Friday, February 26, 2021

Chicago Police Department Silences Activists, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sen Warren, Former FBI Director James Comey, Several Major Automotive Companies, Major Retailers on Twitter

Chicago-One News asked the Chicago Police Department to release their Block and mute lists for all official CPD Twitter accounts, including that of Tom Ahern, the official verified main CPD Twitter Account, and the official main verified Twitter account for CPD Superintendent David O. Brown.

CPD denies in their FOIA response letter that Tiom Ahern and Supt David Brown have twitter accounts even though they are clearly visible for the public to see. CPD also did not provide the block or mute list for their main account as asked.
The block and mute lists that CPD DID release shows that the city has several high-profile Twitter accounts blocked and/or muted which may possibly violate U.S. Supreme Court rulings, and a 4th Circuit Court ruling in Davison v Randall.

The Chicago Police Department's 005th District has CNN, FOP Lodge 7, Beth Bria of CBS Chicago, Chelsea Manning, and Diamond & Silk on the block list. Their mute list shows Planned Parenthood Illinois Action, Alyssa Milano, and the Twitter verified BLM Twitter account muted, along with the twitter verified One Republic account, and Chicago Street Tweets.
Continuing the block list, CPD 005 has the popular Spot News account blocked. CPD's 006th District has Twitter verified Larry Elder account blocked. The activist account for Chicago PD Transparency is on 007's and 008's District block list. 009 has muted the Twitter verified account for Bette Midler along with the Morton Grove Illinois Police Department.
009 has BLOCKED the Twitter verified accounts for Motorola US, Ram Trucks, and Honda. The Twitter verified accounts for these same companies also appear on the 010th District block list along with Subway (the popular food chain), Toyota, Nissan, Continental Tire, Chic Fil A, E Trade, Journalist Adam Farmer, Monica Trinidad who says she is a Latinx artist, Nordstrom Trunk Club (Twitter verified), Lands End (Twitter verified), Volvo Car USA (Twitter verified), Amazon's Twitter verified account, and BMW USA (Twitter verified).

010's mute list has 11 accounts muted, which include Twitter verified accounts for the Philadelphia Cream Cheese company, Montgomery Granger, and Daquan (Daquandottv).

The 011th District has muted two of their own.....Tom Ahern, and the 025th District DCO. Alisa Hauser is also on this mute list. Alisa once worked for Block Club Chicago. Brother James Reiter also made this block list from the Conventual Franciscan Brothers.

011 features 4 blocked accounts, one of which is the Twitter verified account for Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. The 012th District has 4 accounts blocked, one of which is the Twitter verified account of Al Jazeera English.

CPD's 014th District has 5 twitter accounts blocked, one of them is the activist account for Chicago PD Transparency. One Twitter verified account is blocked and is identified as Profesor Nadir. This same account is also muted by 015.

015 has 6 accounts blocked. Of those 6 are two local Chicago accounts identified as Indivisible Chicago Northwest Side, and Concerned Citizen 606. The Concerned 606 account also shows up in the 016 block list with 3 other accounts also blocked by 016.

016 has blocked very high-profile, prominent accounts belonging to U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, former FBI Director James Comey, and activist David Hogg,. All of these accounts are displaying the Twitter verified blue checkmark.

CPD's 017th district has muted former U.S. President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, and the well-known Father Michael Pfleger. On 017th block list is the Twitter verified account of Ancestry dot com.

018 has no one muted, but one blocked. 019 has nobody on their mute list, but has several people blocked. The 020th district has several on their block list, and their mute list features the popular Bike Lane Uprising account, along with the San Francisco Police Dept. Chicago PD Transparency shows up once again on 020's block list along with the Twitter verified account for Apple (the popular computer and phone company).

The 020th district has nobody muted, and one on their block list.

CPD's 024th District has several people on their block list. The most prominent local Twitter account being blocked is Assata's Daughter's, a well-known activist group that focuses on black civil rights. The Twitter verified accounts for Now This and Larry Flynt are also blocked. Local twitter account 4danlopez shows on this block list.

Chicago's 025th District has the longest block list of them all. Almost all of the blocked users are redacted. 4danlopez shows up here once more.

Chicago-One reached out to the Chicago Police Department for comment, and received no response. 

See the full Chicago Police Department Twitter Blocking and Muting lists here: 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

FBI Arrests Chicago Man For Sex Trafficking of Minor


The Bureau sent the notification late, and that's why you're seeing it today. The public needs to know about these things ASAP. 

The DOJ press release reads as follows....

CHICAGO — A federal grand jury has indicted a Chicago man for allegedly transporting a minor from Wisconsin to Illinois to engage in commercial sex acts.

