Friday, January 17, 2020

Mass Shooting at West Side Barber Shop on Pulaski

Address: 234 N. Pulaski

Time: 6:14PM

Date: 16 January 2020

Beat of Occurrence: 1114

Beat of Assignment: 1131

Paper car: 1131

RD# JD-118228

Event# 2001712698

UCR Code: 041A

Media staging: West End & Pulaski


BWC Event. Event#12698 011th District SDSC notified Zone-10 of a shot spotter notification of 10 shots fired at 3940 W. Washington. 1131 was assigned with Beat 1192 who confirmed having heard the shots.

All other responding units were notified via OEMC Zone-10 to a mass shooting involving 5 victims at the above address.

R/O's arrived to find 5 victims shot. 1 victim is 11 years old, 1 victim is 12 years old, 1 victim is 16 years old for a total of three children victimized, along with 1 30 year old male and a 40 year old male for a total of two adults victimized. One extra victim, a tender-age toddler who was inside the address at the time of the incident was noted as severely psychologically traumatized but not shot.

Victim injuries noted immediately at scene:

11 year-old: GSW, lower left back. Victim 2: GSW, right hip. Victim 3: GSW, left arm. Victim 4: GSW, left thigh. One victim is 12 years old with GSW right leg, tourniquet applied at 6:20PM.

At the time of the incident, victims ranged in condition from critical to serious. Victim conditions were later stabilized at local hospitals.

Offenders entered the above address, looked around, and exited the address. Offenders at that time drew weapons pointing in the doorway of the address, and fired multiple rounds striking five victims.

1120 assigned 1135 to Stroger with victims and report to 1131 for purposes of accurate documentation, and self-assigned himself to Sinai. One victim self-transported to Rush.

CFD Units assigned: 4-5-7, 4-4-11, Ambulances 33, 23, 15, 64, 44, and 10

EMS ops entered through the north and exited south for rapid victim transport.

Ambulances 23, 33, 15 to Stroger with child victims

Ambulance 10 - one adult male victim to Sinai

Timeline and assisting units as follows:

At 6:14PM, R/O's on Beat 1102S (011th District SDSC) notified Zone-10 of shot spotter notification of 10 rounds 3940 W. Washington.

1131 assigned. 1192 heard the shots and also responded.

6:16PM reports of person shot.

6:17PM report of mass shooting, 5 victims

6:18PM more cars, 1104 has casings and needs traffic blocked

1112 - traffic control. PuVictimaski & Lake
6:20PM - 1120 (Sgt) issues orders to start grabbing I.D.'a of people willing to cooperate so Area Detectives have contact info.

1125 - Traffic control. West End & Pulaski northbound, change to 1156 assigned.

1183 - Traffic control. West End northbound

1122 - Traffic control. Pulaski & West End

6734C (Organized Crime) - responding

4310 - has 3 cars C & D units.

4311 - has 3 cars available

1120 - Orders ambulance staging at Maypole & Pulaski

6:24PM - Fire initiates an EMS Plan-1

1171 - Traffic control. Pulaski & Washington blocking northbound traffic on Pulaski.

Offender Description:

2 male blacks, 5 foot 10, 30 to 40 years of age, one wearing a grey jacket, both with short hair, one wearing an olive green jacket, fled on foot westbound on Maypole from Pulaski.

Zone-10 dispatcher had to tell units to keep victim information off the air.


1100, 1120, 1110, 1199, Area North Violent Crimes, Ops Command, 3D55 (News Affairs), Car 51, CW2 / Area North Forensics for photographs and evidence collection.

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