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Chicago O'Hare Home Page - Good for immediate economy parking information, finding wait time for Taxi service, and Flight Arrival / Departure search

Chicago O'Hare International Airport Official Airline and Traveler Resource Page - List of airlines, airline website links, airline phone numbers, and accessibility information 

O'Hare International Airport Maps

O'Hare General / Simple Map

Terminal 1

Terminal 2

Terminal 3 - H&K Concourse

Terminal 3 - G Concourse

Terminal 3 - L Concourse

Terminal 5 - International, M Concourse

Bus / Shuttle Center

Flight Tracking, Airline Departures & Arrivals Information

FlightAware - O'Hare International Airport Arrival & Departure Boards with Flight Tracking

FlightAware - Chicago O'Hare International Airport Scheduled Departures

FlightAware - Chicago O'Hare International Airport Arrivals

FlightAware - Chicago O'Hare International Airport ENROUTE Arrivals

Chicago O'Hare International Airport LIVE Flight Tracking Map
Click on the BLUE O'Hare Airport pin on the map to see options for flight arrivals, departures, on the ground flights, local time, flight diary, delay and cancellation stats, etc.  

Chicago O'Hare International Airport Arrival & Departure Boards

Current Flights ON THE GROUND
Note: An aircraft will remain on the list until FlightRadar24 can confirm that it has departed from the airport. The data is provided as is, there are no guarantees that the information is fully correct or up to date. Changes and errors may occur. Therefore Flightradar24 cannot be held liable either for the accuracy of the information or for ensuring that the information is up to date at all times.

Chicago O'Hare International Airport DEPARTURE Route Map for the next 7 days to come Note: Map shows all scheduled non-stop flights from Chicago during the upcoming 7 days. Click on an airport to get a full list of all flights to that airport or click here (it make take up to 30 seconds to load all flights) to get a full list of all flights and destinations.

Chicago O'Hare International Airport Delay Map

O'Hare International Airport - Chicago Police Department Airport Unit

CPD Unit: 050 

OEMC Zone: ORD - Motorola Smartnet / Motorola P25 

The Chicago Police Department operates the Airport Law Enforcement Section, a specialty unit to itself requiring specialized training. This unit works alongside U.S. federal law enforcement and intelligence partners from every U.S. agency. The CPD Airport Law Enforcement Section also maintains working relationships with nearby suburban law enforcement departments.

Although the O'Hare Unit is it's own specialty unit, the 016th District is part of the team, and as such, O'Hare shares 3 016th District beat assignments: 1651 through 1655. The airport is bordered by 016th District beats 1614 and 1631

7200 Commander - Airport Law Enforcement Section
7201 Airport Law Enforcement Section - Administration Unit Commanding Officer
7202 & 7203 Desk/Radio/Vehicle Duties
7205 & 7206 Community Policing Office
7207 & 7208 Traffic Enforcement
7209 Traffic Aide Coordinator

CPD O'Hare 10 Sector (Terminal 1)

7210 Sergeant
7211 Terminal 1 Foot Post
7211X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7212 Terminal 1 Foot Post
7212X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7213 Terminal 1 Foot Post
7213X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7214 Terminal 1 Foot Post
7214X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7215 Terminal 1 Foot Post
7215X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7216 Terminal 1 Foot Post
7216X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7217 Special Employment Sgt - TSA
7217X Special Employment Officer - TSA
7218 Terminal 1 Concourse Foot Patrol
7218X Special Employment Officer - SUPPLEMENTAL
7219 Terminal 1 Kiosk

CPD O'Hare 20 Sector (Terminal 2)

7220 Terminal 2 Sgt
7221 Terminal 2 Foot Post
7221X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7222 Terminal 2 Foot Post
7222X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7223 Terminal 2 Foot Post
7223X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7224 Terminal 2 Foot Post
7224X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7225 Terminal 2 Foot Post
7225X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7226 Terminal 2 Foot Post
7226X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7227X Special Employment Officer- TSA
7228X Special Employment Officer - SUPPLEMENTAL
7229 Terminal 2 Kiosk

CPD O'Hare 30 Sector (Terminal 3)

7230 Terminal 3 Sgt
7231 Terminal 3 Foot Post
7231X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7232 Terminal 3 Foot Post
7232X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7233 Terminal 3 Foot Post
7233X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7234 Terminal 3 Foot Post
7234X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7235 Terminal 3 Foot Post
7235X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7236 Terminal 3 Foot Post
7236X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7237X Special Employment Officer - TSA
7238A Special Employment Officer - SUPPLEMENTAL
7238X Special Employment Officer - SUPPLEMENTAL
7239 Terminal 3 Kiosk

CPD O'Hare 40 Sector  (Mixed Police Resources)

7240 Sgt.
7241 / 7241 A, B, C Motorized Patrol
7241X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7242 / 7242 A, B, C Motorized Patrol
7242X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7243 Squadrol
7243X & 44X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7245 & 45A Airfield Vehicle Motorized Patrol 
7245X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7246 Consolidated Car Rental Facility
7246X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7247 Consolidated Car Rental Facility - ORD
7247X Special Employment Officer - TSA
7248X Special Employment Officer - SUPPLEMENTAL

CPD O'Hare 50 Sector (Terminal 5)

7250 Sgt. Terminal 5
7251 Terminal 5 Foot Post
7251X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7252 Terminal 5 Foot Post
7252X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7253 Terminal 5 Foot Post
7253X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7254 Terminal 5 Foot Post
7254X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7255 Terminal 5 Foot Post
7255X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7256 Terminal 5 Foot Post
7256X Special Employment Officer - STANDBY
7257X Special Employment Officer
7258X Special Employment Officer - SUPPLEMENTAL
7259 Terminal 5 Kiosk

CPD O'Hare Tactical Operations

7260 1st-Watch - Watch Coordinator
7261 1ST-Watch Tactical Response Team
7262 Relief Tactical Sgt
7262A-E Relief Team Tactical
7263 2nd-Watch Tact Sgt
7263A-E 2nd-Watch Tact Unit
7264 3rd-Watch Tact Sgt
7264A-E 3rd-Watch Tact Unit

 CPD O'Hare Explosive Detection Canine Unit

7266 Explosive Detection Canine Handlers Sgt

7266A-K Explosive Detection Canine Handlers - TSA

7267A-K Explosive Detection Canine Handlers - TSA

7268A-K Explosive Detection Canine Handlers- CPD

O'Hare International Airport Geocoding

Everyone at O'Hare International Airport, be they an airline passenger, airline employee, airline services contract worker, emergency personnel, or just a visitor in publicly accessible areas of the airport will eventually need to ask the question, WHERE am I? You may have gotten lost, you may have an emergency and have a need to tell an emergency dispatcher your exact location. Panic not, for O'Hare has a physical address system. 

The Chicago Police Department has provided Chicago-One with their color copy of the O'Hare Geocoding maps. These geocoding maps are used by every city and U.S. federal operation at O'Hare. There are 19 maps total. All 19 are provided below for the public to use. 

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