The two-count federal indictment charges WILLIAM MCBETH, also known as “Tony,” 35, with sex trafficking of a minor and transporting that victim from Wisconsin to Illinois for purposes of prostitution. 
The sex trafficking count is punishable by a minimum prison sentence of ten years and a maximum term of life, while the transportation charge is punishable by up to ten years. McBeth is currently in law enforcement custody. Arraignment in federal court in Chicago has not yet been scheduled.

The indictment was announced by John R. Lausch, Jr., United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois; and Emmerson Buie, Jr., Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago Field Office of the FBI. The Chicago Police Department provided valuable assistance. The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Petersen.

Image of two-page criminal complaint issued by the U.S. DOJ

According to the indictment and a criminal complaint previously filed in the case, the minor victim was 15 years old in December 2015 when McBeth enticed her to engage in commercial sex acts in the Chicago area. McBeth transported her to various locations in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs to engage in commercial sex acts, and on at least one occasion brought her from Wisconsin back to Illinois for that purpose, according to the charges.

The public is reminded that an indictment is not evidence of guilt. The defendant is presumed innocent and entitled to a fair trial at which the government has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If convicted, the Court must impose a reasonable sentence under federal statutes and the advisory U.S. Sentencing Guidelines.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports McBeth repeatedly sold the 15-year-old for sex in and around Chicago in December 2015, and brought her to and from Wisconsin to be sold for sex at least once, according to prosecutors.

Chicago-One request for comment on this case submitted to the Chicago Police Dept was met by a reply from Kellie Bartoli, who said CPD will defer to the FBI since this is their case. 

Monday, February 22, 2021

CPD's New Recruits, Tomorrow's New Detectives (Opinion)

On 20 February 2021, Chicago Police Superintendent David O. Brown posted a tweet on his Twitter verified account that included a video of him speaking with new CPD recruits.

Regardless of your politics around the law enforcement and criminal justice profession, this new video, and other videos like it released by CPD are the best way for those members of the public who intimately know the law enforcement profession and CPD in-particular, to get a look at who is more likely to fail and more likely to be the Chicago Police Department's next success stories.  

Hardly anyone will argue that when it comes to the law enforcement profession, you can tell by a person's level of attention to personal care (dress, grooming), the attention they pay to instruction, the effort they show to their professional image, attitude and their demeanor, whether or not they'll be successful.

The video recently posted by Superintendent Brown is the first in which Chicago-One has used the above standards to pick the recruits who are most likely to succeed and ascend into District Tactical work, and the Bureau of Detectives. 

The Department did not release their names, but their photos are enough for the public to know them and keep an eye on these probable success stories once they graduate.


Why would these pictured people be important to Chicago's public safety operations and history in the event of their success? 

The era of time and the complex challenges they are being trained in, and then deployed to the city streets in will make them the first generation of police to train and deploy in the fast approaching end of a deadly international pandemic that has taken 500,000 lives in the U.S. (more deaths than American losses in WW-II), and the first to deploy post-Trump era. These officers will face the unique and volatile mix of extremist politics and the complicated crime conditions created by both as a result of widening inequalities that breed the conditions for spikes in crimes.

Chicago has seen 269 vehicle hijackings so far in 2021 with only 4 cases closed-cleared by arrest & prosecution, and 1,396 in 2020 with only 55 of those cases close-cleared by arrest & prosecution. All other cases are either suspended due to lack of leads, or non-cooperation. The 2020 homicide total was 792, up 53% from the prior year (2019). 

2020 gunplay totals from Hey Jackass

Shot & Killed: 719 (+55%)
Shot & Wounded: 3455 (+51%)
Total Shot: 4174 (+52%)

10 Chicago Police Officers were shot and wounded in 2020, and just this year, two robbery offenders attempted to rob an on-duty Chicago Police Detective while he was investigating a homicide. According to NBC 5 Chicago, "On Monday, 08 February 2021,  at approximately 7 p.m. in the 7700 block of South Yates, the detective and his partner were canvassing a previous crime scene when two individuals attacked the detective from behind. One person was armed with a handgun while the other had a knife, according to Chicago police. The offenders physically assaulted the detective and rummaged through his pockets before the detective's partner came to his aid, prompting the suspects to flee the scene."

One offender was arrested in the 2300 block of east 75th, and he second offender was still being sought as of the posting by NBC 5 Chicago. NBC 5 Chicago also revealed that the Detective is a 26-year veteran of CPD who suffered head & neck injuries but said to be in good condition.

