Chief of Patrol, Fred Waller, was present at Lori Lightfoot's presser.

See the Press Conference with Mayor Lightfoot here

See the Press Conference with Waller here

The Scene at 5724 South May

All photos are courtesy of ABC 7 Chicago and Captured News Shooter 

Saturday, December 21, 2019

No Statute of Limitations on Sex Crimes in Illinois as of January 1st, 2020

The Illinois State legislature has acted to protect the rights of the victims of sexual offenses. Starting on January 01st, 2020, if any person commits a sex crime in the state of Illinois, it'll be treated like murder in that the state can prosecute you at any time, up until the moment you die. The new law has a requirement of victims, though. Under the new law, victims have three years to make a report to police. One a victim makes a report to police within that three-year timeframe, the statute will never run. See the Illinois General Assembly site for full details. 

The full text is available here


Chicago Police Returning to Original Detective Division Organization

Prior to Garry McCarthy becoming the Chicago Police Superintendent of Police, the department operated a system of 5 Detective Areas that each covered a geographic area made-up of several Chicago Police districts. When McCarthy became Superintendent, he closed down two Detective Areas, along with the 013th District, the 021st and 023rd Districts. With this move, he re-organized the Detective Division into 3 Detective Areas known as Area North (Area 3), Area Central (Area 2), and Area South (Area 1).

Under the McCarthy re-organization, Area North covered the 011th, 014th, 015th, 016th, 017th, 019th, 020th, 024th, and 025th Districts. O'Hare was also part of Area North in regards to the use of investigative resources. O'Hare is currently part of the CPD Airport Unit, split into Airport Unit North and Airport Unit South. Midway Airport is CPD Airport Unit South. Midway also was part of Detective Area South (Area 1) under the McCarthy re-organization.

Area Central covered districts 001, 002, 003, 008, 009, 010, 012, and 018.

Area South covered districts 004, 005, 006, 007, and 022

What this move actually did was to strain the resources of the Detective Division, forcing Detectives into overcrowded buildings where they had no real workspace, and had to compete for usage of computers and other tools. Detectives had to travel longer distances to crime scenes. Victims and witnesses had to travel longer distances to work together with Detectives to close cases.

When the city returns to the original Detective Division organization in April of 2020, this below map is what the Detective Division will look like.

Anthony Guglielmi, who serves as the Chief Communications Officer for the Chicago Police Department, released a copy of the Detective Area boundary map on 17 December 2019

Deputy Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan said, with the city currently divided into three detective areas, it can sometimes take detectives 60 to 90 minutes to arrive at a crime scene. “By then, many witnesses are gone, and evidence has often been contaminated. These new areas aim to improve CPD’s response time,” he said.

The two shuttered detective areas that are being reopened have not been updated since the 1970s, and will undergo $5 million in renovations before they reopen in April. They also will receive Area Technology Centers – tech hubs already in place at the three existing detective areas, to help investigators more quickly access surveillance camera footage after a shooting or other crime.

The Area Technology Centers were bankrolled by a donation from billionaire Ken Griffin.

Home Invasion and Homicide on Morse

Address: 1600 block w. Morse

Date: 21 Dec 2019

Time: 4:34AM

Beat of Occurrence: 2431

Beat of Assignment: 2432R, 2433R, 2430R, 2424R

UCR Code: 0110

RD# JC-554825

Event# 1935502564 (02564)

M.E. Case# 2019-06046


Event 02564 - BWC Event. R/O's were notified of a person shot via OEMC Zone-11.

R/O's arrived on-scene to find via investigation that an offender used force to break into the residence and fired shots, fatally striking the 55 year-old victim in the face.

The pod camera in the area where this homicide took place could not be used to gather video evidence because it is currently not functioning, per 2402S (SDSC)

See Area North Detective investigation summary for further details.

Area North Homicide Investigation - 015th District, 5100 Block of Ferdinand

Address: 5100 block W. Ferdinand

Date: 20 Dec 2019

Time: 9:20PM

Beat of Occurrence: 1532

Beat of Assignment:

UCR Code: 0110

RD# JC-554528

Event# 14903

M.E. Case# 2019-06046


Event# 14093 - BWC Event, archived for Detectives.

