Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Area 4 Death Investigation - CTA Blue Line

Early this morning, the CTA tweeted about an incident at the Forest Park Blue line stop.

What nobody knew was that this would turn-out to be a tragic morning. The responding officer thought he was going to a routine CTA disturbance like many CPD units get each day involving a person who had lost control of themselves and decided to do something about whatever the problem may have been. Here's what happened. This will be updated with investigation records giving more detail once the investigation is cleared and closed. 

Address: 530 S. Pulaski

Time: 5:30:53AM

Beat of Occurrence: 1132

Beat Assigned: 1134

UCR: 5078

RD# JE-142806


This is an Area 4 death investigation that occurred in the 011th District on Beat 1132 at 530 S. Pulaski (CTA Blue Line) Forest Park Branch.

This report should not be read alone, but in conjunction with all other reports filed with this RD#. All information in this report is in-essence and not verbatim unless otherwise noted.

R/Ds received this investigation after an 011th District field unit notified the area of a death on the tracks at 530 S. Pulaski Rd.

R/Ds relocated from the area to the noted address, and interviewed on-scene units, CTA personnel, and witnesses.

The below information pertains to the initial response investigation:

Beat 1134 was assigned by OEMC Z10 to a call of a battery in-progress at 530 S. Pulaski Rd. OEMC then received information that the battery in-progress was now a person with a knife, female offender w/ a knife threatening people and damaging car windows, and walking in and out of the station.

Beat 1134 arrived to find that the woman who was the subject of the two calls the 911 had thrown herself onto the tracks. CTA had already turned-off power at the time 1134 notified the zone at 5:35:22AM. 1134 immediately requested CFD EMS to respond.

1114 summoned 1120 for supervisory response at 5:43:35AM, and shortly after, notified Z11 that this may be a crime scene.

ET o/s at 6:58AM.


A/4 Kennedy - Star# 1700


R/Ds currently completing investigation. See investigation supplemental narrative and morgue unit report at conclusion of investigation.


Z11, A/4, 011 Desk, Crime Lab, Ops Command, News Affairs.

1134 - CW2 at 6:03:45AM for ET, but instructed to contact crimelab help desk first and then switch back to order ET.

ET req for photos of body and blood on the tracks, DNA samples of blood.

ET assignment slightly delayed due to change of watch.

1134 attempted body removal req at 6:44:47 prior to ET arrival stating Det approval. Req denied, unit instructed to wait until ET has completed processing.

5430 personally authorized body removal on CW2 6:45:42AM stating body was already bagged and ready to go, but that he only wanted some scene photos and items recovered.

1134 stated body was placed on platform from tracks.

Requesting Officer: Davis - Star# 10656

ME Martinez - 89

0649Hrs removal req completed

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