Friday, February 26, 2021

Chicago Police Department Silences Activists, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sen Warren, Former FBI Director James Comey, Several Major Automotive Companies, Major Retailers on Twitter

Chicago-One News asked the Chicago Police Department to release their Block and mute lists for all official CPD Twitter accounts, including that of Tom Ahern, the official verified main CPD Twitter Account, and the official main verified Twitter account for CPD Superintendent David O. Brown.

CPD denies in their FOIA response letter that Tiom Ahern and Supt David Brown have twitter accounts even though they are clearly visible for the public to see. CPD also did not provide the block or mute list for their main account as asked.
The block and mute lists that CPD DID release shows that the city has several high-profile Twitter accounts blocked and/or muted which may possibly violate U.S. Supreme Court rulings, and a 4th Circuit Court ruling in Davison v Randall.

The Chicago Police Department's 005th District has CNN, FOP Lodge 7, Beth Bria of CBS Chicago, Chelsea Manning, and Diamond & Silk on the block list. Their mute list shows Planned Parenthood Illinois Action, Alyssa Milano, and the Twitter verified BLM Twitter account muted, along with the twitter verified One Republic account, and Chicago Street Tweets.
Continuing the block list, CPD 005 has the popular Spot News account blocked. CPD's 006th District has Twitter verified Larry Elder account blocked. The activist account for Chicago PD Transparency is on 007's and 008's District block list. 009 has muted the Twitter verified account for Bette Midler along with the Morton Grove Illinois Police Department.
009 has BLOCKED the Twitter verified accounts for Motorola US, Ram Trucks, and Honda. The Twitter verified accounts for these same companies also appear on the 010th District block list along with Subway (the popular food chain), Toyota, Nissan, Continental Tire, Chic Fil A, E Trade, Journalist Adam Farmer, Monica Trinidad who says she is a Latinx artist, Nordstrom Trunk Club (Twitter verified), Lands End (Twitter verified), Volvo Car USA (Twitter verified), Amazon's Twitter verified account, and BMW USA (Twitter verified).

010's mute list has 11 accounts muted, which include Twitter verified accounts for the Philadelphia Cream Cheese company, Montgomery Granger, and Daquan (Daquandottv).

The 011th District has muted two of their own.....Tom Ahern, and the 025th District DCO. Alisa Hauser is also on this mute list. Alisa once worked for Block Club Chicago. Brother James Reiter also made this block list from the Conventual Franciscan Brothers.

011 features 4 blocked accounts, one of which is the Twitter verified account for Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. The 012th District has 4 accounts blocked, one of which is the Twitter verified account of Al Jazeera English.

CPD's 014th District has 5 twitter accounts blocked, one of them is the activist account for Chicago PD Transparency. One Twitter verified account is blocked and is identified as Profesor Nadir. This same account is also muted by 015.

015 has 6 accounts blocked. Of those 6 are two local Chicago accounts identified as Indivisible Chicago Northwest Side, and Concerned Citizen 606. The Concerned 606 account also shows up in the 016 block list with 3 other accounts also blocked by 016.

016 has blocked very high-profile, prominent accounts belonging to U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, former FBI Director James Comey, and activist David Hogg,. All of these accounts are displaying the Twitter verified blue checkmark.

CPD's 017th district has muted former U.S. President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, and the well-known Father Michael Pfleger. On 017th block list is the Twitter verified account of Ancestry dot com.

018 has no one muted, but one blocked. 019 has nobody on their mute list, but has several people blocked. The 020th district has several on their block list, and their mute list features the popular Bike Lane Uprising account, along with the San Francisco Police Dept. Chicago PD Transparency shows up once again on 020's block list along with the Twitter verified account for Apple (the popular computer and phone company).

The 020th district has nobody muted, and one on their block list.

CPD's 024th District has several people on their block list. The most prominent local Twitter account being blocked is Assata's Daughter's, a well-known activist group that focuses on black civil rights. The Twitter verified accounts for Now This and Larry Flynt are also blocked. Local twitter account 4danlopez shows on this block list.

Chicago's 025th District has the longest block list of them all. Almost all of the blocked users are redacted. 4danlopez shows up here once more.

Chicago-One reached out to the Chicago Police Department for comment, and received no response. 

See the full Chicago Police Department Twitter Blocking and Muting lists here: 

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