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Area 3 Homicide Investigation - 355 N. Wabash

Date: 19 July 2020

Time: 2:35AM

Address: 355 N. Wabash (Wabash Ave Bridge/Wabash & Wacker)

Beat of Occurrence: 1834

Beat Assigned: 112, 114, 1834, 120, 1899, 1871, 1834 (Paper car), 1824 (crime scene), 1885-E (crime scene)

Supervising: 120, 1890, 1899

UCR: 0110 / 041-A

RD# JD-302372

Event# 02072


Event# 02072

The below summary details investigation of scene response, and actions taken on-scene. See investigation summary for more.

R/Ds assigned this investigation by Area 3 Sgt. on-duty after he was notified by a unit in the field of two people shot.

Unit 112 called out shots fired on Zone-4, and identified two victims. This unit was east of Wabash on Wacker.

1834 assigned to find crime scene.

0228AM tourniquet applied to female victim

CFD truck arrived at 0240AM

1899 performed search of walkway

1871 blocking eastbound traffic

Once victims were secured, and EMS on-scene, district boundary was determined according to incident address. This district boundary determined to be 018. 1834 assigned paper car.


F = 2 GSW arm.

M = GSW to neck/head (fatal) identified as Gregory Crawford (Alias Adam Miller), 35 years-old. Maywood resident.

Offender information:

Total of 3 offenders as follows

Per 102-S (001st District SDSC/Intelligence) - M/1, all black clothing, bald head, beard, 5 foot 7 to 6 feet, white gym shoes, 125 to 160lbs, fled northbound on Wabash by foot. Gold chain, white logo on left side of shirt pocket.

1 offender with pink shirt and blue jeans

1 offender white t-shirt (wife beater style shirt) with black and white pants

Flash sent via citywide at 0253AM

Witness security:

1833 - [Location Redacted]

Evidence Techs:

5802, 5812

Detectives Assigned:

5320 - Jacobs
Perricone - Star#21169
Leavitt - Star# 21081 (Lead)
Taglieri - Star# 20722 (Lead)

CFD Units:

Amb 11 transported victim Crawford at 0256AM, and 28 transported the female victim. 28 arrived at NMH at 3:03AM. 1824 assigned to the victims.

Victim Crawford assigned M.E. Case# 2020-09077

In essence, and not verbatim, unless otherwise noted, at or around 2:35AM on the above noted date, at the address noted in this report, the 25 year-old female victim waved down a near-by unit stating she and another car occupant now identified as Gregory Crawford, needed medical assistance after being shot near the cross streets of North Wabash and Wacker.

The unit then notified Zone-4 for CFD response, and a tourniquet was applied to the female victim by the unit on-scene.

R/Ds relocated to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and spoke with medical staff who worked on both victims, and learned that victim Gregory Crawford had expired, and was pronounced by the attending trauma physician.

R/Ds also interviewed CFD paramedics that transported both victims.

Investigation revealed the driver of the victims’ vehicle turned east onto Wacker Drive, and Crawford was in the front passenger seat. Crawford appeared to open the car door to get out before slumping to the ground.

Witnesses ran up to Crawford and started crying. A beat unit was parked near where the victims' dark-colored sedan came to a rest, outside the River Hotel at 75 East Wacker Drive. Officers ran over to the victims to provide help. Crawford was conscious at the time, and he refused to answer questions by an on-scene unit about the shooting. The 25-year-old female victim was uncooperative as well.

R/Ds relocated to the scene and interviewed Beats 112, 114, 1834, 120, and 1899.

Investigation revealed the 001st and 018th districts received recent information from beat officers that sizable groups were gathering near the river in recent weeks, and some special attention monitoring had been assigned.

The still images displayed below show persons of interest in this investigation. See the surveillance video here.


CFD, Area 3 Violent Crimes, CPIC, Ops Command, Medical Examiner, News Affairs

CW2 - 0337AM by 130, req. Crimelab for 2 crime scenes. 45 E. Wacker, and 358 N. Wabash, photos of victim's vehicle and shell casings. Black Honda Accura. The car was at the Wacker address, shell casings on Wabash.

CW2 - 0636AM by 1824 req body removal. Det Perricone - Star# 21169, A/3 Violent Crimes

M.E. Martens #89

Requesting Officer: Wytrzyfztzewski - Star# 16706

This investigation continues open, in-progress.

Open-Source Intelligence & News Media

Chicago Tribune 19 July 7:28PM

Chicago Sun-Times 20 July 2020 4:12PM

Chicago Tribune 22 July 6:12PM

ANY PERSON with information related to this homicide should contact Chicago Police Area 3 Detectives Leavitt and/or Taglieri at 312-744-8261