Thursday, January 30, 2020

Charlie Beck Makes Big Organizational Changes, Rumored List of Promotions & Demotions

Per Charlie Beck at a press conference today, the department's re-organization starts in February. Pretty much all Department resources will be under a new bureau, called "Bureau of Operations". Everyone in the Bureau of Operations will be subject to orders from and supervision of the district commanders,  except the CPD Central Homicide Unit. Homicide will also stay within the regional Detective division organization.

There will also be a Bureau of Constitutional Policing to handle all the legal and civil rights issues, and a new CPD Counterterrorism unit.

With the creation and implementation of the new Counterterrorism Unit, the superintendent's office has to figure out what to do with the existing 7010 through 7011G, 7100 through 7103, 7120 through 7129, and 7160 through 7179 units / teams and if they'll be independent units, unified with each other, or function as a joint command

Rumors of promotions and demotions are loud right now. There are names attached to these rumors, and the rumors appear for now to be credible.

Area 1 DC - Jose Tirado
XO - Cmdr Dion Boyd

Area 3 DC - Dan O'Shea
XO - Cmdr Mike Pigott

Area 4 DC Erest Kato
XO - Cmdr Rod Robinson

Area 5 DC Roberto Nieves
XO - Cmdr Fabian Saldana

Dep Chief Randy Darlin
XO - Patrol


Jacob Alderden - 001
Joshua Wallace - 002
Felipe Garcia - 004
Glenn White - 005
Larry Snelling- 007
Gil Calderon - 010
Jill Stevens - 018
Sean Joyce - 022
Jim Sanchez - Gang Intel
Duane DeVries - Intel
Kevin Bruno - IRT
Eve Gushes - FRU
Antoinett Ursitti - CIT

Detective Commanders

Area 1 - Tom Miles
Area 2 - Joel Howard
Area 4 - Rich Wiser
Area 5 - Eric Winstrom

Deputy Chiefs

Migdalia Bulnes - Det
Dan Godsel - Academy
Kevin Johnson - CAPS
Chris Kennedy - Anti Terrorism

Eric Carter- Anti Terrorism
Brendan Deenihan - Det
Jim O'Donnell - Constitutional Policing

Street Deputy
Melissa Staples

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