Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Body Found in Car on City's NW Side


Date: 14 April 2021

Address: 5821 W. Grand and 2160 N. Marmora (Marmora & Grand, just south of Grand)

Time: 11:31:50AM

Beat of Occurrence: 2515

Beat of Assign: 2515

Assisting Beats: 2511

Supervising: 2530, 2561, 

UCR: 0110

RD# JE-199141

Event# 05556

Response and Initial Investigation Summary

This is Event# 

This is a BWC event. 

This report should not be read alone, but should be read in conjunction with all other reports filed with Records Division Number 

All information in this report is in-essence only and not verbatim unless otherwise noted. 

R/Os dispatched via Z12 radio OEMC to Grand and Marmora on a call of a person who found a body in the trunk of a car. OEMC stated this call to be a person calling for help w/ a body in the trunk of a grey Caddy (short for cadillac). 

Upon arrival, R/Os met with caller and detained him. 2561 also on-scene. 2530 confirmed one body in the trunk. 2520 to come w/ tape, 2511 also offered a response to bring tape. 2599 also confirmed body in trunk. Spanish speaker requested. Vehicle has Illinois plate [redacrted]

2530 requested a check of 5821 W. Grand in the shop. 2573 assigned. 2580 on-scene with 25D12. 2524 on-scene. 2580-A on-scene 

5821 Grand has a call history from earlier today. Call came in at 11:03AM as a call-back 

2561 attempting to make entry through rear at 5821 Grand 

2521 confirms crime scene in the garage 5821 Grand

2535 at 5821 Grand with 2525. 2573 has crime scene control

25D15 on-scene at Grand ave. 2532 at Marmora scene 

2515 called to 5821 Grand earlier today at 1103am and same beat o/s at 1107am

11:48:18 - units on Marmora ordered to turn cameras off  

11:53:33 AM - Address of occurrence for primary crime scene changed to 5821 Grand 

Per 2520 -  2533 and 2525 are guarding the crime scene at Grand 

25D14 traffic control - Grand & Marmora

25D10 Assigned 25D12 and 25D13 to guard crime scene at south end of Grand & Marmora (11:56:20)

2500 o/s at 11:56:20

25D15 enroute to the scene from 025. Was in 025 with 2512 waiting for Area 5 Detectives (11:56:20)

12:06:42 2515 asked by Z12 to call the ME and Crime Lab

12:12:32 - 2513 transporting a witness to Area 5 by order of 2520

5511 (Area 5 Violent Crimes) - Asks for Crime Lab at the Marmora address (12:14:59)

5560 (Area 5 Sgt) asks for time 1st 025th District car arrived. 2512 was 1st o/s 11:32AM

5514 checked-in with CW 2 at 12:14:22 regarding Crime Lab assignment for Marmora, CW 2 said the zone hasn't made all notifications yet and they still need assigned units to make requests for service

12:30:08 - 2nd request for 2515 to call the crime lab

2530 clears 2532 at 12:40:22

1:25:18 2532 assigned the crime scene on Grand

1:29:02 2515 enroute to 025 to work on the report for this incident

1:47:49 2530 needs two late cars for Grand & Marmora and the 2nd for south end of 2140 Marmora

1:48:39 PM - Z12 3rd Watch signs-on   

Address is bounded to the North by Grand Ave and to the South by Dickens. Address bounded to the west by Mason and to the East by Monitor. Lighting conditions were light w/ minor overcast and weather conditions were just at or slightly below 50 degrees F.   

Upon arrival, R/Os found a deceased male victim who appeared to be in his 40s in the trunk of the vehicle. CFD notified, victim pronounced at scene by telemetry. Vehicle was towed to Cook County Medical Exainer's Office where R/Os and R/Ds were met by Allied who removed body and placed body onto gurney and took body into M.E.'s office. 

See Area 5 Detective Supplemental Reports and Investigative File Inventory sheet for more. This case is open and active.    


2524 at 2:48:08PM - Req body removal at the M.E.'s office. Dispatcher confused. 2524 explains he is with a car that has the body inside, and Allied will be needed to remove the body from the vehicle once they arrive at the ME's office. Vehicle to be towed to the M.E.'s office. 5830 confirms 2524 is correct, and states Allied 

Requesting Officer: Santos - Star# 15654 

Detective Lynn - Star# 21384 

M.E. White #21

M.E.# 2021-03948

Body removal canceled by CW2 at 3:07:25 because 2524 wasn't at the M.E. yet, and advised to recontact upon arrival at M.E.

2523 on CW2 at M.E. 3:58:23, requesting officer: Cwynar - Star# 17165 

Williams #87

Console Time: 4:03PM

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