Thursday, March 25, 2021

Woman Shot in The Head in Chicago's 025th District - Beat 2521

Photo courtesy Citizen App

Address: 5355 W. Wrightwood and 5110 W. Diversey

Date: 24 March 2021

Beat of Occurrence: 2515 and 2521

Beat of Assign: 2515

Assisting Beats: 2561-B 

Supervising: 2510, 2520

Time: 8:39PM

UCR: 041-A

RD# JE-178815 (041-A) and 178825 (collision)

Event# 14271 (041-A), 14310 (99-B collision) 

Initial Response Investigation Summary:

Event# 14271

This is an Area-5 Bureau of Detectives Violent Crimes investigation regarding the Aggravated Battery and Attempted Homicide that occurred on Beat 2521. This has two crime scenes, the secondary crime scene being at 5110 W. Diversey.

Beat 2502-S (SDSC/Intelligence) alerted Zone-12 of shots fired notification by shot spotter. 5255 W. Wrightwood, 1 round in the gangway. Z12 then alerted by 911 call to a person shot at 5110 W. Diversey. 

2520 arrived on-scene and confirmed a woman shot. 2561-B assigned to assist. Z12 stated 2520 should be looking at a white Toyota. Z12 then received a 911 call for a car collision at Laramie & Diversey involving two vehicles. 2520 called for a LEMART kit. z12 relayed traffic to units that they had information the shooting occurred at Wrightwood and Laramie, and the victim fled to Diversey where the victim's car collided with another car. 

2532 emroute to scene from 025th District station, will block Diversey eastbound lane. 2523 assigned to block traffic. 2515 assigned as paper car. 2510 inquired if there was a ticket of another person shot. Z12 advised him of calls regarding the auto collision. Z12 proceeded to request a car to go to the primary crime scene  and advised that a car drove through the primary crime scene northbound on Laramie (plate redacted). 

Z12 sought 2562-D for the primary crime scene, and 2561 instructed the zone to assign one of his cars. 2561-D assigned. 

2535 alerted Z12 they were blocking traffic WB at Diversey at LeClaire 

Z12 told 2515 the RD and Event number had been assigned. 

2561-B advised Z12 they had a traffic stop at Laramie & Nelson, requested instruction from Sgt (2510). 2510 advised they can use their discretion. 

2515 advised Z12 of female victim identity. 

2510 reqested unit to stop traffic SB on street just north of Diversey. 2532 assigned.   

2515 advised Z12 GSW to back of head, critical condition. 

2520 ordered Z12 to pull 2514 off their detail and assign to hospital (Masonic)

Z12 advised CFD ambulance 7 transporting critical to Masonic

2520 requested Tact team to check shot spotter, check crime scene, check for video, etc. Z12 advised tact unit 2561-D already assigned. 

Z12 asked if 2520 needed another car. 2520 said he needed a minute. 

2515 asked for an RD for 041-A, Z12 issued RD and event for 2nd time. 

2561-B asked for what the crime scene area is and Z12 advised address with info that shot spotter heard 1 round in the gangway.

2524 - Laramie and Diversey

2531 - Advised Z12 they were assigned to auto collision, needed plate information. Z12 had no plate info at the moment. 2531 then advised they had plate info (plate info redacted per Illinois FOIA). Z12 advised 2531 that the zone would hold-off on issuing the collision RD until later because if the 041-A needed a new UCR, they wouldn't be able to assign a new UCR. 2520 told the zone to put the accident on a separate event number and RD. 2520 Instructed Z12 to make the collision RD a 99-B (traffic collision). 

2510 said everything was contained well, and Laramie would open N and SB. 

RD# JE-178825 with Event# 14310 issued for the collision. 

Z12 inquired with 2561-D if anything found on Wrightwood, and 2561-D stated they have nothing. 2561-D then stated they spoke to a source who may have evidence. 

2520 - inquired if anything found at primary crime scene. Zone advises nothing found. 

2510 to Z12 - confused as to what RD# goes to which case related to the shooting and collision. Zone gets him correct information. 

5520 tells Z12 to get the paper car to call the Area so they can get Detectives assigned. 

 9:47PM - Z12 First Watch sign-on with 3rd Watch units in 025 still working this shooting. 3rd Watch units now become X-Ray 25XX units. 

5514 - inquires where shooting at Diversey & Laramie originated at. Wants to know if units on-scene there.  2561 states he was just at the shot spotter address and found nothing. 

2561 assigns post shooting boundaries Central to Laramie and Fullerton to Diversey

5563 on the zone looking for 2561-D and requested a meet at Wrightwood & Long. 

2514 advises 2520 of their location inside Masonic 

5512 inquired about ET location. Stated they were enroute to Masonic. Requested ET to process victim's vehicle. 

2524 - Located shell casings on Long between Wrightwood and Drummond. 2625 N. Long

2520 - Confirms one casing at Long address 

2515 - inquired where the shell casing was found, 2520 told her

2515 becomes an X-Ray car (Overtime hold-over from 3rd Watch)

2515 - Change address of occurrence to Long address

2535 - Becomes an X-Ray car (still blocking traffic)

X2535 calls for relief

2520 assigns 2524 at the 2nd scene

2524 getting gas and then returning to Laramie assignment

2514 and 2524 clear for the night


2510 - Traffic (Blocking Diversey west) 

2514 - Masonic w/ victim

2524 - Laramie & Diversey

2532 - Traffic (Blocking Diversey East), then relocated to block traffic sb on street just north of Diversey

2535 - WB Diversey at Leclaire

2561-D - Primary crime scene investigation and canvass

Area 5 Bureau of Detectives Personnel Assigned: 

5520 - Violent Crimes Supervisor

5512 - Area 5 Violent Crimes Unit assigned to Masonic

5514 - Area 5 Violent Crimes Unit assigned to Diversey scene

5516 - Wrightwood crime scene (shell casing recovery scene)

5563 - Area 5 Property Crimes Unit assigned to primary crime scene/canvass


2515 - ET request, 5158 W. Diversey outside on the street. No offenders in custody. Car collision, victim's vehicle to be processed, blood in the car. 2531 is guarding the scene. White Toyota Corolla. (plate redacted in compliance with Illinois FOIA)  Detective Verosa - Star# 20192 

5844 assigned, 5846 replaces 5844 on assignment, then both units assigned

5846 assigned to 2nd scene on Long

Investigation: See Area 5 Detective Division supplementals and investigative inventory sheet

This investigation is continuing in-progress 

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Chicago Police Say Improper Supervision of Children Resulting in Child Endangerment is ok if Parent is Nearby When it Happens

That is the narrative Chicago Police are using this morning after a mother's lack of supervision over her children placed their lives at risk. 

Early this morning the Chicago Fire Department responded to a call of a fire at 6147 Wabash. The Chicago Fire Department Twitter account not only confirmed the fire response, but highlighted the danger these children were in as the result of their mother improperly supervising them, causing the kids to face a kitchen fire without her. 

According to this report by ABC 7 Chicago, this was the situation CFD responders found upon their arrival....

ABC 7 reported further said, "witnesses said the smoke was so heavy they could barely see out of the building."

Upon the mother being located, the family was re-united and Chicago Police did not arrest this mother "because she was nearby".  No details were released as to whether or not a DCFS hotline call was made and if DCFS is investigating or not.