Wednesday, January 29, 2020

General Enforcement Unit Officer Shot on West Side Pursuing Murder Offender

RD# JD-132836, 132848 with event number 09266 for the UCR Code 0110

Event Number: 2002909272

UCR Code: 0450 (10-1)

District: 011 and 012

Time: 2:25PM

Beat of Assignment: 1100, 6255, 1164A, 1164C, 1160, 6502, 6592F, 1131, Car 4-B, 6550, 1104, 6515

Paper Car: 1131

Extra Resources: 014 provided several units; 1423, 1462 Tact team

Transporting Ambulance: 23 (victim shot in head)

On 29 January 2020, the Chicago Police ShotSpotter alerted to 2 rounds at 4055 W Madison. 1102-S (011th District SDSC) notified Zone-10.

6255 (Area 5 General Enforcement Sgt) witnessed an offender produce a gun, and commit the offense of 1st Degree Murder, and pursued the offender who was in a white pick up north on Karlov from Wilcox. Immediately after this, shots were fired at the police, and the officer was struck in the right forearm. Immediately, a 10-1 was called. The Officer was transported by squad to Stroger after opting to first apprehend the offender. 6255 stated on the air that they have an undercover operation going-on there.

Approximate Timeline from here:


Pick up spotted, pick-up crashed at Congress/Damen one offender in ccustody with a weapon recovered at 2020 W Harrison.

Units found 2 shell casings at 4049 W Wilcox

Units found 1 live round at 4053 W Wilcox

The original shots fired with ShotSpotter notification at 4055 W Madison was for the Male victim shot in the head at Madison & Karlov, this was the homicide witnessed by the officer.

6200 (Narcotics Section Commander) confirmed to have been on the air during the incident

Media staging was at Madison & Keeler

The 014th District Commander was heard on-air offering resources

Offender was taken to Mt. Sinai for medical evaluation

The CTA re-routed the 7 Harrison bus until 8:34PM, per the authorized CTA Twitter account

Audio clip here

Interim Supt. Beck stated in a press conference moments ago that the officer shot is in his early 40s, and opted to pursue the offender instead of going right to the hospital.

Chicago-One notes the officer was involved in an undercover narcotics and gun trafficking operation, though Beck stated he couldn't say what kind of operation the officer was part of. The presence of the Narcotics Section Commander was the tip-off here.

When asked what agencies are involved, he refused to say.

The trauma surgeon said the officer will likely go home tomorrow.

The homicide and a separate crash scene near the hospital were both not connected to this incident.

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