R/O's notified via OEMC Zone-12 of a person shot at above address. R/O's arrived to find via investigation that the 44 year-old victim, Antonio Cox, opened a door to the residence when an offender fired shots, fatally striking victim in the head.

015th District Units in the area witnessed a blue Chevy Impala near the scene occupied with 4 heads, Plate# BU40502

1500 (District Commander) was first on scene and discovered the victim.

Investigation continues, in-progress. See Area North Detective investigative case progress notes for more.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

8 Year-Old Child Commits Suicide on Chicago's West Side

On Sunday, 15 December, 2019, Chicago Police Beat 1014 was assigned to an OEMC Zone-10 radio notification of a child found hanging in a closet at 42xx W. Cullerton and instructed to ride with EMS. Beat 1014 later requested a Sgt and 1010 was assigned.

UCR Code: 5067

RD# JC-548115

Event# 10744

CPD Beat 1011 was assigned to what the on-scene SGT. referred to as a crimescene for Beat 1013 who was the original crimescene car, who needed to drop materials off at Stroger Hospital and 1011 would be clear to return to his beat when 1013 was clear from Stroger and arrived to guard the scene.

At 6:26PM, a 010th district unit transported the child's mother to Stroger Hospital where the child was pronounced deceased.

At 10:03PM, CPD Beat 1014 notified OEMC Citywide 2.

M.E. Investigator Cruz #72 notified

Officer Carrasco - Star# 15181 was the requesting officer

Detective Jakstavich notified

CPD Detectives from the area Detective Division were still on-scene at the time this tragedic news was published by Chicago-One.

Chicagoans and people across the globe showed an outpouring of grief and support for the family via Twitter. One of those people was Chicago's own Pastor Donovan Price who serves the community as the leader of what is known as "Street Pastors" also called Solutions and Resources

 A Chicago Police Dispatch Supervisor tweeted his heartbreak for the family

CBS 2 Chicago published the following with their article:

"Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 10 and 18. But for children between 5 and 8, it is exceedingly rare.

In 2017, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that out of the more than 16 million children in that 5- to 8-year-old age group in the entire country only one child in that age range died by suicide.

And although suicide does not seem like a proper dinner time conversation, experts say it should be. They say there is a misconception that talking with young people about suicide may get them to consider doing it.

But experts say the truth is that parents will never know whether a child is thinking about suicide if they’re simply too afraid to ask the question.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is here to help!

 Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year 1-800-273-8255

Chicago Police Search For Suspect in Sexual Abuse of 16 Year-Old Girl on CTA Brown Line - Report UNFOUNDED

Chicago Police Area North Detectives are searching for the offender in an Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse of a Minor that occurred on the CTA Brown Line on Saturday, 14 Decemver, 2019.

The victim encountered the offender at around 8:46AM on the southbound platform of the Belmont Brown Line, entered the train, stared at the victim, made unwanted physical contact after staring at her, then committed an act of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse upon the victim before exiting the train at Quincy.

Offender Description: Male black, 30 to 40 years old, 5-foot-10 to 6 feet tall and 170 pounds, short afro hairstyle and was wearing a small gray cap and a black jacket with the Champion logo on the front.
Photos of suspect - Chicago Police and CTA from CTA hi-def surveillance cameras

Area North Detectives - Unit 630 assigned with CPD Unit 079 - Special Investigations.

Area North Detectives say their investigation in this case reveals no crime occurred, and this case is unfounded

Monday, December 9, 2019

Chicago Police and Cook County State's Attorney Release Hunter Best File After Dropping Several Felonies Against Best, Who Sexually Abused Two Young Girls

Hunter Best, Chicago Police Photo

Hunter is his name, and a hunter is what he became. Chicago Police were alerted to the recently convicted Hunter Best when he literally went on the hunt in the upscale Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. The original charges he faced were one felony count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, felony criminal trespass to residence, misdemeanor battery and Class X felony home invasion. The initial arrest information in the graphic below shows the limited information about their arrest of Hunter Best.