These are he working conditions faced by the new class of CPD recruits, which, if promoted to Detective in the next 3 to 7 years, would play a role in how they go about performing their jobs.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Area 4 Homicide Investigation Cleared-Closed by Arrest & Prosecution of Taevon Abston


This is an Area 4 Detective Division Violent Crimes/Homicide Unit arrest of offender now identified as ABSTON, TAEVON.

This report is not to be read alone, but with all other reports filed with Records Division Number JE-136516

All information in this report is in-essence and not verbatim, unless otherwise noted.

This case has other RD associations in a vehicular hijacking and robbery offenses committed prior to this homicide, and multiple other RD and CB associations are referenced in the investigation section of this report.

R/Ds were assigned this investigation by the on-duty A/4 VC/Homicide Sgt. after notification by 011th District field unit with regards to a homicide at 725 N. Trumbull on Beat 1121. R/Ds relocated from the area to the scene.

The below account outlines the initial response and investigation findings of responding 011th District units.

Time: 5:46:51AM

Date: 09 February 2021

Beat of Assignment: 1112

Event#: 01755


Beat 1121 assigned to information sent by OEMC Z11 that dispatcher had received numerous calls of shots fired and a call of a person shot at Trumbull & Huron, and Chicago & Trumbull. Fire responding but caller hung-up.Then info said 700 N Trumbull by the lot.
1114 arrived and located the victim now identified as QUILES, GUILLERMO at 725 N. Trumbull.

Z11 then received a call of 6 shots fired, and a brief description of two males one with a black coat and one with the grey coat running towards Chicago Ave. 1102-S (SDSC) was able to determine from camera footage that these two individuals were not the offenders, as they were standing in the street and smoking when the shots were fired and were merely fleeing for safety.

Victim Quiles, Guillermo was transported in critical condition to Mt. Sinai Hospital.
After victim QUILES was transported by A64 to Sinai, 1102-S (SDSC) related to Beat 1114 that 8 rounds were heard by the shotspotter upon 1114’s investigative inquiry.
UCR changed from 041-A to 0110 at 08:06:30AM. Victim QUILES pronounced at 07:59AM. Victim QUILES assigned ME# 201-01-930


1121 - Paper

5420 - A/4 Violent Crimes/Homicide Sgt.

CFD: A64 and E44 assigned

1131 - Gammon - Star# 9694 (Req Officer - Body Removal)

A/4 Garcia - Star# 20584

M.E. Ferguson 83


R/Ds learned through investigation that the offender identified now as ABSTON, TAEVON was one of three offenders involved in a robbery pattern of Dunkin Donuts businesses, and a vehicular hijacking.

Investigation revealed that ABSTON was the offender in a robbery at 5:20AM on 09 Feb 2021 at 3310 W. Addison, followed by this homicide at 5:45AM at 725 N. Trumbull, followed by a 2nd armed robbery at 6:22PM at 5050 W. Grand Ave in Elmwood Park, Illinois across the street from the Beat 2512 boundary. The offender was then involved in a 3rd armed robbery at 5000 W. Irving Park Rd. at 10:13PM.

2502-S advised Z11 at 8:19:06AM on 09 Feb 2021 that a vehicle with Minnesota plate [redacted], grey Chevy Equinox with a lock on the drivers side door wanted in connection with this investigation was last seen in 025.

During the 1st Watch on 10 Feb 2021, 015th District SDSC (1502-S) notified units that a stolen dark red Toyota RAV 4 was spotted at 154 N. Laramie. POD footage showed two male offenders, one being ABSTON with the vehicle, and ABSTON was on-scene when units arrived. ABSTON attempted to flee on foot, but was arrested by pursuing units.

ABSTON was searched incident to arrest by arresting units, and units recovered a handgun on ABSTON’S person. A 9mm weapon with a flashlight attachment fell to the ground during the search at time of arrest. Also recovered was the key to the stolen Rav4.

ABSTON was then transported to Area 4 Detective HQ. R/Ds started the ERI in the interview room where ABSTON was taken prior to his being placed there upon his arrival at A/4. R/Ds then entered the interview room and identified themselves, and informed ABSTON of the nature of this interview. ABSTON was given a copy of CPD miranda rights and Miranda waiver form which R/Ds read out loud to ABSTON. ABSTON stated he understood his rights and chose to speak with R/Ds.

R/Ds learned through investigation that ABSTON and all other offenders in this case are members of the Beam Team street gang, a subset of the New Breeds gang. The New Breeds are an offshoot of the original BG's (Black Gangsters). The Black Gangsters are one of three factions of the BGD's (Black Gangster Disciples). Department intelligence records show that the other two factions are the GD's (Gangster Disciples) and the BD's (Black Disciples).
The New Breeds were founded in 1972 by offenders George Davis, Rodger Collins, Julius Davis, and Maurice Jackson in the boundaries of area 4.

