Thursday, March 18, 2021

Chicago Police Say Improper Supervision of Children Resulting in Child Endangerment is ok if Parent is Nearby When it Happens

That is the narrative Chicago Police are using this morning after a mother's lack of supervision over her children placed their lives at risk. 

Early this morning the Chicago Fire Department responded to a call of a fire at 6147 Wabash. The Chicago Fire Department Twitter account not only confirmed the fire response, but highlighted the danger these children were in as the result of their mother improperly supervising them, causing the kids to face a kitchen fire without her. 

According to this report by ABC 7 Chicago, this was the situation CFD responders found upon their arrival....

ABC 7 reported further said, "witnesses said the smoke was so heavy they could barely see out of the building."

Upon the mother being located, the family was re-united and Chicago Police did not arrest this mother "because she was nearby".  No details were released as to whether or not a DCFS hotline call was made and if DCFS is investigating or not.