Hunter Best arrest information taken from the Chicago Police Adult Arrest Database online
This offender committed his crimes on May 27th, 2018 when he attacked two female children in two separate homes located close to one block apart. His first victim was a 13 year-old girl in the 400 block of west Belden, and his second female child victim was in the 500 block of west Grant. His 2nd victim was 11 years-old at the time he committed his offense.

Area Central Detectives were assigned and later released video of this offender in two separate locations near where his offenses occurred. Detectives gave a physical description of this offender as a white male between 20 and 30 years-old with a light complexion, short brown or strawberry blonde hair, 5’7”, weighing possibly 160 pounds wearing a light-colored button-down shirt, sleeves rolled up, slim-type dark pants, and wearing white gym shoes. Detectives told the public they knew him to be a smoker.

By June 18th, 2018, the Cook County Circuit Court issued an arrest warrant for this offender. Hunter Best recently plead guilty in this case, resulting in the Cook County State's Attorney's Office dropping 26 felony charges, plus other felonies against this offender for a total of 44 felony charges dropped. Those charges included four counts of Class X felony home invasion involving a sex offense. The state also dropped 14 burglary counts and four sex-related charges.

Evidence collection from one crime scene this offender was at yielded an empty beer can and a cigarette, which prosecutors in this case said he could not be excluded from because a DNA profile showed only one out of 6.5 quintillion unrelated people would be a match.

The following record numbers will assist the public, and other properly interested parties to locate and obtain records relating to Hunter Best:

CPD RD Numbers JB-280701 and JB-281084

CPD Central Booking Number (CB#): 19674224

Date of Birth: 12/18/1992

ISB#: 36159131


Illinois Dept of Corrections Inmate#: Y39525

Mittimus: 2018CR107370, 107360

 What The Investigative Case File Reveals

Chicago-One performed a Freedom of Information Act Request with Chicago Police, and the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, obtaining their records to find out why this offender was offered a sweet plea agreement, and how the investigation was carried out.

CWB Chicago reported the plea agreement between Hunter Best and the Cook County State's Attorney on behalf of the people of the State of Illinois on October 30th, 2019. 

This case has two Chicago Police RD numbers associated with it, and two Chicago OEMC event numbers. The first case report was filed on 27 May 2018 after a 911 call made at or around 8AM that morning. The Beat of Occurrence was 1811, and the reporting officer on CPD Beat of Assignment 1812 (paper car) arrived at 9AM, according to the case report under RD# JB-280701 with Event# 1814705466, Case ID# 11327969. Dual UCR codes assigned for two simultaneous offenses as 1365 (Criminal Trespass to Residence) and 1563 (Sex Offense - Criminal Sexual Abuse)

The second was  RD# JB-281084 filed around 4PM on the same date as the first report.

CPD personnel assigned to RD# JB-280701 with Event# 05466

Detective L. Bond - Star# 21240 (Independent Administrator, photo array presented at Unit 079 on 29 May 18)

CPD Evidence Technician T. McKitterick - Star# 18546, Beat 5814 also assigned. This E.T. created crime scene report# 368957 (Metal cigarette box) 27 May 2018

CPD made an error as to Detective beat assignment. The 51xx series is Area South. This was an Area Central investigation. The proper detective beat series is 52xx. Detective Schmit is actually beat 5261A, which is a team of Detectives, hence the letter "A" at the end of the beat number.

Detective Schmit was assigned this case on 27 May 2018 by Sgt Sullivan - Star# 2632, at 5:45PM. Schmit then carried-out his investigation which started with a review of the original case report. In the process of his investigation, Schmit then learns that 018th District Sgt. Vogt - Star# 845, received new information that Schmit should be aware of. This brings Schmit to 018 where he meets with Sgt. Vogt. Schmit then learns before he was assigned this investigation, 018 had a second report of a Criminal Sexual Assault. This new information comes about due to the astute observations of a Chicago OEMC Police Dispatcher on the 2nd Watch.

