Saturday, May 15, 2021

Shooting at Grand and Dearborn Parking Structure


Date: 15 May 2021

Time: 9:49AM

Address: 6 W. Grand Ave / 16 W. Grand / 525 N. Dearborn

Beat of Occurrence: 

Beat of Assign: 

Assisting Beats: 

UCR: 051-A

RD# JE-230802

Event# 05449


Event# 05449

In summary, Beat 1831 was assigned "information for the police" stating that a stolen Dodge Durango was being tracked at 21 W. Ohio driving around the block. 1833 assisting. 

At or around 9:49AM, Unit 7382-C notified Citywide-1 of several loud reports heard by him at Dearborn and Grand, and requested units. An unidentified unit stated the address as 32 W. Grand.  

7382-C then relayed information via CW-1 at 9:50AM that he had two people shot and was unable to determine beyond a head injury to one victim where that victim was shot at, and requested two ambulances. The CW-1 dispatcher communicated with OEMC  Zone-4 who summoned 018th District units for 7382-C at Grand & Dearborn for shots fired, stating that the citywide had sent it over.

9:52AM, Zone-4: 1833 "There's someone injured, we're following blood" 

9:53AM, Zone-4: 111 at Grand & State helping with traffic control, and a report from 1833 of 1 in-custody with another offender possibly on the 6th floor. One minute later, 1833 reports a crashed vehicle, black Dodge Durango. The vehicle has four bullet holes in it. 1833 requests an E.T. and 1890 gives a slow-down. 

On-scene unit sent a caution over the air to responding units with information that a shooter may be on-scene, and CW-1 summoned 4605 (SWAT), along with a Sergeant. CW-1 received information that units were following a blood trail, and an on-scene unit advised CW-1 that one person was in-custody at 9:53AM. At that moment, CW-1 relayed information describing a possible offender as being a male black with a multi-colored hoodie. CW-1 also stated that a second shooter might be on the 6th floor. Unit identifying as "82 Boy" stated on in-custody. 

4650-A stated he was enroute at 9:54AM. 4605 confirmed to be on-scene at this time by CW-1. K9-unit 4721 assigned. 4690 stated to be enroute. 1833 reports shots fired, but states possible accidental misfire. 

CW-1 confirms a shell casing on 2nd floor of the parking garage. CW-1 confirms a stolen Dodge Durango, but had no idea how the vehicle was related. More loud reports heard on 2nd floor at 9:56AM, however, on-scene unit 7392 stated this to be an accidental discharge. 7392 re-iterated nobody shot, and the discharge was accidental. 

CW-1 repeats information for units at 9:58AM that there is a crime scene consisting of a crashed vehicle and a blood trail. 1833 requests crime scene tape and states multiple shell casings. 190 states she has crime scene tape. 

Information developed from an on-scene unit at 9:59AM that Ambulance 74 had a patient transport which might be an offender. At this same moment, 4605 stated they were exiting on the 6th floor east stairwell in the parking lot. CTA notification ordered for bypass of Grand Ave Red Line stop. 

CW-1 stated at 10AM that the CTA Red Line Grand Ave stop was placed on bypass. One minute later, unit 7382-C told CW-1 that he was aware of a M/1 wearing all blue standing 5 foot 8 to 6 feet tall ran North on Dearborn from Grand. 160 asks for a unit to close-off the parking garage at Ohio, 1813 assigned. One minute later, 160 asks for Wabash & Grand westbound traffic to be blocked, 121 assigned. 111's partner instructs northbound traffic to be stopped, and no one to be let through the other way. 1821 stopping sb traffic at Ohio, buses can be let through per 160.   

7392 relayed information to CW-1 at 10:03AM that he spoke to a victim who stated there could be up to 5 offenders, as the victim saw 5 get out of the stolen car. 7392 stated two offenders were in an ambulance and one in custody who was not in an ambulance, one fled on foot, which accounts for four offenders. 1833 also states possibly 5 offenders involved. 

301-S informed CW-1 at 10:04AM that CTA Red Line Grand Station was still active with passengers. 

Zone-4 confirms a "Plan-3" at 10:06AM. 130 on-scene and wants to know where 190 wants the shield. 190 says hold the shield. 1830 notified of the Plan-3. 

4721 instructed to go to 2nd floor of the parking structure and meet units there. 

7392 instructed to call the CW-1 dispatcher at 10:09AM. 

4605 on the 4th floor of the parking structure at 10:12AM. 121 on Zone-4 is on the east side on Grand just before Wabash and sees a security camera. One minute later, Zone-4 alerts units that 7560 and 4605 clearing floors 6,5,4, all cleared and heading to 3. 

7560 has met with K9 and are going back up to 6 at 10:14AM (Zone-4)

10:14AM - 1833 pulls the RD and Event number

10:16AM - 1822 following Ambulance 11 to Stroger with one transport, 1820 assigns 1832 to NMH to be with male victim

10:19AM - 1822 at Stroger with one victim, 1831 and 1832 NMH  per Zone-4, 1899 notified. 4721 ordered to his assigned car by 1890. 4721 was not reached on Zone-4 at this time. 1890 orders a Mag Mile foot unit to go to 1831 at NMH and bring her back to her car. Zone-4 called for 1882, 2073 volunteered instead. 

