Sunday, October 13, 2019

Cook County Medical Examiner Confirms 5 Dead in Mass Shooting in Chicago's Dunning Neighborhood

Chicago Police officials give a press statement standing at the rear of the Chicago Police Mobile Crime Lab parked near the crime scene on Irving Park Road. ABC 7 Chicago photo

The Cook County Medical Examiner Spokesperson, Natalia Derevyanny, told Chicago-One News on the evening of October 13th, 2019, that their office has confirmed five people were murdered on the evening of October 12th, 2019 at an apartment complex or condo complex at 6733 W. Irving Park Road.

Chicago Police work the crime scene at 6733 W. Irving Park Road where 5 people were murdered by a 15 year resident of the building
The following details are taken from Chicago Police and City of Chicago OEMC records

Address: 6733 W. Irving Park Road

Date: 12 October 2019

Time: 5:30PM

Beat of Occurrence: 1632

Beat of Assignment: 1631

UCR Code: 0110

Primary Offense: Homicide

Secondary Offense Classification: 1st Degree Murder

RD# JC-470284

Event# 11886


This is a BWC event. Event# 11886 - Reporting officers were dispatched via Zone 1 radio to the above address where they discovered 5 people shot. The offender was described as a male of Polish nationality with grey hair and light grey jacket. Zone 1 informed R/O's that the offender was walking up and down the gangway of the address.

A description of a male white with a light blue jacket and black jeans was also given. Investigation revealed this to be the correct description.

R/O's arrived to find a mass murder had occurred at the above address. All 5 victims are deceased. 4 were deceased on-scene, and the fifth victim deceased at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois.

During initial investigation, 016th District units made contact with a person of interest who directed officers to what is believed to be the murder weapon. The weapon was recovered, and the person of interest who was a match to the physical description given to responding officers was taken into custody, and transported to Area North Detective HQ.

Reporting Detectives identified the offender as a 67 year-old male, retired from construction work, wearing a light blue jacket and black jeans. Beat 1631 took the offender into custody on-scene, and the weapon was recovered in the offender's apartment, number 2C.

Reporting Detectives investigation revealed that at or around 5:30PM, the offender entered an apartment at the above address and proceeded to display a handgun, fired shots at a family sitting at their dinner table, striking all victims fatally. The offender then fled from the scene. After fleeing scene number 1, the offender then encountered a female outside apartment 3C on the third floor of the building, brandished the same handgun, and fired shots, striking the victim. This victim was transported to Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois. This victim was noted as being in critical condition and taken by LGH staff to emergency surgery. This victim has since been pronounced dead.

Crime scene #2 was determined to be apartment unit 3C.

Reporting Detectives investigation revealed in essence, but not verbatim, that the offender was known to all five victims, and had a history of anger issues. Neighbors told reporting Detectives that he (the alleged offender) would give them weird looks, shoulder check them, and get into verbal fights. At this time, it is unclear if this offender had more violent interactions, and how he obtained the gun used.

Units: 1631, 1632, 1610, 1622, 1634, 1660, 1614

Unit 1631 - paper car, and later served as transport for offender to Area North Detective Division

Beat 1614 transported a witness to Area North

Beat 1622 later became the paper car for this event

The Chicago Fire Department implemented an EMS Plan-1 for this event. OEMC Police Dispatch also implemented a plan for CPD.


Crime Lab, 016th District desk, Beat 1630 (Sgt.) Area North Homicide, Cook County Medical Examiner, Operations Command, News Affairs, Allied Health Services was notified to perform body removals. CTA notified to re-route traffic.

The Cook County Medical Examiner spokesperson made the following statement to Chicago-One News regarding the identity of the victims:

#ME2019-04822: Jolanta Topolska, 53, white female, 6700 block W. Irving Park, Chicago

#ME2019-04810: Tsvetanka Kostadinova, age unknown, white female, 6700 block W. Irving Park, Chicago

Next of kin not notified for #ME2019-04808, 04812, and #04814

The victims were listed by CBS 2 Chicago as a 30 to 35 year-old woman, a 40 to 45 year-old male, a 53 year-old woman, a 61 year-old male, and a 65 year-old male. CBS 2 Chicago also noted that crosses in-front of the victim's address listed the names of two people: Danail Mladenov, and Ivaylo Popov. According to ABC 7 Chicago, Mladenov and Popov were residents in the building. Iskra Popova and David Hanik were guests of theirs at the time the fatal shooting occurred.

Chicago Police News Affairs Officer Michelle Tannehill told Chicago-One News on Sunday, 13 October, 2019, that charges are pending in this case and the identity was not immediately released to Chicago-One News.

On Monday, 14 October, 2019, Chicago Police Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi released a photo of the offender in this case. Charged in these murders is 66 year-old Krysztof Marek. Marek is due in bond court on 14 October 2019.
Krysztof Marek, Chicago Police Photo - CB# 19883135

Marek is formally charged with 5 counts of 1st Degree Murder. Marek was held without bond by Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke, who called his acts "evil on steroids". Bond Court notes published by Megan Crepeau of the Chicago Teibune, read as follows: