Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Area 4 Homicide Investigation - Beat 1121, Victim Found Shot

Address: 725 N. Trumbull

Time: 5:46AM

Beat of Occurrence: 1121

Beat assigned: 1112

UCR: 041-A to 0110

RD# JE-136516

Event# 01755

A/4 Supervisor: 5420


This is an A/4 Violent Crimes/Homicide investigation. All information in this report is in-essence and not verbatim. This report should not be read alone, but with all other reports filed with Records Division Number JE-136516

R/Ds were assigned this investigation by the on-duty A/4 Violent Crimes Sgt upon notification from 011th District Bureau of Patrol Unit 1112.

R/Ds relocated from A/4 to the scene, and were met by on-scene units. R/Ds interviewed on-scene units, viewed the scene, and authorized the scene for processing by the Crimelab and Forensic Unit Evidence Technicians.

R/Ds learned the victim was found with one shot in the ear/head after 1112 responded to a call of shot spotter detection of shots fired. Victim is a 
53 year-old standing 5 foot 10 and 140lbs. 

R/Ds then relocated from the scene to Sinai hospital where victim was transported by CFD Ambulance 64, with E44 also assigned. R/Ds interviewed CFD medics from A44 and E44, as well as Mt. Sinai hospital ER personnel assigned to work on victim.

R/Ds then learned the victim was pronounced at Mt. Sinai. Victim assigned M.E.# 2021-01930

R/Ds were later notified by Beat 1131 2nd Watch that ET's had finished processing victim at Mt. Sinai, and R/Ds authorized body removal to Cook County M.E., and victim was scheduled for autopsy.

R/Ds relocated from A/4 to CCME where Dr. (Forensic Pathologist) related the findings to R/Ds. R/Ds summoned ETs to respond to photograph and inventory evidence. See Evidence Log and Investigation File Inventory. See morgue unit report for M.E. findings

Personnel Assigned:

1114 - Crime Scene with 1112.

Det. Assignment:

A/4 Det. Kennedy - Star# 1700

A/4 Garcia - Star# 20584

ET processed blood and bullet hole in building.

1131 2nd Watch assigned to victim at Sinai

Requesting Officer: Gammon 9654

M.E. Authorizing: 83 - Ferguson

This investigation continues open, in-progress.

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