Monday, December 30, 2019

Honorable Mentions For Lifesaving in 025 and 012 - Robbery and HBT at Dollar Tree

Chicago Police Officers from two districts have become good contenders for the city's Carter H Harrison / Lambert Tree Award today after acts of bravery in which human lives were saved as a result of their actions.

Officers in Chicago's 025th District answered a call on 29 December 2019 that was dispatched as a woman screaming for help.

This is Event# 1936310421

On Sunday evening, 29 December 2019, Beat 2535, backed-up by Beat 2534 and 2504D (part of the 025th District Bike Team), with Sgts. Assigned to Beat 2530 and 2510, received a call of a woman screaming for help on the 1400 block of N. Ridgeway

Upon arrival, Beats 2534 and 2535 conducted an officer safety sweep of the property, making entry for fear of the life of the victim. The investigation then revealed a female victim with a serious head injury who was bleeding profusely from her head. 

Beat 2535 immediately summoned Chicago Fire Department Paramedics via OEMC Zone-12. This response brought CFD Ambulance 3 to the scene.

Further investigation led to the arrest of the offender on-scene

The victim was transported to a local hospital by CFD Ambulance 3, resulting in the victim's life being saved by the careful, quick actions of officers on Beat 2535.

Later in the evening, 012th District tactical officers on Beat 1261 were flagged-down by a citizen who told them that a robbery was in-progress at the Dollar Tree store on Madison & Kedzie with an address of 3146 w. Madison. This occurred at 8:13PM.

RD# JC-564588

UCR Code: 031A

Event# 1936312937

Paper Car: 1224

Evidence watch: 1223

Upon initial investigation, 1261 found that the lights were on at that Dollar Tree store and had information that a woman was inside the store, identified as the girlfriend of the person who waved them down. 1261 further found nobody was coming to the door. 1261D called for more cars.

Units responding were 1261E, 1268B, 1268C, 1221, 1212, 1242, 1211, 1220, 1215,

1261D split-up with one officer in-front and one in back. 1212 joined 1261D's partner in the back of the location. This is followed by 1261E giving a slow-down, saying they had the building covered.

At 8:21PM, the rear door of the Dollar Tree opens, and officers can see someone in the security office, confirmed by 1268B upon request of 1220. An officer requests to bang on the window and 1220 approves. 1220 then tells the zone dispatcher to get in touch with a key holder. 1268B then sees a person open the security Office door partially but they won't come out.

1261B keeps seeing someone perk out after this, and 1220 tells the dispatcher that the boyfriend was able to ping his girlfriend's phone to the store location. 1220 further remarks that all employees have a procedure they follow for leaving the store each night. All units are them told to keep every entrance in the rear covered, and that the manager is enroute with keys. 1220 requests a unit with a shield. 1234 responds.

At this time, 1224 is in the rear of the store. 1221 confirms they are also there in the rear.

8:31PM - 1220 declares an HBT.

8:33PM - three people seen crawling out of the back per 1268A

8:33:41 - 1261E makes entry to the building

8:35:22 - Three offenders in-custody in the back per 1223

8:36PM - order given by 1220 to keep offenders separated and request for a wagon. 1272 is on-scene. 

8:36PM - 1220 states a unit is going to talk to the victims, says victims are tie-up and a search for a weapon is ongoing. Victims confirm 3 offenders and at least 1 pistol observed.

8:38PM - 1220 instructs OEMC to pull an RD number, notify Detectives, and get an E.T. rolling for "multiple photos" and confirms SWAT is on-scene

8:39:16 - OEMC issues the above listed RD and Event Number

8:39:52 - 1220 orders a search for the weapon where the offenders were hiding. Tells officers if they find the gun, DO NOT TOUCH IT! 1268 orders 3 cage cars, one for each offender

8:40PM - 1115 has one offender, 1272 has the last offender. 

8:42:07 - 1268C confirms they have recovered the weapon and nobody has touched it, says it's good to go for the E.T. Beat 1215 assigned to guard the weapon. 1220 then says 1223 is gonna sit on the weapon.

8:42:59 -1261E says 1211 is transporting one offender

8:44:25 - 1220 says he has no idea which units have the offenders. OEMC Zone-12 dispatcher says 1211, 1272, and 1115 have the offenders. 1234 ordered to take the offenders from 1272. 1220 wants to know where the Detectives assigned to 012 are. Dispatcher calls for 5112 but gets no answer. 1220 and the zone dispatcher now want to know if the Detectives are monitoring the zone.

8:46:27 - 1268A reports a pointing incident to the zone. 1268B, C, and E also part of the pointing incident.

8:51:23 - 1260 informs the zone he's at Madison & Kedzie

8:54PM - 1272 to Mt. Sinai with one offender

8:55PM - The zone puts a plan in

8:56:11 - 1260 orders all offenders not going to the hospital transported to 012 for the Detectives

8:59:28 - 1212 guard for S.E. door

9:02PM - 5112 calls for a mobile with 1224, tells 1224 to call the office if he has a Department phone

9:03PM - 1299 orders all offenders from the Dollar Tree robbery transported to the Detective Area

9:17:57 - 1260 asks if a Detectuve is coming to gather video evidence. 1299 says she just spoke with them and they just left the office to come to the scene

9:27:50 - 1220 advises 1212 is guarding one of the rear doors that the offenders attempted an escape from

10:18:31 - 1210R tells the zone he's at Madison & Kedzie

Chicago-One is now waiting on arrest and court details. Those will be posted here when that information is released.

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