Tuesday, January 26, 2021

David Chavez Arrested in Shooting Murder of David Lopez


Date: 24 Jan 2021
Address: 2851 W. 23rd St
Time: 07:49:53AM (0749:53 hrs)
Beat of Occurrence: 1033
Beat of Assign: 1034
Assisting Beats: 1023, 1031, 1007A, 1011-A
Supervising: 1020
Area Detective Division Assigned: 04 - Unit 640 V/C Homicide
RD# JE-121729
Event# 03320
UCR: 014-A changed to 0110
This is an Area 4 Violent Crimes/Homicide Unit Arrest for 1st Degree Murder, documented under RD# listed above.
This report should not be read alone, but with all other reports. All information herein is not verbatim, and is in-essence unless noted otherwise.
R/Ds were assigned from the area by on-duty Sgt. upon notification by 010th district field units in the Bureau of Patrol.
R/Ds relocated from the area uppon assignment and arrived at the scene where R/Ds were met by on-scene units guarding the scene who gave their account of their observations upon their own arrival.
R/Ds learned that suspects numbering 3, possibly four, were described and that 1002-S (010 SDSC Intelligence) has video evidence. R/Ds immediately asked that SDSC unit to preserve all video for later pick-up, review, and evidence inventorying by R/Ds.
R/Ds learned victim had been transported by CFD EMS 34 to Mt. Sinai where victim was pronounced at 0830hrs, and that victim was unresponsive at time of transport. Victim assigned ME# 2021-01273.
R/Ds then authorized ET request for full scene processing (blood, photographs, casings, bullets) and R/Ds then relocated to Mt Sinai where medical personnel and transporting CFD EMS medics were interviewed. Family members and witnesses were also interviewed.
Investigation revealed identity and whereabouts of offender CHAVEZ, DAVID. Offender was positively identified and taken into custody at 1035hrs in the 2600 block of W. 23rd place.
Victim identified as David Lopez. Victim LOPEZ was shot multiple times in he chest, nose, and both arms. Investigation revealed victim was shot in the alley of the response address.
Offender was transported to A/4 for interview and processing. Cook County State's Attorney Felony Review Unit notified. CCSAO Felony Review approved charge of Homicide-1st Degree Murder against CHAVEZ.
CHAVEZ then released to custody of Cook County Sheriff's Dept for jail processing.
Bond Court date of 26 Jan 2021
Initial response and initial investigation notes:
1002-S nothing on shot spotter 2848 w 23rd pl. OEMC gave information that 6 young males were seen EB on 23rd in he alley wearing dark hoodies and one offender may have had red pants on.
1034 o/s alerted zone the call is bonafide, victim shot possibly in the chest, requested CFD EMS. Same unit then advised victim is male adult hispanic 34 years-old, unresponsive.
0757:33 - CFD EMS 34 o/s
0800:59AM - 1002-S advises review of video shows a male hispanic wearing a camo coat and a second male hispanic with white hoodie and black coat running away from the location, then eastbound.
Suspect with camo coat had blue jeans, black gym shoes, hate, red or orange rimmed hat, appears to have had a pistol in his coat and was seen flashing a pistol at 23rd & Washtenaw before the shooting.
1020 at 0824AM: Wanted are 3 M/H offenders. #1 has black face mask, black baseball cap, black with red brim, camo jacket, brown/grey in color with grey hoodie underneath, bluejeans and boots. #2 has red pants and black jacket, 3 has white hoodie w/ gold on bottom.
1020 said shooter was in he camo jacket.
1024 at 0827:53- sd's 2619 w 23rd pl, they ran in a blue house at that address. They went in and shut the shades. 1048 is with him. says they tagged up a lot of the cars over there.
1031 - 0829:01 - UCR change to 0110, pronounced by Dr. N at 0830hrs.
Notifications and Assignments:
1031 notified CW2 @ 0823:20hrs ET for scene photos and processing of blood, 11 casings and 3 bullets.
Detective Trainor - Star# 21214
Detective Edwards - Star# 21810
ME Lawler #85
Crimelab - SPIERS - Star# 10622
1031 Requested body removal at 10:10AM - requesting officer Star# 3593