Monday, December 30, 2019

Coach USA Service to & From O'Hare to Cease Tomorrow, Coach Owned Chicago Trolley to Cease Jan 1st 2020

Coach Bus file photo courtesy of LaPorte County Herald-Argus

Airline passengers into and out of Chicago O'Hare International Airport have depended on Coach Bus Service Since 1970 to NW Indiana and back to O'Hare. The service has been known over the last four decades as Tri State Coach, Cardinal, Travel Ways and most recently Coach USA.

The company will be ceasing operations in Indiana. The statement issued by the company reads:

“It is with great sadness that Coach USA Chicago announced [Tuesday] the plan to cease operations for our Chicago Trolley and Indiana Airport Supersaver businesses,” Coach USA spokesman Sean Hughes said in an email. “We will continue to operate sightseeing, charter and airport services until Dec. 31, 2019.”

Mr. Hughes is the Director fir Corporate Affairs with the company, and he confirmed the service discontinuation but never said why.

See the official Chicago O'Hare Airport bus/shuttle center resource page.

The company sent out a letter to employees that gave the reason.

“Both of these businesses [Chicago Trolley and Indiana Airport Supersaver] have been challenged in the last few years, and despite out best efforts to turn them around, we are now in a position that the optimal solution for Coach USA is to cease operations,” CEO and president Linda Burtwistle stated in the letter.

The Coach USA Supersaver website is currently redirecting to Megabus.

The Chicago Trolley website currently has this graphic displayed

Chicago will miss our beloved trolley, and air travel passengers will miss the Chicago/NW Indiana Coach USA bus service!

Chicago Police Unveil New Years Eve Safety Plan

CPD Chief of Patrol Fred Waller flanked to his right by OEMC Executive Director Rich Guidice and to his left by Illinois State Police Officials

Chicago Police and the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications have unveiled the city's public safety plans today. Chief of CPD's Bureau of Patrol, Fred Waller, stated the department will deploy 1,300 officers on New Years Eve.


Starting at 4 p.m., sidewalks on one side of each of the following bridges will be closed: Franklin/Orleans Street Bridge (west sidewalk), LaSalle Street Bridge (east sidewalk), Clark Street Bridge (east sidewalk), Dearborn Street Bridge (east sidewalk), and State Street Bridge (east sidewalk). The bridges will close completely beginning at 11 p.m., and eastbound Upper Wacker Drive will close to vehicular traffic to allow for viewing of the fireworks. Streets are expected to reopen approximately 10 minutes after the fireworks display. The Chicago Riverwalk will close at 10 p.m. Tuesday and no viewing will be allowed on the Riverwalk.

See the full CPD Press Conference from today here.

Command Posts and Lost / Separated Persons

The Chicago Police Department maintains command posts at large-scale events such as the yearly New Years Eve celebration. Police know that adults and people of all ages become separated or lost at these events. Police have a special place to take these separated or lost persons, especially if they are persons with medical concerns, or are underage. 

The two main operations command centers are at OEMC and Chicago Public Safety Headquarters. Those places, however, are not where separated or lost persons would go. CPD maintains command posts in the field staffed by officers who can ensure lost or separated, even sick persons can obtain emergency help. 

The Chicago Fire Department also maintains their own, joint command ops with CPD. The Chicago Fire Department has small, emergency mobile medic units, and bike medics who can assess a person and call for either the mobile medic unit or an ambulance. 

Public Records Tracking For CPD / OEMC / CFD Operations

 if you should become a victim of a crime, a medical incident, or an incident involving both a crime and a medical incident, you have a right to obtain all city and other government records pertaining to that incident.

Journalists of both the corporate and independent type should know specifics about how to pull records for investigation of city government emergency response activities.

The New Years Eve event will be recorded under one Event Number and one RD Number for CPD. OEMC records will use the same Event Number for CPD AND CFD responses. Event Numbers roll over to zero at midnight every night, and are formatted as follows:

First two digits are the last two numbers of the current year. The next three numbers are the day of the year. The last five digits are the chronological order the incident occurred.

Example for upcoming year 2020: 20 (last two of current year)-001(chronological day of year)-00000 (last five are chronological order the incident occurred in)

CPD RD Numbers reset to zero on January 1st of every year at 12AM. The first two digits of the RD number indicate the year the report was filed in. Example: RD# JC-000001 (JC = year 2019) and the six numbers after that are the chronological order the report was made in. 000001 would be the first report of the year, no matter what kind of incident it was.

