Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Area North Homicide Investigation - Edison Park

Address: 7322 N Harlem

Time: 6:57PM

Date: 03 Dec 2019

Beat of Occurrence: 1611

Beat of Assignment: 1622 (paper car)

UCR Code: 5084, changed to 0110

RD# JC-533520

Event# 13465

M.E.# 2019-05745


This is a BWC Event. Event# 13465

R/O's responded to the above address via a radio notification from OEMC Zone-01. The caller stated he sees a body on the floor of a basement apartment and a weapon laying near the body. Zone-10 stated CFD was already enroute when this was assigned.

R/O's arrived on-scene to find the scene described by the 911 caller. Victim Luis Arana is a 40 year-old male with two gunshot wounds, one to the torso, one to the leg. Victim Arana was pronounced deceased on-scene by CFD. The address of occurrence is the victim's home. There is a call history to this address from earlier on this date for a check the well-being.

Area North Violent Crimes / Homicide now has this case, see the Area North case progress notes for more.


CFD, Supervisor, Area North Detectives-Violent Crimes, News Affairs, Cook County M.E., CPIC, Forensic Services (E.T.)

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