The investigative file for this first of two reports involving the same offender lists the following recovered and inventoried evidence

The beer can was re-inventoried by Sgt. Vogt under inventory# 14181262, and the same Sgt. also re-inventoried a cigarette butt under inventory# 14181253. Sgt. Vogt hand-carried these items to Forensic Services, per report of Det. Schmidt.

On 29 May 2018, beer can and whole cigarette submitted to Illinois State Police for DNA testing on ISP Request Form# 76202.

Victim interviews with adult victims were conducted on 27 May 2018 at 9:40PM at the residence for victim-1, in RD# JB-280701, and 28 May 2018 with adult victim-2 at 4:15PM at the residence in RD# JB-281084.

Child victim-sensitive interview was carried-out at the Chicago Children's Advocacy Center (CCAC) / CPD Unit 079 on 29 May 2018 at 7PM for child victim-1, and 01 June 2018 at 9AM for child victim-2.

Cook County ASA Susie Bucaro witnessed the forensic interview of child victim-1 on 29 May 2018. Det. Schmit was also present as a witness. This was when things start falling apart for the offender in this case, as Det Schmit makes a one-line statement showing the child's version of events matches the parent's version of events.

Area Central Detective Division Releases Community Alerts

Through due-dilligence and the help of a local property management company, Detective Schmit obtains useful evidence from video camera systems that allows him to update an earlier version of an Area Central Detective Division Community Alert.

 NBC 5 Chicago covered the community alerts of May 30th the next day on May 31st, 2018. 

 Area Central Investigation Continues

Area Central Detectives weren't done yet, they weren't sitting around waiting for tips to flood their phone lines. These Detectives know that cooperation with police in the community is rare, only occurring when those who cooperate have incentive to do so.

On May 31st, Detectives continue chasing leads. An attorney for one person contacts Det. Schmit and informs him that video footage he sent multiple requests for could be picked-up later that day. Schmit then gets a call from a husband and wife saying they're "99%" certain "this is the offender" in reference to seeing the person of interest photos on the news. Detective W. Johnson - Star# 20169, gathered video footage from 459 W. Belden that showed Hunter Best in an alley, and Det. Brownlee obtained footage from a 7-11 that was later reviewed by Det Schmit and determined to not have any evidentiary value.

Footage gathered by Det. W. Johnson was inventoried and is reflected in the inventory list above.

Detective Schmit attends the forensic interview of child victim-2 at CCAC on 01 June at 9AM, and witnesses the interview with Cook County ASA Patrick Farrell. The interview concludes at 9:51AM.

This same day, Det. Schmit reviews the video footage from 459 W. Belden. The footage shows Hunter Best in an alley walking towards Cleveland Ave. around 2:14AM, and Schmit notes that this "appears to be the same male seen in the
[Redacted] alley footage". The 459 W. Belden footage is motion-activated, showing the male subject by the door of an apartment building, and he then disappears. Footage ends at 2:22AM.

Area Central catches a very helpful lead in the case when a woman who had a short-lived interaction with Best steps forward with her account of the interaction, AND jewelry that he gave her during that interaction. This woman saw the photos released by Area Central on the news, and upon hearing what he did, she becomes sickened and wants to help put him away.

Chicago-One will let Detective Schmit tell the rest of this woman's story about her interaction with Hunter Best.

Schmit continues working the case from here, gathering more video from one more location, and then he interviews a woman working in an apartment building who says he was there and he sexually harassed her after he was told to leave because he failed to prove he had legitimate reasons to be there.

Cleared by Arrest and Prosecution

Area Central Detectives applied for several warrants prior to the arrest of Hunter Best. On or around 09 July 2018 by the U.S. Marshall's Service after State of Illinois Arrest Warrant# CW0054452 was issued. Best was transported to the Marion County Jail in Indiana, and on 11 July 2018, Best waived extradition, allowing Detectives Schmit and Schur to transport him to the Area Central Detective Division. That arrest was made on 16 July 2018 at 3:45PM.