10:21AM - per 1831: two victims at NMH in critical, one shot 9 times and the other has a graze wound to the eye. 7560 is on 4th floor stairwell, 4 west.    

4605 ran a plate at 10:22AM while on the 5th floor. Vehicle was a silver Grand Caravan unattended and unoocupied with driver's side door opened. 

10:23AM - 121 relocated to NMH

3215 confirms CTA buses cannot come down State St northbound or southbound at State/Ohio/Grand at 10:24AM.

10:26AM - 7560 on 8th floor, and 121 is with 1831, they're gonna get her squad car and she's gonna drive back to NMH

7392 asks for a car to sit with victims of the original carjacking in this case at 32 W. Grand at 10:33AM. 7392 stated if a car is already on-scene, that would do as well. CW-1 stated she would check with Zone-4.

10:34AM - Zone-4 seeks verification where the train is supposed to stop. 1831 updates that the victim thought to be shot 9 times was only shot 4 times. 4 entrance and 4 exit wounds. 7560 found another set of stairs, from 8 west downwards they're checking floors. Confirmed CTA only needs to skip Grand and State.  

1833 is the paper car at 10:36AM and at the same time, 4650-A asks to meet with 4605 at the 6th floor. 4605 confirms 6th floor meeting and stated they would find 4650-A.

10:37AM - 5332 (Area-3 Detective) states he's enroute. 1824 is upstairs on 3rd floor with the Dodge Durango. 

10:38AM - 1823 assigned to sit with owner of Durango until 5332 arrives

10:41AM - 1882 asks Z4 to assign a unit to relieve 1821 at State & Ohio traffic control. 1882-G assigned  

7392 confirms with CW-1 that the owner is there with him, but hasn't checked his ID. CW-1 tells him 1824 is protecting the Durango, and asks him if he's seeking another car. 7392 says he wants a separate car to sit with the owner on street level until the Area Detectives can arrive (10:42AM). 1882-F assigned at 10:56AM. 90 was at 16 W. Grand with Area Detectives at this time. 

10:43AM - Zone-4 confirms with 1831 which victims she has at NMH. 1831 confirms one is having a CT scan done. Z4 seeks contact with 1822 at Stroger. 1820 told Z4 he would get in contact with 1822 and have him call the Zone. 1820 also told Z4 the victim at Stroger has a shot to the thigh and the ankle, pending confirmation. 190 seeks a 001st District unit to help 018 on 3rd floor. 1882-F assigned. 1890 asks the Detectives to meet him at 16 W Grand. 

10:49AM - 190 asks for a 2 man car at Dearborn and Grand. 132 assigned. 

10:50AM - 111 at Grand & Wabash doing traffic control. 1823 and 24 are gonna switch-out, they're gonna go down there and 111's gonna come up here. 121's gonna go to the 2nd floor, 111's still doing traffic control. Zone-4 thinks 121 is still at NMH. Zone is seeking clarification now. 121 is back from NMH.  

4650-A mobile with 4605: "What staircase are you guys at?" "I couldn't hear, could you switch to Tac 81?" (10:57AM)

4650-A mobile with 4605: "Switch to Tac-81, I'm having trouble copying you", "Back on 2 near the original crime scene, so let's rally-up here at the crime scene". 

5332 asks 4721 to come back to the 3rd floor at 32 W. Grand at 11:22AM

11:35AM - 5332 asks the zone to have a unit transport the victim and his girlfriend to Area-3 and have them wait in the conference room. 1821 assigned. 

11:36AM - 1890 seeks CTA Mass Transit Unit Supervisor to meet him at 16 W. Grand

11:38AM - 1833 requests to change UCR to 041-A

CW-1 asked 7392 to meet with 1890 at 16 W. Grand at 11:38AM

11:40AM - 5332 will meet 1821 before he heads off to A-3

11:42AM - 130 seeks any available one-officer unit to secure 111's vehicle and take-over traffic control. 182-B assigned. 

11:49AM - 1833 seeks information about the arrestee 7382-B placed into custody. Learns he was transported in an ambulance, but no clue which one.  

Update: 4:30PM - 15 May 2021 

Statement by Chicago Police: 

“In the 0-100 block of W. Grand, on May 15, 2021, at approx. 9:50 a.m., officers responded to shots fired inside of a parking garage. Officers discovered three male gunshot wound victims, ages 20, 27, and 28. The 20-year-old male victim was struck twice to the knee and was transported to Stroger Hospital initially reported in good condition. The 27-year-old male victim was struck multiple times to the body and was transported to Northwestern Hospital initially reported in critical condition. The 28-year-old male victim sustained a graze wound to the thigh and was transported to Northwestern Hospital initially reported in fair condition. There are no offenders in custody at this time. Area Three Detectives are investigating.” CPD later corrected its statement to say the 28-year-old sustained a graze wound to his eye, not his thigh.

One of the men who was shot is now identified as a well-known rapper named "Lil Reese" whose legal name is Tavares Taylor. Today is the second time Taylor has experienced a shooting. On 11 November 2019, he was struck by gunfire in the neck by a bullet fired from an AK-47 in a Country Club Hills incident. The Chicago Tribune reported on that story.  

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