Thursday, January 2, 2020

Police Witness Suicide on McVicker After Footchase in 025

The Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications received a 911 call from a caller about a person trying the back door of the residence at 2174 N. McVicker

The incident unfolded at 12:51PM on 02 January 2020. Chicago-One review of the OEMC police radio recording reveals several police units keying on the Zone-12 frequency at one time, making it difficult to determine what happened. The police unit who yelled out "shots fired by police" on the zone barely got his traffic through the radio pile-up. Eric Tendian of the Chicago-based Crime is Down emergency services resource website recorded a portion of the events that occurred. Listen here.

The Zone-12 dispatcher sent the call out at 12:48PM. Beat 2532 volunteered to answer this call, and a backup unit was assigned. The call was sent across the zone as a burglary in progress.

The 25th District Commander was enroute to the scene at 12:55PM.

2563B confirmed on the zone that the person Police shot was being sought by them, saying "Bonafide, that's our offender". Area North Detective Unit 5314 confirmed they were on the way to the scene at 12:55PM. 5317A was also on-scene.

2530 gave the order to shut off the bodycams at 12:57PM

CFD Ambulance 63 was assigned.

Beats assigned were 2512 in the rear, 2524 on-scene, and 2522 in the front.

Chicago Police Department Director of Communications, Anthony Guglielmi, made this statement (quotes omitted)

CPD detectives, ChicagoCOPA and Cook County Medical Examiner are investigating an afternoon shooting on the northwest side after a man appears to take his own life after a traffic stop, foot pursuit and armed encounter with officers. Here are the preliminary details.

If you, or anyone you know are currently suffering from, or have have a history of suffering from suicidal feelings or thoughts, help is available. Call 1-800-273-8255

You may also visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Online

Chicago's Violent Start to 2020

The city of Chicago has experienced a violent, traumatizing start to 2020.

This report is sourced from city public records in the form of OEMC police radio recordings, and Open-Source intelligence.

1 minute into the new year, a Chicago Police Officer's marked vehicle was struck by gunfire through the windshield in the 010th District. 15 minutes later, a 24 year-old woman celebrating the new year in her home was struck by a stray bullet that came through her 2nd floor apartment window in the 011th District. Just minutes after that, Chicago Police in the 004th District were shot at from an apartment building. The shots are suspected to have been fired from 7847 S. Ridgeland.

The shots fired on Ridgeland resulted in a SWAT HBT response that wrapped-up around 6AM on January 1st, 2020 with no arrests. During the HBT portion of this incident, radio traffic indicated police experienced difficulty utilizing their SWAT HBT training. Radio traffic was heard wherein police told the Chicago Fire Department to enter the area from the wrong direction, resulting in CFD responders being in the line of fire and told to re-locate to a new staging area. Officers then had to be told to stay with their vehicles after officers were observed leaving their police vehicles. Yet another anomaly occurred when police were evacuating the building. Police brought evacuees out of the front instead of the rear, placing evacuees in the line of fire.

Police ordered a wagon to come to the scene for temporary detention of building residents, and gave the appearance that potential suspects were being detained together instead of being separated.

The 025th District had several firsts of the year in one incident on the morning of January 1st, 2020. These firsts were their first footchase, first footchase involving a domestic violence offender, and in the same incident, the first footchase of the year resulting in arrest as well as the district's first arrest of the year for a domestic violence offense.

This incident took place at the corner of Grand and Neva on Beat 2512.

No injuries or deaths took place in any of the two above incidents. 

Chicago-One now cautions readers, as the next part of this news story is easily upsetting to some, and involves the double murder of two young children, an attempted suicide, and an aggravated battery / attempted murder of an elderly person in the same incident. Less detailed reporting by the Chicago Tribune here.

On January 02nd, 2020 at 01:48AM, police were called to 7251 S. South Shore Drive for a woman and a child who fell from the window. Radio traffic reveals that the zone dispatcher had to send the call over the air twice before a 003rd District tactical unit took the assignment. 1st call at 1:50AM, 2nd call at 1:52AM. Unit 362-D took the call at 1:52AM.The Sgt assigned to 310-R then followed in taking the call. 371-R was assigned at 1:56AM to meet 310-R at the address.

UCR Code: 0479 (Agg Batt - hands, first, feet, serious injury), 0110 (Homicide, First Degree Murder), 

RD# JD-101272

This is OEMC Event# 20-002-00844

What follows next is a rough timeline of events relating to thos incident response. Chicago-One will have the official timeline of events at a later time. 

Original Tweet sent by CFD 4-1-8
362 -D confirmed a crime scene and 62-E asked for an EMS response at 1:59AM. At 2:00AM, 62-E urgently called the zone dispatcher requesting an EMS response for a 2nd baby and an adult male. One member of the on-scene tactical team notified the zine dispatcher just seconds later that CPR had been started on the baby in the apartment. The dispatcher timestamped it at 2AM. 321-R was assigned shortly after.

362-D notified the zone dispatcher at 2:05AM that the water to the apartment needed to be shut-off due to flooding from the bathtub. Mention of the bathtub detail came at 2:07AM. 362-D notified the zone that the water had been shut-off at 2:16AM. 362-D then asks for the event number, which is also issued at 2:16AM.

CFD Ambulance 38 transported the adult female at 2:21AM

310-R notified the zone at 2:21AM that he needed two crime scene cars, one for the downstairs scene, one for the upstairs scene. 372 would likely be the paper car.

311-R assigned to downstairs scene - 2:21AM

306-F assigned to the upstairs scene - 2:23AM

300 - request via zone for call on her cellphone from 310-R (2:29AM)

310-R - Notification to zone that each victim will have a squad car follow them to each respective hospital they go to - 2:31AM

Request for crime scene tape upstairs on the 11th floor - 2:39AM

2:39AM - EMS Plan-1 secured

2:44AM - 312 and 331-R assigned to follow CFD Ambulances 55 and 70 to Comer Childten's Hospital. 312-R assigned to CFD Ambulance 55, 331-R assigned to 70.

3:54AM - 321-R notifies the zone she's going to Comer

3:55AM - 371-R changes the UCR to 0110, 399 notified

At or around 4AM, the zone instructs 371-R to call news Affairs and the M.E. as soon as possible

4:20AM - 371-R notifies the zone that the M.E. is enroute to Comer

5:14AM - 301 asks which units are still at Comer, and the zone tells him 320R, 321R, 324R, 310R, and 312R

Change of watch occurred at 6AM and 330 sent 331 to relieve 306-F

330 assigned 331 to handle the 11th floor inside scene, 323 assigned to the outside scene, and 330 was enroute to assess the scene at 6:18AM

6:24AM - 300 tells 323 to move their car so media can have better pictures and Area Central Detectives can do their work

6:50AM - 310 relocates to U of C to continue investigation of this incident

7:01AM - 399R heads in to the 003rd District station

7:09AM - 324 assigned by 310 to relieve 324R at U of C and told to contact 340 by phone

8:03AM - 324 instructed again to call 340 by 310

8:06AM - 399 tells 310 to call him

This effectively ends pertinent open-source response and investigative items for this incident. This is a fluid, ongoing investigation. Chicago-One will have more as it is made available.