The court issued the arrest warrant after a Grand Jury issued an indictment against Hunter Best, also known as a True Bill. The True Bill listed 19 counts against Best. The Cook County State's Attorney's Felony Minute Sheet lists ten charges. The True Bill and Felony Minute Sheet are below.

Officers Huh - Star# 6926, and Kotlarz - Star# 16103, assigned to Chicago Police Special Investigations Unit 079, Beat 5751A, assisted in this arrest. The first court date was scheduled in Branch 66 on 17 July 2018. The Chicago Sun-Times reported on the arrest.

Nancy A. Hoffheimer was the Cook County ASA assigned to this case after CCSAO felony review approved charges. Hoffheimer is listed as having argued this case in Room 206 before Judge Erica L. Reddick

All of the source documents you see in-part, or in whole within this news article represent hundreds of thousands of dollars in manpower, investigative resources, and a litany of other things a city needs to be able to conduct in-depth felony violent crimes investigations. The source documents further show the public great insights into the psychology and criminal capabilities of a sexual offender who used alcohol to lower his inhibitions towards committing sex crimes against young children.

Most importantly, the source documents show the devastation done to two families and the child victims by way of the violation of the needed safety and security of their own bodies, in their own homes where ALL PEOPLE deserve to be safe, and free from violence.

Nancy Hoffheimer then does this

Kimberly Fox couldn't sign this plea agreement and 8 year sentence herself, she had to have Mary G. Innes sign. Eight years from now, these young ladies will once more need to worry about their safety. The sex abuse charges were taken off the table, meaning Hunter Best will never have to register as a sex offender. These young ladies will never know their offender's whereabouts. These young ladies will forever carry the trauma of what Hunter Best did in their homes on May 27th, 2018.

See the full Chicago Police investigative file on Hunter Best

See the Hunter Best Cook County States Attorney file

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Area North Homicide Investigation - Edison Park

Address: 7322 N Harlem

Time: 6:57PM

Date: 03 Dec 2019

Beat of Occurrence: 1611

Beat of Assignment: 1622 (paper car)

UCR Code: 5084, changed to 0110

RD# JC-533520

Event# 13465

M.E.# 2019-05745


This is a BWC Event. Event# 13465

R/O's responded to the above address via a radio notification from OEMC Zone-01. The caller stated he sees a body on the floor of a basement apartment and a weapon laying near the body. Zone-10 stated CFD was already enroute when this was assigned.

R/O's arrived on-scene to find the scene described by the 911 caller. Victim Luis Arana is a 40 year-old male with two gunshot wounds, one to the torso, one to the leg. Victim Arana was pronounced deceased on-scene by CFD. The address of occurrence is the victim's home. There is a call history to this address from earlier on this date for a check the well-being.

Area North Violent Crimes / Homicide now has this case, see the Area North case progress notes for more.


CFD, Supervisor, Area North Detectives-Violent Crimes, News Affairs, Cook County M.E., CPIC, Forensic Services (E.T.)

Monday, December 2, 2019

Disgraced Former Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson Allegedly Caught By City Inspector General Drinking at Ceres With Woman The Night CPD Units Were Called to Check on Him Sleeping in City Issued Vehicle

Disgraced fired former Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson wasn't only drinking and driving back in October of 2019, that same night just before a passer-by called 911 to report him asleep in the city issued vehicle he drove, the Chicago Tribune reported on 02 December 2019 that a source reported to them that Johnson was seen drinking at Ceres with a woman who was not his wife. Ceres is a cafe' at the Chicago Board of Trade Building.

Earlier on 02 December, 2019, during the press conference where Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced Johnson's termination from the Chicago Police Department, Lightfoot dropped a hint that something was awry that she could not publicly disclose to prevent hurting Johnson's family. We now know what that remark was about. We also now know that it is alleged that Johnson abused his city issued police star, and therefore, his position of power to prevent his own officers from effecting a traffic stop.

The city Inspector General's report has not been published publically at this time. This is a developing story. Please check back for details.