Department records that were destroyed in accordance with Illinois records destruction laws, and multiple intelligence sources show that the New Breeds may have started as early as the 1950s as a gang called “The Goon Squad”, and were active into the 1960s. Illinois Circuit Court Archives may still hold investigative and historical intelligence value.

R/Ds learned of the identity of the 2nd ADULT offender, and the location of the stolen Equinox. ABSTON told R/Ds that the 2nd adult offender was the driver of the Equinox during the commission of this homicide, and some of the robberies. ABSTON identified a 3rd offender as being a JUVENILE, stating that the JUVENILE was the 2nd shooter at the homicide and 2nd gun offender during the hijacking of the Equinox and at the robberies.
R/Ds had the Equinox recovered on the 900 block of S. Central ave near where the 2nd adult offender lives.

R/Ds summoned the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office Felony Review Unit who then responded to A/4.

Felony review released ABSTON’S adult co-arrestee without charges. ABSTON was charged with the offenses listed above in this report and transferred to the custody of the Cook County Sheriff at 26th & California. Bond court scheduled 12 Feb 2021 with Judge Arthur Wesley Willis. ABSTON held without bond.

Area 4 Homicide Investigation - Beat 1121, Victim Found Shot

Address: 725 N. Trumbull

Time: 5:46AM

Beat of Occurrence: 1121

Beat assigned: 1112

UCR: 041-A to 0110

RD# JE-136516

Event# 01755

A/4 Supervisor: 5420


This is an A/4 Violent Crimes/Homicide investigation. All information in this report is in-essence and not verbatim. This report should not be read alone, but with all other reports filed with Records Division Number JE-136516

R/Ds were assigned this investigation by the on-duty A/4 Violent Crimes Sgt upon notification from 011th District Bureau of Patrol Unit 1112.

R/Ds relocated from A/4 to the scene, and were met by on-scene units. R/Ds interviewed on-scene units, viewed the scene, and authorized the scene for processing by the Crimelab and Forensic Unit Evidence Technicians.

R/Ds learned the victim was found with one shot in the ear/head after 1112 responded to a call of shot spotter detection of shots fired. Victim is a 
53 year-old standing 5 foot 10 and 140lbs. 

R/Ds then relocated from the scene to Sinai hospital where victim was transported by CFD Ambulance 64, with E44 also assigned. R/Ds interviewed CFD medics from A44 and E44, as well as Mt. Sinai hospital ER personnel assigned to work on victim.

R/Ds then learned the victim was pronounced at Mt. Sinai. Victim assigned M.E.# 2021-01930

R/Ds were later notified by Beat 1131 2nd Watch that ET's had finished processing victim at Mt. Sinai, and R/Ds authorized body removal to Cook County M.E., and victim was scheduled for autopsy.

R/Ds relocated from A/4 to CCME where Dr. (Forensic Pathologist) related the findings to R/Ds. R/Ds summoned ETs to respond to photograph and inventory evidence. See Evidence Log and Investigation File Inventory. See morgue unit report for M.E. findings

Personnel Assigned:

1114 - Crime Scene with 1112.

Det. Assignment:

A/4 Det. Kennedy - Star# 1700

A/4 Garcia - Star# 20584

ET processed blood and bullet hole in building.

1131 2nd Watch assigned to victim at Sinai

Requesting Officer: Gammon 9654

M.E. Authorizing: 83 - Ferguson

This investigation continues open, in-progress.

Area 4 Death Investigation - CTA Blue Line

Early this morning, the CTA tweeted about an incident at the Forest Park Blue line stop.

What nobody knew was that this would turn-out to be a tragic morning. The responding officer thought he was going to a routine CTA disturbance like many CPD units get each day involving a person who had lost control of themselves and decided to do something about whatever the problem may have been. Here's what happened. This will be updated with investigation records giving more detail once the investigation is cleared and closed. 

Address: 530 S. Pulaski

Time: 5:30:53AM

Beat of Occurrence: 1132

Beat Assigned: 1134

UCR: 5078

RD# JE-142806


This is an Area 4 death investigation that occurred in the 011th District on Beat 1132 at 530 S. Pulaski (CTA Blue Line) Forest Park Branch.

This report should not be read alone, but in conjunction with all other reports filed with this RD#. All information in this report is in-essence and not verbatim unless otherwise noted.

R/Ds received this investigation after an 011th District field unit notified the area of a death on the tracks at 530 S. Pulaski Rd.

R/Ds relocated from the area to the noted address, and interviewed on-scene units, CTA personnel, and witnesses.