CFD responses use only an Event Number or Run Number in CFD run logs. CFD routinely contends that Ambulance run logs are HIPAA protected.

Victims and journalists alike are urged to perform FOIA requests of significant incidents to help make sure the city is handling incidents correctly. Journalists should cross-reference responsive material from this New Years Eve event against established CPD and CFD policies before publishing anything.

 CPD New Years Eve Practices in Inner-City Districts

Established CPD pattern of practice on New Years Eve in the Inner-City police districts over many years is to answer only the top priority calls. If a person isn't critically injured and dying, there will very likely be no response. 

Calls about shots fired, fireworks calls, noise disturbances, etc, will automatically be coded-out by the Sgt, Lt, or Watch Commander to keep resources free for more serious calls. Strong arm robberies, battery incidents, and all other low-level violence calls where there is no injury will be referred to 311 or the victims will be told to go to the nearest police station. 

Street stops of vehicles and people on foot will be made strategically and with careful discretion so as to keep units free for serious responses.

Those people going out and about on New Years Eve should use a heightened level of caution. Your personal safety is at higher risk during major holidays, as you may not get a police or CFD response in a timely manner if you become a victim. Individuals are urged to perform their own best intelligence survey of their communities, their planned routes, and their destination areas BEFORE heading out and back home. 

Chicago-One will be live reporting here on the official Chicago-One News site, and at the Chicago-One Mastodon account (Twitter alternative) as events start to kick off, and well after midnight on Jan 1st, 2020!

CTA Red Line Robbery Involving 6 to 10 Offenders and Two Victims

Date: 29 Dec 2019

Address: 188 N. State St, State and Lake CTA Red Line Station

Beat of Occurrence: 111

Beat Assigned: 111


R/O's were assigned a robbery investigation at 11:43PM by the OEMC Zone-4 dispatcher. Information stated that northbound train 917, CTA Car 5247 was the scene of a male attacked by several offenders and bleeding from the mouth with CFD Ambulance enroute.

111A, 166E, 121R also responding. 121R was on-scene at 11:46PM

111A sent a flash message over Zone-4 at 11:48PM stating two victims, and offenders appeared to be a bunch of kids numbering approximately 7 to 8. Both victims were visibly shaken, and only able to give partial description of the offenders as African American, 17 to 18 years of age, one wearing black pants and some wearing jackets. Victims stated the group of offenders were mixed sexes (males and females)

The offender who took one victim's phone was described as a black male, with a grey jacket. The phone taken was an I-Phone 11.

Investigation by 166D revealed the group had come down to the platform at 11:53PM

One unit went to Jackson, and 166E went to Roosevelt. 121R went to the Grand stop.

Investigation by 111R revealed the train was at Chicago at 12:01AM

CFD Ambulance 42 transported one victim to Northwestern Memorial, 111R followed.

At 12:05PM, the zone alerted units to a call at 200 N. State wherein the caller stated he was on the train at State & Lake when a fight broke out between two groups of people.The zone stated their information came from the callback unit from a person saying they wanted to report it.

121R spoke to the train conductor at Chicago Ave who stated the teens fled from the platform to street level in an unknown direction around 12:02AM. 

121R made contact with 111R at 12:14AM via Zone-4 mobile.

112R developed investigative information at 12:26AM that two offenders were seen walking west on Lake St. One offender wearing a green jacket, one with a black jacket on foot.

Units cleared from the investigation when Area Central Detectives arrived to take over investigation. See Area Central case progress reports for more detail.

Honorable Mentions For Lifesaving in 025 and 012 - Robbery and HBT at Dollar Tree

Chicago Police Officers from two districts have become good contenders for the city's Carter H Harrison / Lambert Tree Award today after acts of bravery in which human lives were saved as a result of their actions.

Officers in Chicago's 025th District answered a call on 29 December 2019 that was dispatched as a woman screaming for help.

This is Event# 1936310421

On Sunday evening, 29 December 2019, Beat 2535, backed-up by Beat 2534 and 2504D (part of the 025th District Bike Team), with Sgts. Assigned to Beat 2530 and 2510, received a call of a woman screaming for help on the 1400 block of N. Ridgeway

Upon arrival, Beats 2534 and 2535 conducted an officer safety sweep of the property, making entry for fear of the life of the victim. The investigation then revealed a female victim with a serious head injury who was bleeding profusely from her head. 

Beat 2535 immediately summoned Chicago Fire Department Paramedics via OEMC Zone-12. This response brought CFD Ambulance 3 to the scene.