The below information pertains to the initial response investigation:

Beat 1134 was assigned by OEMC Z10 to a call of a battery in-progress at 530 S. Pulaski Rd. OEMC then received information that the battery in-progress was now a person with a knife, female offender w/ a knife threatening people and damaging car windows, and walking in and out of the station.

Beat 1134 arrived to find that the woman who was the subject of the two calls the 911 had thrown herself onto the tracks. CTA had already turned-off power at the time 1134 notified the zone at 5:35:22AM. 1134 immediately requested CFD EMS to respond.

1114 summoned 1120 for supervisory response at 5:43:35AM, and shortly after, notified Z11 that this may be a crime scene.

ET o/s at 6:58AM.


A/4 Kennedy - Star# 1700


R/Ds currently completing investigation. See investigation supplemental narrative and morgue unit report at conclusion of investigation.


Z11, A/4, 011 Desk, Crime Lab, Ops Command, News Affairs.

1134 - CW2 at 6:03:45AM for ET, but instructed to contact crimelab help desk first and then switch back to order ET.

ET req for photos of body and blood on the tracks, DNA samples of blood.

ET assignment slightly delayed due to change of watch.

1134 attempted body removal req at 6:44:47 prior to ET arrival stating Det approval. Req denied, unit instructed to wait until ET has completed processing.

5430 personally authorized body removal on CW2 6:45:42AM stating body was already bagged and ready to go, but that he only wanted some scene photos and items recovered.

1134 stated body was placed on platform from tracks.

Requesting Officer: Davis - Star# 10656

ME Martinez - 89

0649Hrs removal req completed

Governor Pritzker Declares ALL of Illinois a Disaster Area After Heavy Snowfall - Chicagoland Impact Report


WGN and ABC 7 Chicago are reporting various snow totals across the greater Chicagoland area, and Governor Pritzker has declared a disaster. The ABC 7 Chicago video below shows some of the impact on Metro Chicago.


WGN reports "Lake-effect snow slammed the Midway Airport area with 17.7 inches as of Tuesday morning. About 7.5 inches were reported at O’Hare Airport".

The National weather Service Chicago/Romeoville office reported a wide range of snow totals from this snowfall from Feb 15th to Feb 16th, 2021.

Transit Impact on Chicago Metro Area

The Chicago Transit Authority reported numerous delays, the purple and yellow lines were shut down, and the CTA's north/south Red Line suffered delays said to be significant. All of this due to what the CTA said were switching problems, and weather related issues. Adding to these delays was a death at the CTA Forest Park Branch of the Blue Line after a woman with a knife who was acting threatening and erratic per OEMC radio recordings from Zone-10, threw herself onto the tracks.

Today as of 2:34PM, these were the CTA train system status notifications at the CTA's official website

The CTA posted alerts for at least 25 bus routes, so you need to plan extra travel time today. The routes affected are listed below:

#9 Ashland Temporary Reroute at Ashland/89th - 9 Ashland buses are temporarily rerouted via Ashland, 87th, Western, 95th, and Ashland due to street blockage near Ashland/89th.

#59 59th/61st Temporary Reroute near 59th/Kilpatrick - 59 59th/61st buses are temporarily rerouted via 59th, Pulaski, 63rd, and Cicero, due to street blockage near 59th/Kilpatrick.

#87 87th Temporary Reroute near 87th/Damen - 87 87th buses are temporarily rerouted via 87th, Damen and into the terminal: due to street blockage near 87th/Damen.

                                                       Downtown/Lake Shore Drive buses:

143 Stockton/Michigan Express buses are temporarily rerouted via Michigan, Inner Lake Shore Drive, LaSalle and Stockton, due to winter weather.

Metra spokesperson Meg Reile issued a statement regarding Metra service. Metra Electric and Union Pacific North lines had delays due to vehicles that got stuck on the tracks. Metra's Union Pacific North experienced delays in Wilmette and Winthrop Harbor due to the same issues as the UP North. 

Several new photos of Metra trains operating after the storm were posted in a public facebook group by a Metra employee. That same employee also posted a photo showing how Metra was preparing in Elgin for their morning run.

According to the Chicago Tribune, "As of 9:15 a.m., more than 150 flights had been canceled at the city’s two airports. O’Hare International Airport had 82 cancellations to Midway Airport’s 73. O’Hare had an additional 105 delayed flights, while Midway counted only 3 delays. Most delays at O’Hare were no longer than 30 minutes."

The Chicago Police Department verified Twitter account had this from Feb 15th, 2021 at 10:09AM If you're driving in he mess left behind today, check your road conditions here at, an official IDOT site.