Further investigation led to the arrest of the offender on-scene

The victim was transported to a local hospital by CFD Ambulance 3, resulting in the victim's life being saved by the careful, quick actions of officers on Beat 2535.

Later in the evening, 012th District tactical officers on Beat 1261 were flagged-down by a citizen who told them that a robbery was in-progress at the Dollar Tree store on Madison & Kedzie with an address of 3146 w. Madison. This occurred at 8:13PM.

RD# JC-564588

UCR Code: 031A

Event# 1936312937

Paper Car: 1224

Evidence watch: 1223

Upon initial investigation, 1261 found that the lights were on at that Dollar Tree store and had information that a woman was inside the store, identified as the girlfriend of the person who waved them down. 1261 further found nobody was coming to the door. 1261D called for more cars.

Units responding were 1261E, 1268B, 1268C, 1221, 1212, 1242, 1211, 1220, 1215,

1261D split-up with one officer in-front and one in back. 1212 joined 1261D's partner in the back of the location. This is followed by 1261E giving a slow-down, saying they had the building covered.

At 8:21PM, the rear door of the Dollar Tree opens, and officers can see someone in the security office, confirmed by 1268B upon request of 1220. An officer requests to bang on the window and 1220 approves. 1220 then tells the zone dispatcher to get in touch with a key holder. 1268B then sees a person open the security Office door partially but they won't come out.

1261B keeps seeing someone perk out after this, and 1220 tells the dispatcher that the boyfriend was able to ping his girlfriend's phone to the store location. 1220 further remarks that all employees have a procedure they follow for leaving the store each night. All units are them told to keep every entrance in the rear covered, and that the manager is enroute with keys. 1220 requests a unit with a shield. 1234 responds.

At this time, 1224 is in the rear of the store. 1221 confirms they are also there in the rear.

8:31PM - 1220 declares an HBT.

8:33PM - three people seen crawling out of the back per 1268A

8:33:41 - 1261E makes entry to the building

8:35:22 - Three offenders in-custody in the back per 1223

8:36PM - order given by 1220 to keep offenders separated and request for a wagon. 1272 is on-scene. 

8:36PM - 1220 states a unit is going to talk to the victims, says victims are tie-up and a search for a weapon is ongoing. Victims confirm 3 offenders and at least 1 pistol observed.

8:38PM - 1220 instructs OEMC to pull an RD number, notify Detectives, and get an E.T. rolling for "multiple photos" and confirms SWAT is on-scene

8:39:16 - OEMC issues the above listed RD and Event Number

8:39:52 - 1220 orders a search for the weapon where the offenders were hiding. Tells officers if they find the gun, DO NOT TOUCH IT! 1268 orders 3 cage cars, one for each offender

8:40PM - 1115 has one offender, 1272 has the last offender. 

8:42:07 - 1268C confirms they have recovered the weapon and nobody has touched it, says it's good to go for the E.T. Beat 1215 assigned to guard the weapon. 1220 then says 1223 is gonna sit on the weapon.

8:42:59 -1261E says 1211 is transporting one offender

8:44:25 - 1220 says he has no idea which units have the offenders. OEMC Zone-12 dispatcher says 1211, 1272, and 1115 have the offenders. 1234 ordered to take the offenders from 1272. 1220 wants to know where the Detectives assigned to 012 are. Dispatcher calls for 5112 but gets no answer. 1220 and the zone dispatcher now want to know if the Detectives are monitoring the zone.

8:46:27 - 1268A reports a pointing incident to the zone. 1268B, C, and E also part of the pointing incident.

8:51:23 - 1260 informs the zone he's at Madison & Kedzie

8:54PM - 1272 to Mt. Sinai with one offender

8:55PM - The zone puts a plan in

8:56:11 - 1260 orders all offenders not going to the hospital transported to 012 for the Detectives

8:59:28 - 1212 guard for S.E. door

9:02PM - 5112 calls for a mobile with 1224, tells 1224 to call the office if he has a Department phone

9:03PM - 1299 orders all offenders from the Dollar Tree robbery transported to the Detective Area

9:17:57 - 1260 asks if a Detectuve is coming to gather video evidence. 1299 says she just spoke with them and they just left the office to come to the scene

9:27:50 - 1220 advises 1212 is guarding one of the rear doors that the offenders attempted an escape from

10:18:31 - 1210R tells the zone he's at Madison & Kedzie

Chicago-One is now waiting on arrest and court details. Those will be posted here when that information is released.